Pictures provided by Red Ghormley and Don Horton

Saturday evening the Mini-reunion dinner was held at Beethoven’s Grill located about a block from the hotel. Being within walking distance probably was a good idea. Prior to the meal, Red Ghromley provided an audio visual show of CCT video clips and stills from prior reunions and training events. These were very well done and I think Red may have yet another hidden talent. When everyone was seated for dinner Billie gave a short and gracious welcome to everyone and one of our long lost CCT brothers from the Langley team, Irish Downes came forward to give the invocation. Irish has just recently found the CCA and is very glad to be back in the CCT loop. He has sent his application in and he’ll be added to the CCA directory ASAP. After the meal some folks hung around the banquet hall but those of us who lost our drinking money playing golf went back to the hospitality room and drank cheap. Some of the other folks present this year were CCA Treasurer Larry Lower, Bob Booth, Rudy Elizondo, Bob Graham, KB Duncan (Hospitality room monitor), Buddy Bowden with his retired Marine son, Jim Howell, Bud Gonzalez, Robert Bieber, Steve Weger, Bill Covington, and many beautiful CCT wives. (How do they put up with our junk?)

Thanks again to Billie Slayton for being a great host and coordinator. We hope most Mini-Reunion attendees will also join us the Annual Reunion in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, 29 Oct to 1 November 2008........Ronbo