Here are some comments from previous guests of dubious character and moral standards!  View at your own risk and if you want to add any comments of your own, just signz the book.  Stop by anytime and say something about yourself, so visitors will know!

Date:   1/1/2010, 4:57 pm, CST
Name:   Phil Ward
Years In CCT:   9
Some updates on the Sheehan situation.......Please post....

At the Demo I posted at parade rest some distance from the Group.  A short dark haired blond approached me and ask what I was doing.  I observed  "monitoring assholes, what are you doing?" She stated "that they were protesting the use of unguided missiles in Iraqi which were indiscriminately killing women and children.....just like you in Viet Nam."   I lost it, advanced toward Mrs Sheehan who shoved a megaphone in my face, causing some lacerations and a chipped front tooth(verified by a visit to a Doctor).  I slapped it out of the way and had several discussions with a number of people..calling some of the men in the rear "chicken shit cowards hiding behind the ladies"........I think I won.  Sheehan has now announced she will go to Court on the ticket and is going to sue me criminally and civilly.......Hell, I'm raising three grandchildren, I can't afford a mouthpiece, but spending my declining years in jail ain't bad for a 75 year old CCT....

A large group has grown up around this issue and I have been in  contact with legislators, the parents of RANGER Behenna and the Attorney for one of the SEALS..  RANGER Behenna, who has a hearing 7 Jan, allegedly killed a terrorist who attacked him. The Prosecution refused to call a forensics expert who was there own witness because they realized the forensics would have proved the RANGER truthful. The 3 Seals (5total) had captured a known terrorist , turned him over to ISI then recovered him. He then complained about being punched by one of the SEALS The Convening Authority placed them in Art 32(Capts Mast-Art 15), they refused and petitioned for the Courts Martial.  They were given a Special.  The court Martial convenes 19 Jan and defense still does not have Discovery....Please write anyone who is important

Date:   1/1/2010, 2:39 am, CST
Name:   Doug Simmons
Years In CCT:   2+
I was in CCT from '75 to '77, stationed at Little Rock and Elmendorf. I miss the comradarie and good times with Billy Howell, "Duke" Ballard, and of course hanging out with Sgt. McRae's daughter up in Anchortown, AK.
Hello to all the guys and this website rocks.
Date:   12/31/2009, 9:33 am, CST
Name:   Wayne Cox
I served in Viet Nam in 69 with B-52, 5Th Special Forces (army). My brother served Recondo, 5th Special Forces 67 thru 70. My father Virgil "Pete" Cox served with CCT in Viet Nam in 68. I was able to find 3 pictures of my father on this website, whom passed away in 2001. Thanks

Date:   12/30/2009, 9:26 pm, CST
Name:   Scott White
Years In CCT:   5
Hey Mac,
New email address for me, Thx

Date:   12/25/2009, 8:01 pm, CST
Name:   D Patrick Carr
Years In CCT:   1975-1978

Date:   12/20/2009, 4:43 pm, CST
Name:   Rose E Diaz
Rays wife

Date:   12/20/2009, 1:36 pm, CST
Name:   Ray Diaz
Years In CCT:   15
Got in around 4am this morning form Roger's house. Mike McReynolds, Tim Arcadi, Myself, Roger Hoggatt, Jeff Clemens, and our lovely ladies had a few cocktails and beers. Had a great time however, this 4am shit has got to stop...

A few days later it was; Rick Drinkwine, Mike Naylor, Mac Kneeling, Myself, Roger Hoggatt, and Clarence Garland..... Cannon AFB, The Party Never Quits............
Jimmy Gomez, Andy Hale, and Bill Massengill will be joining the above crew in a couple of days.  Old CCTers still playing CCT..............

 Date:   12/16/2009, 1:20 pm, CST
Name:   Bill Vetscher & Marc
Years In CCT:   1956- 70, [14]
It's been a good year. It was great to see KB, Winters and all the others in Nashville this past spring. Downside was on thw 14th of July- one of my grafts collasped and I had a heart attack. My bypass in 92 installed 4 and the Doc give me 10 years. 17 years later one goes bad- I figure I done pretty well. As if the attack wasn't bad enough, 5 days later the stomach hemorrages(sp)- Took 3 quarts to fill the tank.. Good to Go for a while. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a good 2010. See you in Nashville!.

Date:   12/15/2009, 8:17 pm, CST
Name:   Mike Marthaller
I,m attempting to contact Mort Freedman and Vern Morgan.
I was with them during the early DAZE of the Parachute Pgm at the AFA..................Mike Marthaller, USA/USAF Ret.

