Proud mom of Capt. Derek Argel, USAF Combat Control  "First There that Others May Live"

8/11/2005 - ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va. -- The remains of five Airmen, brothers in arms to bring freedom to the nation of Iraq, were buried here Aug. 11 with full military honors.  They were Maj. William Downs of the 6th Special Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla.; Capt. Jeremy Fresques of the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt Field; Capt. Derek Argel of the 23rd STS; Iraqi Air Force Capt. Ali Hussam Abass Alrubaeye of the 3rd Squadron, Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq; and Staff Sgt. Casey Crate of the 23rd STS.

Colonel Rodriguez said he knows there are no words that can truly console the families of the Airmen, and no words that can replace what has been lost. But he said the families need to know their loved ones did not die in vain.  "All you can do is say they were fighting for what they believed in and their life had purpose and meaning," he said.

Mission; "For The Children of Our Fallen".... after the flag is folded

Dear Sgt. Mac and all, Thank you so much for your continued support.  I don't know who is contributing sometimes, but I want you all to know how much you are appreciated.  As Mike does, I only know how to speak from my heart and sometimes, my emotions get the better of me.  Todd and I have flown all over the country, and to Iraq last year to express how we feel about what Derek gave his life for.  As a mother, I can't measure the grief or longing that a Gold Star wife feels, or of a child that is missing his father.  Over the past two years, we have had the opportunities to meet many GS wives and children of all branches of the service and listen to their stories.
People ask very often how we can stay so strong.  I usually answer by telling them that they don't go to bed with me at night, nor wake up with me in the morning.  Each day, our families relive how we were notified.  For a very long time, and still sometimes I think the DOD made a mistake.  There are days when I think Derek will walk up the drive with his usual, "Hey Ma!"  Well meaning people set time lines and goals for us to deal with reality.  They don't know.  I don't expect them to.  

Recently, Todd and I have severed our ties with organizations we were associated with.  There were good reasons for this.  Our goal now is for the children of our fallen.  Our experience with Snowball Express this last weekend was a real eye opener.  Todd and I volunteered with some friends for three days.  We really only knew Brian Downs children and our Logan.  Coming in contact with so many of these kids missing their dads in one place, changed our focus.  Todd was swarmed with children that wanted to go on Disneyland rides with him, moms that needed support, etc.

What I am trying to say is that, after the flag is folded...these children need not only our financial support, but our time.  If we could spend each day with our grandchildren, we would.  Our Logan is 3,000 miles away, as are Beth's kids.  They need someone to play ball with, fish with, and spend time with.  Knowing my son, he would fill this need for another family if they lost their dad.
Last, but not least....there is a good friend of ours teaching at the AF Academy.  He is trying to put together a memorial case all about Derek and CCT.  He will need help with uniform, history, etc.  If anyone is interested in helping him with this, please contact me.  I will put you in touch with him.
Thanks again for everyone's support.  Special thanks to Nick and Sherry Fresques for their wonderful and continued support for the B&B, CCT jump school!  We love our whole CCT family.
God bless you!  Deb
Debbie Argel-Bastian
For the children of our heroes: (Capt. Argel Memorial Ride)

                     Some Gave All.... A Combat Control Memorial Slide Show

MILWAUKEE (July 9, 2007) – Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 105th Anniversary in style as thousands of loyal Harley enthusiasts ride home to Milwaukee via 105 different official starting points and along 25 major routes across the country. The celebration will take place August 28-31, 2008, with several exclusive ticketed events, as well as many activities that are free and open to the public.

Harley riders have owned the road for 105 years, and the 105th Ride Home will be the biggest Harley-Davidson Anniversary ride in history. There will be 105 unique starting points around the United States, each hosted by a Harley-Davidson Motor Company representative. The 105 starting points will all feed into 25 major routes bound for Milwaukee with an arrival date of August 28, 2008.

Deb will ride a Harley from San Diego to Milwaukee bringing attention to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and to surpass $105,000.00 in donations "For the Children".   The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) provides free college scholarship grants, along with financial aid and educational counseling, to the children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations personnel who were killed in an operational mission or training accident.

Your Mission; Visit
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation to learn more about Deb's mission and help her accomplish her goals.   SgtMacsBar supports this mission and request your assistance...... "For the Children", in memory of Captain Derek Argel.

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