Ivan's Resuscitation… 2004

It was back at the Nashville CCA Mini Reunion that I met K.B. Duncan and he was ready to party. K.B's been around CCT forever, but when he got out way back when, there wasn't a Combat Control Association (CCA) and K.B. didn't know how to contact his old teammates. Well, all that changed when he heard about the Nashville Gathering and was welcomed back into the Brotherhood……………….

K.B. was really looking forward to this year's CCA Reunion and reuniting with all his bud's, but Ivan ruined those dreams as it raged through Ft. Walton Beach. K.B. was as devastated as the Florida Coast and heard there might be a party at SgtMacsBar. I couldn't believe he called me from Myrtle Beach, SC. and ready to visit in hopes of having a few with some CCT Brothers. I must say; I liked his attitude and that was the catalyst that started Ivan's Resuscitation.

Floyd Smith told me he had already planned vacation, so he was coming to MO. to go fishing with Cousin John. Hell, between K.B. and Floyd, a gathering was happening. I put out a couple of emails and found that a few of the guys were looking for a place to party…………. However, I dropped the ball! I thought K.B. was on SgtMacsBar mailing list and realized the party was a go, but it wasn't until too late that I realized I had left him out of the loop. By the time I called K.B., it was too late for him to arrange transportation. K.B., I apologize; not only to you, but to those that were looking forward to seeing you. I dropped the ball and I'm sorry.

K.B. belongs to SgtMacsBar now and I'm also happy to say that Spencer Offenbacker somehow heard about the party, signed up to SgtMacsBar and let us know he was ready to join the gathering. Haven't seen Spence in way too many years and he's just across the border in Arkansas.

Also in Arkansas; Steve Weger's always ready for a party and thinks he might be able to drag one of SgtMacsBar's "Lost Sheep", John (J.J.) Scanlon up to the gathering.

Bill Frankenberger calls and said he's not missing anymore gatherings, lets party! Ray Cameron, Bill and Ray joined CCT together, also called and said he'd be dragging a bunch of SgtMacsBar T-shirts down. Ray's from Las Vegas and makes SgtMacsBar Tee's as well as numerous other CCT related Tee's. Be sure and visit SgtMacsBar Canteen for CCT items made by CCTer's……


SgtMacsBar is all about bringing us a little bit closer and to bring Bill, from TX. and Ray from NV. together is great, but there's another story here too. Bob Ford just joined SgtMacsBar and guess where he's from…… Las Vegas. Bob got out of CCT before there was a CCT Association, so he didn't know that Ray and Oliphant live right there in Vegas.

Bob just happened to call while Ray was here and I got them on the phone together. Then Bob asked about another CCTer, I didn't have the answer, but Red knew exactly what Strobaugh was up to. Yes, Red Ghormley, also from TX. Showed up at SgtMacsBar with all his pictures, what a GoldMine! Ray and Bob Ford made plans to get together in Vegas…. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Bob sent me a picture from Norton, 1972, of; Chuck Trimple, Billy Burr, Tom Fagan, Dick Heins, Rex Evitts, John Drozdowski, SSgt Powell, Tony Urenda, LtCol. Strobaugh, Dave Gfeller, Bob Ford, and Charlie McCarthy. I'll get it posted to SgtMacsBar Photo Gallery soon………………… I promise???????? I actually have a few pictures to post and hope to find time in the coming months…… I promise

My buddy, Chris Caffall also called letting us know he was with us in thought and that I was to drink a few beers for him…………… No Problem, thanks Chris!

Bill Covington from Nashville calls up and insist that not only is he coming, he's making the potato salad. I thought this was an unusual request, but I know Bill just wanted to help out. We laughed later as we had a bunch of CCTer's sitting around talking recipes while Bill's making potato salad. Then we talked of the cooking and baking abilities of John "Coach" Carney, Rex Corbin, or Keith Bell and realized what a well rounded bunch we were. After eating Bill's potato salad, we also realized why he volunteered to make it…. Exquisite!

The long distance award goes to Roger James and J.J. Scanlon, one coming from Little Rock and the other from Wisconsin………… On Motorcycles!!!!!!!!!

As Roger "Old Dog" James would say……"It's An Adventure!" I say, it was an adventure having you guys here and you're proof that we're getting younger!

