Bill was moved from Nuremburg, to Munich and finally Wiesbaden

Above; William M. "Bill" Vetscher, John Sims, Kay B. "K. B." Duncan, Leroy Bellamy, and Martin North

Above; Thanksgiving Day, Munich Germany1958; Cliff Larimer, Martin North, Bill Vetscher, Ronnie Larimer; Cliff's brother, William Taft, Mrs Taft, Mrs Ronnie Larimer, and Cliff's son and wife.

Above; Anton E. "Tony" Evanson, Leroy Bellamy, King Murphy, Renata and Romie J. Robbins - Outlaw

Above; Troy Norris, Lawrence E. "Moose" Morris, William M. "Bill" Vetscher.   Dancing; Jean North, Romie J. Robbins - Outlaw, Diter and Birgetta, Renata (Romie's fiancee), Erika, and Bill Vetscher. 

Above; William M. "Bill" Vetscher , Romie J. Robbins - Outlaw, Bob Lathim, Cliff Larimer, Kay B. "K. B." Duncan, and Bill Vetscher

Stanley P. Williams, Bobby Lanier, George McLain, and Bill Pack, suited up and nowhere to go.................

Don Strobaugh, Bobby Hudson, Marty Shapiro, Alva E. Moore, Bobby Lanier, Virgel A. Mitchell, Lundy Hudgins, Danny Pike, Robert J. Engelman, Bill Pack, Billy C. Dennison, Francis W. Lindsey, and James F. Goode.


Donald Strobaugh, John Semple, Al Joye, Larry Lower, Johnny Hall, Tony Evanson, Richard Patton, Edwin L. "Dusty" Rhodes Jr., Pete Larkin, A2C  Kilanowski (Support), Romie J. Robbins - Outlaw, Larry Harvey, Richard R. Bisbal, Marty Shapiro, Louis E. May Jr., Robert Pitts, Francis W. Lindsey, and Danny Pike

1967;  Sgt Kilanowski (Support), Pete Larkin, Barnard "Bobby" Johnson, Rondal Lavall, Al Joye, and Bob Barinowski *** Richard R. Bisbal, Tony Evanson, Paul Bolton, Rex the Mascot, Larry Lower, Larry Harvey, and Robert Pitts

Bobby Johnson, Bob "Sky Daddy" Cheffins, Abe Koller, Thomas Davis, Terry Highland, Hank Shelton, and Rick Caffee
Mickey Lucas, (Support) Rick Snodgrass, Jerry Green, Willy "Wee Willy" Potts, Paul "Budda" Bolton, and Dundy A. Ganzmuller

Rhein Main Air Base 1983; Back; Mike Vrosh, Don Karpowich, Malachie Ringlieb, Don Robinson, Steve Plumber, Barry Cummins, Larry A. "Snake" Rainey, Dave Castor, Mike ?, Derek Lyske, Don East, and Billy Moore    Front;  Jym Golden, Geoffrey Hitchcock, Huck Quesenberry, Scott Poppele, and Pat Lewton.

?Walter Gyle, Jim Hunter, Emilio Martinez RIP, Steve "Pinger" Ray RIP, Victor Valle RIP, Mike Vrosh, Rod Gress RIP, Don Robinson, and Larry "Snake" Rainey RIP

18 killed in crash of Air Force plane
28 February 1984
BORJA, Spain (UPI) - A U.S. Air Force transport plane on a training mission crashed into a snow swept mountain in Spain while attempting an emergency landing, killing all 17 Americans aboard and a Spanish officer, officials said Wednesday. The wreckage of the plane, a Hercules C-130 turbo-prop, was found by a search team about 12 hours after it crashed Tuesday evening about two miles northwest of the village of Borja, Air Force officials said. The plane was part of the 435th Tactical Airlift Wing based at Rhein Main Air Base near Frankfurt, West Germany, and was flying a parachute drop training mission.  During the training maneuvers, the plane was based at the air base at Zaragoza in northeastern Spain. The cause of the crash has not been determined.  The plane went down after the pilot issued a distress call and said he was attempting an emergency landing. Lt. Col. William Johnson, spokesman at the Air Force's European headquarters at Ramstein, West Germany, said rescue workers recovered all the bodies from the wreckage.  The Americans were not identified pending notification of relatives.  They included 10 Air Force officers, six combat controllers and an air rescue specialist.  The Spanish victim was identified as Capt. Francisco Guardiola Davo, 30.  CCT that perished; Victor Valle, Eddy Clark, Larry Rainey, Jonathon Goerling, Roderick Gress, Emilio Martinez, and Steven Ray.  Information from The CCT Memorial Web Site

Rhein Main AB CCT Germany 1992
Photo Courtesy Ron Kauffman

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