Date:   12/10/2009, 4:02 pm, CST
Name:   Rick J. Willson
Years In CCT:   5
Was wondering if anyone could provide me with an e-mail address for Chief Ramos ? We went thru pipeline together . This is a good thing you have done here Mac . Your work has not gone unnoticed . It has helped me thru some long nites . Thanx HOO-YAH

Date:   12/8/2009, 6:12 am, CST
Name:   Bob Hill
Years In CCT:   1964-1967
Often think of my time at Field 9, 1ACW CCT.
CCT has some of the finest people on the planet. I do miss it !!

Date:   12/3/2009, 3:11 pm, CST
Name:   gary pino
Years In CCT:   4
 howdy!! New E-mail. Great web site.

 Date:   12/3/2009, 8:04 am, CST
Name:   Kirk Toth
Years In CCT:   21
Hey All.
Mac i just changed email address - update please.   tks

Date:   12/2/2009, 8:36 am, CST
Name:   Paul F. Poole
I wasn't a Combat Controller. I was Special Forces (retired). However, I was deeply sorrowed to hear of the passing of so many good men as I scrolled down the list of those lost during just the year of 2009. So many lost in such a large number.
I served in SOG CCN and was honored to have been a member of the Son Tay Raid. I trained with some of the CCT folks in the early '80's, and know that these are men worthy of all of the praise and respect that men of any standing can give them. They are as good as any men holding the line for freedom that this nation can employ. I salute you one and all.

Date:   11/9/2009, 8:53 am, CST
Name:   John T. Overman
Years In CCT:   4
It's been a while and I've lost touch with all that I worked with back at Pope. I was with the 23rd from 91-94 before I retired. I've bumped into a few former CCTers thought the job since then and still recognize a few of the names I've seen on the site...Stay Safe

Date:   10/29/2009, 5:43 pm, CST
Name:   Rance Jurevwicz
FYI: This is a very informative website. Keep up the great work. Also, if any veteran is looking for “inside secrets” to benefits and compensation please visit The website is the most comprehensive stop on the Internet. Veterans can learn everything they need to know about getting what they have earned. The website also lists VSOs who will help veterans.

 Date:   10/29/2009, 1:08 pm, CST
Name:   Chipper Williams
Thanks Mike!

Date:   10/28/2009, 2:19 pm, CST
Name:   John Riley
Years In CCT:   10
Hello to one and all.
Just checking in. I haven't signed the "Book" in a couple of years. Just turned 75 still alive and kicking.
RY sends

Date:   10/25/2009, 11:38 pm, CST
Name:   Gordon W. Tully
Years In CCT:   28+
Greetings Friends!
Thought I'd let ya know I retired 1Oct 09. 29 years and a day in the USAF. Take care. TY

Date:   10/24/2009, 11:47 am, CST
Name:   Jordan Hall
Years In CCT:   0
 Looking for any information on John Hall. He was my uncle. He died in 1981 when I was 16 years old. He was a CCT for 18 yrs. and have seen pictures of him on the web site. He was a Blue master and served in many battles in Vietnam. All of my family that information has since passed on. Thanks for any information or history that you can provide.

 Date:   10/21/2009, 12:18 pm, CST
Name:   paul zielinski
Years In CCT:   Just found this site
This is the coolest site , Its great to have someone that still cares about the ones that serve for this country and peace around the world. I will sign up to be a member of this site and also pass on the info to some of my other Army buddies. Thanks for caring so much.

Date:   10/18/2009, 10:23 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   3
A great big hooyah for the Tim Davis Memorial Marchers who walked from Lackland AFB to Hulbert Field to honor the fallen.

Date:   10/14/2009, 6:05 pm, CST
Name:   Robert Krauser
Years In CCT:   2003-Now
Love the job and will never forget

Date:   10/5/2009, 9:13 pm, CST
Name:   Anni
Years In CCT:   0
I am the wife of Rod "Zeke " Dewey and am trying to find how to order one of Gene Adcock's book in the memory of Zeke. The addresses that are listed with the description of the book are not valid.
Anni Guy-Dewey

Date:   9/30/2009, 5:12 pm, CST
Name:   Stu Pressey
Years In CCT:   72-75
Pope, Udorn

Date:   9/20/2009, 1:19 pm, CST
Name:   Rance Jurevwicz
Many veterans encountered problems when trying to prove that their difficult-to-diagnose or undiagnosed illnesses were connected to military service. This affected these veterans’ access to disability compensation.
In response, VA asked Congress for the authority to provide compensation benefits to veterans who are chronically disabled by undiagnosed illnesses.
Click on hyperlinks to read more about these new Compensation Programs.