The party started Thursday with Mike "Mouse" Lisk promising to crash us Friday or Saturday. Bill and Linda Frankenberger, Ray Cameron, and Bill Covington shared a few stories, some pizza, and maybe even a few beers together… well into the night.

The next morning Bill, Linda, and Bill played some golf at one of our many golf courses. Red Ghormley showed up about 1000 hours and broke out some of his photo albums. What a Gold Mine……. I started scanning, but wasn't able to get too far, there was a party a brewing.

Red left me the 1986, 88, and 89 Reunion Photo Albums and I'll get them scanned and share them with all. There were many other albums made and I only have these three. Help me fill in the years and let me borrow your albums to scan. I promise to take good care of them and will also give you credit for sharing………Please!

Steve Polofka and Doug Kimme called up expressing regret about not being able to make the party. I wish my old teammates could have shared in our "Blast to the Past", but we'll make up for it on SgtMacsBar Caribbean Cruise. Steve and Doug are signed up…………..What About You? Times running out!

SgtMacsBar Caribbean Carnival Cruise 2005

Deposits are due immediately and are completely refundable throughout this year if your plans change……

Personnel On Board; Mike & Jill McReynolds, Al & Ursula Huddleston, Wayne & Tracy Norrad, Bob & Carol Bieber, Rex & Zandra Wollmann, Dave & Mary Pearson, Doug & Judy Welniak with Family, Tim & Nancy Brown, Steve & Lynne Polofka, Doug Kimme & Guest, Charlie Mason & Guest, Henry & Kim Marc, Pete & Kirsten Roberts, Russ "Doc" & Cydnee Savage, Patrick & Tammy Hall, Wayne & Bonnie Gardner, David & Cora Wilson, Steve & Micki Weger, Dave & Rebecca Smith, and Roger James & Guest


Where was I? Somewhere Floyd Smith, Johnell, and Cousin John show up with Roger James not far behind. There's a party a brewing and it's Happy Hour!

A couple of Jill's Biker Gang Members show up and we have a house full! We partied well into the night and somehow managed to stay out of trouble, or I don't remember getting in trouble. We were all suppose to meet downtown at 0900 hours for breakfast, but I think most over slept……………. Always a sign of good times the night before!

At 0900 I was putting a couple pork loins on the smoker in preparation for the banquet. Then Roger James put Bill Frankenberger on his fancy BMW Motorcycle with a GPS Guidance System. I followed along on Jill's Harley and we had a pleasant ride through the country. Then we swapped bikes……………………

That Beamer was something like out of a space story. It had all kinds of gadgets, all of them blinking at me and a helmet that had me connected to communications and life support. Bill told me to watch out, the bike will yell at me; Little Did I Know!

The damn thing started screaming down the road and all of a sudden a voice from within the helmet yells for me to turn in 400 yards. As I blew past that intersection, it then starts yelling that I'm "Off Course" and it's replotting. Yeah, replotting when to yell at me again.

I'm still not sure how I got home. I think the thing had autopilot, I was just happy to turn it off so it would quit yelling at me. Roger that something about it talking louder to idiots to help them understand. Personally, I'll keep the Harley, the only talking it does is the rumble through the pipes and that's music to my ears.

Hey, I was ready for a drink. Everyone started showing up about noon time and we sat around talking about you while enjoying a few frosties. J.J. Scanlon showed up sometime that afternoon after riding a Honda up from Little Rock. He left it at the motel and showed up in a taxi with a bottle of booze.

I remember the day, he would have showed up on his bike, drank the booze, and then offer everyone a ride back to the motel on his motorcycle. Somewhere along the line, J.J. got responsibility…….. Go Figure?

We had a house full, but were still missing a few. We continued pounding some cold ones and telling stories about you while waiting on Jim Keen and Mouse to show up. The pork loins were a smoking, Jalapeño Beans a cooking and the exquisite potato salad a calling. We were working on our second keg, donated by Roger James, and it was time to make the banquet happen…………..

SIX MINUTES; Everyone thought they were finally going to get to chow down, but I knew the secret to good chow is the anticipation to eating it. I had everyone hook up and at ONE MINUTE we shuffled into the bar and I disappointed everyone with my announcement that I always have something to say and that now was one of those times.

