Nashville Mini-Reunion 15-17 May 2008, by Ron Childress, CCA News Issue 12

This year’s Mini-Reunion started off a little wet, but the weather cleared up and I think everyone had a great time (I can’t be absolutely sure about that because I had my beer goggles on most of the time I was there). The Nashville Mini-Reunion main point of contact, Billie Slayton, did another great job of setting up a fun time for all participants. Speaking of participants, there were about 50 folks present. Many played Golf; some just hung out at the hospitality room, and most attended the dinner Saturday night. This year, as last year, the Hampton Inns at Cool Springs, TN hosted the Mini-Reunion. The layout of the hotel worked well with the hospitality room adjacent to the pool. Overall, the hotel amenities were very nice. We played the Golf Tournament at the Nashboro Golf Club both days -- the course was in great shape. We had some long knockers, duffers, and unsavory gamblers playing.

Pictures provided by Red Ghormley and Don Horton

Wayne Gardner would explain the wagers before we teed off and then try to collect our money when we got through playing. He really seemed to enjoy the concept of us financing his Nashville trip. The only worrisome thing about Wayne, was that he made his son (18 year F-15 AF Crew Chief stationed at Eglin) wear one of those safari hats like he wears. That may be due to all the time they spent in the woods. It was amazing how their scores were good enough to win with all that jungle searching. Your humble reporter played on both days with the Slayton crew, Billie and his two sons (Jeff and Greg) who played on alternating days and I appreciate Billie taking one for the team and letting me play with them. Evenings prior to the dinner were spent sitting in or around the hospitality room discussing world events and bad mouthing everyone that wasn’t there. If you were wondering why your ears were burning that weekend, now you know why. Speaking of not there, several of the folks planning on attending had some bad fortune come their way and were unable to attend, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.