Date:   9/18/2009, 8:03 pm, CST
Name:   Paul
Years In CCT:   N/A
today is National POW/MIA recognition day remember a brother Combat Controler

Date:   9/11/2009, 11:38 am, CST
Name:   Mike Fritz
Mac, Have been missing the meanderings and then realised I hadn't updated my e-mail. Bad case of CRS I guess. Hope you and yours are doing well. How comes the bike rebuild?

Date:   9/1/2009, 12:40 pm, CST
Name:   Paul Darby
Years In CCT:   Zero, but at least I'm not a Leg!! :)
Ex-Intel guy here, with many years at the 1st SOW, 1st SOS, JSOC, etc.
If there are any ex-combat controllers in Central Virginia who need a place to shoot, I have one available. It's 80 acres in Fluvanna County, just 50 minutes west of Richmond. I have a good range with tables at 50 ft, 50 yds, & 100 yds now … tables for 200, 300, & 400 yds will be in place by the end of this year. Clay pigeon range goes in next year.

I don't live there yet, so it's nice to have the locals see it occupied from time to time, especially by folks with bang sticks making noise. Give me a shout if you're interested.......Paul

Date:   8/26/2009, 1:12 pm, CST
Name:   lonnie stewart
Years In CCT:   1965-1972
would like to find out about reuions. Is there still one in pensacola fl? I have not been able to attend, but can now and would love to. Any info about any meetings,etc. would be great. Hello to everybody.

Date:   8/20/2009, 12:53 am, CST
Name:   matt lienhard
Years In CCT:   11
Good site Mac. Thanks.

Date:   8/8/2009, 9:47 am, CST
Name:   Jerkins
Years In CCT:   family of William Bill Jerkins 67
  We have looked through out your site again and have come across the team photo that was sent by HT Kinder. How fantastic you should have seen the smile on our son's face! We had not seen a team photo with him in it before! Thank you !

We are picking out a few snapshots we have and would like to share them but where do we send them?

Also is it possible to get any more information on the photo? Please send our thanks to HT KINDER.

God Bless You all
God Bless and keep America Free

Date:   8/7/2009, 11:33 pm, CST
Name:   David Jerkins
Years In CCT:   Son of William "Bill" E Jerkins 67
Hi all, We are Sorry that our email wasnt up to date. Above is an email at home and David's work email is

We are so grateful for all of you and what you do. God be with you in all of it.

Our prayers are always with you and the families that stand by you.

May the Lord watch over you ,

The Jerkins Family

Date:   7/13/2009, 8:11 pm, CST
Name:   Bob Benton
Years In CCT:   13
Just finished viewing the memorial pages and slide show, remembering faces and better times. "Freedom isn't free," how true. Thanks for this site and what you give us.

Date:   7/8/2009, 9:25 pm, CST
Name:   Mark Bass
Years In CCT:   14+
Hello from Alaska!! It's great to check in and how everyone is doing.
Thoughts and Prayers,
Bravo Sierra

Date:   7/8/2009, 2:57 pm, CST
Name:   Lynn "Dee" Brawley
Years In CCT:   Widowed spouse of "forever CCT'r
Hi, Brothers, I am happy to be back in the "know" with the CCT family, thanks bunches Mac. I will call Pepper as I think he may have some Vietnam info I need... and if ANYONE else knew of units and places in country that Dick was during Vietnam that will write a letter for me, I would be humbly and eternally grateful. The VA says they ONLY need verification that Dick " set foot" in Vietnam, that is all...and it took me 16 months to get someone to just SAY that. So if any of you have orders with Richard L. Brawley's name on them....and would forward a copy you will be MY HERO for life! Thanks lots and keep in touch, Mac, yes I know Tom Watson, he has saved my life this past year and I hope he sticks around!

Date:   7/8/2009, 12:13 am, CST
Name:   jose aguirrechea
Years In CCT:   4
keep the good work.

Date:   7/1/2009, 9:53 am, CST
Name:   John Lynch
Years In CCT:   20 (81-01)
Mac, I saw news about Tom Laney on your site. I do not know him personally, but my heart still go's out to him and his family. Do you have an email address for him or family? Keep up the good work.

Date:   6/29/2009, 10:46 pm, CST
Name:   Chris Thompson
Years In CCT:   4
Looking for old teammates. As I get older, my memories as a cct become that much more important.