I talked about how SgtMacsBar was so special to me because it reeks of Combat Control and as you look around the memories flow. From the 50TH CCT Anniversary and Reunion "Friends Buying Friends A Keg Poster", to Henry Marc's SgtMacsBar Sign, Gordy Swayze's SgtMacsBar Painting, Al Huddleston's Coin Holder and rotating Clydesdale Beer Sign, Dave Leighton's SgtMacsBar Happy Hour Clock, Lew Brabham's 50th Reunion T-Shirt and tee's from J.K. Koren, Ray Cameron, SgtMacsBar Hats from Gary Brock, and a whole spittoon full of CCTer's Business Cards. As you look around SgtMacsBar, you are reminded of CCT and the memories flow.

However, the purpose of my ranting this time is to recognize Mike Massengale, Al Huddleston, and Dink Dalton and the time I shared with them in Panama. They purchased 15 SgtMacsBar Coins, which hang in a jar behind the bar. They are for CCT's that were assigned to the Panama Team and must be signed for in person.

Today, Bill Frankenberger and J.J. Scanlon, are issued their SgtMacsBar Coins from the Panama Jar, to join other members; Al Huddleston, Bob Bieber, and Tom Allen, leaving 10 coins to issue.

I also have 4 SgtMacsBar Coins to issue to the next four CCT's that show up never having received a SgtMacsBar Coin. These are a gift from Russ Dodd, just because.

Now this is the purpose of my ranting. All the items I mention above are all items given to CCTer's from CCTer's. Friends Buying Friends A Keg of Beer; Did you know over $5,600.00 was donated? Do you realize the enormity of this action, you're either complete idiots or you truly love your brother…….. You Decide!

I was proud to tell these guys how much they and you mean to me. Bill Covington made sure we all had Yellow Bands to show support for our brothers fighting cancer. We took a group picture, which we each signed and sent to Dick Sigman and Mike Callahan. Bill Frankenberger took his with him and Mike got his as he left his physical being.

Dick Sigman called me twice. Once during Ivan's Resuscitation to wish us all the best and to check on Jill's broken fixed neck. I enjoyed talking so much, I didn't even ask how he was doing. Dick also called again to thank us for the picture and let me know how much it meant to him. Dick also threatened to visit SgtMacsBar…. Depending on which side of the daisy's he's on………….

You Know, both Dick Sigman and Bill Frankenberger are fighting cancer and making believers out of their doctors. It's my opinion that their attitudes, that same attitude that separates CCT from others, are kicking butt. I don't know where it'll end, but each day is a success and a joy to live………………

Throughout Ivan's Resuscitation there was another battle going on as John and Judy Karr suffered from medical conditions. John had some pretty rough days and I thank John (J.C.) Cummings for all his help. You guys continue to amaze me………. J.C. lives in the Philippines, but stayed on top of the situation along with Buddy Bowden. John Karr was on the verge of passing and J.C.'s concern and involvement certainly helped in preventing another death. I salute you!

Bill Covington hand carried one of those group photos we took and signed to John Karr and I'm glad to say, got a smile out of John. John, as the caption say's, "You're In Our Thoughts!"

Back to Ivan's Resuscitation, I have one more presentation to present……… Bill Frankenberger's so old, he was never issued a Scarlet Beret; can any of you relate to this? Back in July, he told me he'd just about die for one and I asked him to hold off. He did his part and thanks to Tim Brown and Andy Hale, Bill finally got his Scarlet Beret.

Special thanks to all of you involved in SgtMacsBar and for making this weekend so special. From the notes, phone calls, and visitors from 6 different states, we had a great time and you made it happen. All's that left is the chow………………..

We all chowed down big time, laid around and moaned some while a few found the energy to hit some pool balls around. A few more libations and everyone was looking for a place to crash.

K.B. Duncan called about 2100 hours to talk to everyone, but the party was gone. He accused us of being old men and I couldn't argue the point…… After 3 days of partying, I was ready for bed too…………………………..

However, I had such a good time I had to do it all over again the next week.  We invited some of Jill's Biker Gang over and after terrorizing the neighborhood and countryside, we smoked another pork loin and downed a keg in celebration of the freedom you allow us to enjoy.......... This One's For You!