Check out their new styling uniforms;  George McClean, Vernon Morgan, Tom Monley, Robert H.  Lanier, Col. Chuck Corey out front. 

Blue Masters in Spain 1964;      Johnnie Hall, Pete Larkin, Louie May, Larry Lower, Lew Brabham, Richard Patton, and Larry Harvey

Larry Harvey, Larry Lower, Johnnie Hall, Lew Brabham, ?, ?

Louie May, Larry Harvey, Johnnie Hall, and Larry Lower pass the baton above and make a new friend below, also interested in the baton!

1965; Richard Patton, Lew Brabham, Lawrence Harvey, Larry Lower, Pete Larkin, Lawrence Harvey, and Richard Patton;  John Hall, Lou May, Larry Lower, Ed Kimble, Johnny Hall, Bob Barinowski, and Lou May;  Note; The Blue Masters made CCT history as the first all USAF Parachute Demonstration Team.