Lets Go Shoot Some Targets            
Bring your guns and plenty of ammo.  We'll go to a firing range, just down the road, and put some bullets down range.

Sgt Mac's Big Bore............. 357 Magnum Zombie Killer

Not only will you shoot this, you will put all the rounds into the target.  That's probably because you're wearing camoflaged make-up and you're "In The Zone!"
After you warm up with the Big Bore, take out some terorist downrange with Sgt Mac's FS2000 BullPup Carbine.     "Reach Out And Touch Somebody!"

After shooting, Sally will take your picture with make-up, guns, and targets for your scrapbook and our enjoyment.  Be sure to get in the group picture!

These are just a few guns available, you will shoot a lot of weapons, big and small, and have FUN!

From beginners to experts, let us hone your skills and put a loaded weapon in your hands.    Bring something cold to drink and ear protection, Good Luck!  Don't forget, lunch is immediately after shooting, so you won't get back to the hotel until that afternoon.

Caravan leaves the hotel at 0900 sharp.  All events are in the country, caravan or get lost.  Have plenty of gas, something cold to drink, eye, and ear protection.