Vegas Baby.... Las Vegas 2011  CCT Mini-Reunion

Above; Scott Light, Rob Somer, Sean McPartland, Kyle Stanbro, Rodger Jennrich, "The Sponsors", Joe O'Keefe, Sean McPartland, Scott Light, and Kyle Stanbro.  These are also the guys that made it all happen; Special thanks to Scott, Sean, and Kyle + Phil Freeman
Above; Waldoo and T.C. William's in back.  Ursula Huddleston and Kathy Blowers center, Hap in between.  Rodger, Jose and Wayne's backside.
Below; ?, Hap's in the back again, Rick Akset, and Rob Somer

Below; Joe Scarborough, Dale Anderson, Tommy McHale, Tom Watson, Jodi & Ron Evans, Kyle Stanbro, and Dale Anderson

Below,Below; Donnavan Haggis, Sean McPartland, Scottie Light, 
Joe Scarborough, Dink Dalton, Bob & Kathy Blowers with John Drozdowski in between.
 Above; Wayne Fuiten, Mike & Jill McReynolds, Dee Brawley, Bob Blowers, Wayne Norrad, Todd & Debbie Bastian
Below; Jill, Bob, Mac, Silvia, Kathy, Ski, & Jodi.    Davy Gfeller, Tom Watson, and Jim Penticoff.

A few videos...... We had a great time, wish you were there.  Steve & Terry Jones were, but I can't find any pictures?
Steve & Lynne Polofka, Mark Nevatt, Jimmy Viernes, and a few others are in hiding too?

Wayne Norrad (CCA President), and Steve "Bones" Jones delivered Special CCT Scotch from FWB.  Pictured, Bottle Number48............

Above; The Cap, The Fine Wine, The Smile?  Sure signs Jill's been enamored by "Golden Rod!"
Below; Mike McReynolds, Steve Flock, Charlie Mason and Wayne Norrad

Above; Charlie Mason, Don Goodner (USMC) attached to Norton in the 80's, Mike "Karistan" McGregor, Wayne "Dink" Dalton, and Gil Bigelow
Below; Roger James, Steve & JoAnne Flock, Charlie Mason, Dink Dalton, Ursula & Al Huddleston

Above; Roger "Old Dog" James collects donations for shots of alcohol at an "Open Bar"  It Actually Worked?
Below; Joe O'Keefe, John Eklof, Charlie Granda, and Chris Larkin

Below; Tom Royer, Silvia & John Drozdowski X's 2, Emmet Heidemann, and Tom Royer.
Below, Below; Dale Anderson, Mike "Two Fisted" McReynolds, and Charlie Mason

Above; Emmet Heidemann, John 
Drozdowski, Bob Blowers, and Henry "Hap" Saunders
Below; Dave Smith, Tom Royer, Dave & Becky Smith, Corrine Heidemann, T.C. Williams, & Les Hall

Above; Dale Anderson, Bob Blowers, Wayne Norrad, Janice McHale, Cecilia Saunders, Ursula Huddleston, Ron & Jodi Evans, and Jose Fuentes.

Above; Tom Watson and by God if that's not Davy Gfeller, CCT Extraordinaire in person!
Below; Jim Penticoff Getting Off, Dale Anderson A Sipping, and Charlie Mason A Styling

Above; Davy Gfeller, Gilbert O. Bigelow, and 
Ulysses Miller
Below; Rodger Jennrich, John Drozdowski, Jim Penticoff, Ulysses Miller, Davy Gfeller, and Wayne Norrad

"Tailpipe Tommy" McHale and His Former Self, ?