Christmas Vacation 2009

 48-49-50.... Some Shit!   Who's Number 1?

Mike McReynolds, Tim Arcadi, Ray Diaz, Roger Hoggatt, and Jeff Clemens all agree;      You Are!

Can you believe these guys all have women?  Last time I was there I think they were all sharing one.   Even Roger's son, Ryan hooked up.
Rose is the fiery red head with the bearded one, That's Orlinda who Ryan is holding hostage, Pink Floyd has his arm around Ricah, the cowboy roped in Yvonne, and Jeff has been snared by the siren, Elise    Not bad, for a bunch of old guys.........

We almost had too much FUN.  While some partied until 0400, I disappeared to bed.  Roger; You Da Man!..... Thanks for a good time!
The next morning I headed to Phoenix.  I think most of you know my neighbors, Tom & Judy, they winter in Phoenix.

I was hoping to see a CCTer or 2, but it never happened.  Next day I left for Yuma and spent a week with Mom & Brother Bud
I then returned to Phoenix, still no CCT, but I did better.... Sherry Fresques dropped in with a 6 pack of Fat Tire

Next day I headed for Albuquerque, but the autopilot steered me back to Cannon AFB.         Roger had an announcement.........

That riding her like a bronco stuff must work, I'll get Jill a saddle tomorrow...........

WOW, I was only gone a week; Roger pops the question and 3 more CCTers appear... Mike Naylor, Clarence Garland, and Rick Drinkwine
Ray & Rose Diaz partied the night away..... Again!  Elise was making Jeff make babies and Tim was home listening to Pink Floyd.........

Then it was off to Wichita to see Charlie & Libby Mason - Always a good time!

Home just in time to have a few with our neighbors, Jim & Alyce, to bring the new year in properly.
May you all have a Happy New Year!