Date:   6/26/2009, 5:12 pm, CST
Name:   doug foster
Years In CCT:   2
Looking for Dark Hayes and Mo Latimore from the team at Dyess AFB, 1967-69

Date:   6/23/2009, 11:35 am, CST
Name:   Jake Lowman
Years In CCT:   Six - "52 - '58
Greetings from the second CCT team leader. Dick Baker was "first".

Date:   6/20/2009, 11:12 pm, CST
Name:   Joe Placencia
Years In CCT:   '77-81
Still alive and kicking...good to see pics of all you old fogies...brings back sweet memories...

Date:   6/20/2009, 2:22 pm, CST
Name:   Russ
Years In CCT:   6
Can't wait stop in for a beer.

Date:   6/19/2009, 6:10 pm, CST
Name:   Jerry Walker
Years In CCT:   0
Just dropped in to see some old acquaitances from my days with the 374TAW. Roomed next to Robbie at CCK. As a TALO I had the fortune to work in the field with J.D. Burch, Doc Jones, John Buck, John Cummings and many others.

Date:   6/13/2009, 3:06 pm, CST
Name:   Brett Nelson
Years In CCT:   13
I appreciate everything you do for keeping us all connected, and highlighting the sacrifices of our fallen brothers. Hoo-yah Team!

Date:   6/9/2009, 4:16 am, CST
Name:   Rex Evitts
Years In CCT:   14
Mac you finally wore me down. Yep, it has been a long time. You are doing a great job with this project; keep it up. Hey, stay away from conducting stabo on caving ladders!!! Ranger Rex

Date:   6/9/2009, 12:03 am, CST
Name:   Sam Schindler
Years In CCT:   14
Thanks much for your support of the Tim Davis/Special Tactics Memorial Ruck March. It will be a haul for sure. See you at the reunion.

Date:   6/7/2009, 2:17 pm, CST
Name:   Rance Jurevwicz
We love this web site. Like ours, it offers a lot of information that veterans can use. Have you seen the new 2009 Presumptive List of service-connected conditions? If not, visit to learn what benefits veterans can get today.

Date:   6/7/2009, 1:31 pm, CST
Name:   ROB
Years In CCT:   7 yrs and 13 to go
thanks sgt mac for the support, we appreciate all you guys do for us out on the job. hoo-yah!

Date:   5/27/2009, 10:22 pm, CST
Name:   Sally Sioux Sheldon
Proud Air Force Mom of SSGT Timothy P. Davis alias "My Mountain Goat!"
Thank you for including me.
Thank you for your service.

Date:   5/26/2009, 11:37 am, CST
Name:   Sean McPartland
Years In CCT:   5
Just checking in. Great site. I am planning on going to reunion this year. Hope to see some folks I know. Take care...MD

Date:   5/26/2009, 2:22 am, CST
Name:   Michael J Davis
My son was SSgt Timothy P Davis. I would enjoy hearing from anyone about my son

Date:   5/25/2009, 7:58 am, CST
Name:   mom of cct
Years In CCT:   0
my son is leaving for af basic on 5/26 they told him he'd be a mechanic 1st then pass an eye test in basic to become a cct are they lying to him or should he have gotten it in writing

Date:   5/19/2009, 6:48 pm, CST
Name:   Grady Tucker
Years In CCT:   17
At Little Rock AFB with Marvin Helsley.

 Date:   5/19/2009, 10:27 am, CST
Name:   Paul
Years In CCT:   for Andre:43 + years
Reminder: Andre has been missing for 43years .This CCT was shotdown in Laos on May18 1966. Memorial website at  Some new up dates

Date:   5/14/2009, 3:27 pm, CST
Name:   Robert Cleghorn
Years In CCT:   1956-1960
Still kicking!!

Date:   5/11/2009, 5:17 pm, CST
Name:   Harvey Perriott
Years In CCT:   25+
Mac, Just getting caught up. Hope everyone is well. Great to see old friends.
Cheers from Dallas, TX

Date:   5/8/2009, 8:00 am, CST
Name:   Stephen Williams
Years In CCT:   0
I am trying to find anyone who knew my father John A. Williams (aka Jack, or Red) while he was a Combat Controller during the '60s & '70s. I know he did tours in Vietnam as CCT. Any and all info would be great. Thanks.

Date:   5/3/2009, 11:11 am, CST

Date:   5/2/2009, 9:15 pm, CST
Name:   John McGarry
Years In CCT:   18 plus
Awesome! Thank You! for all of You Do!!!!!!!

Date:   5/2/2009, 10:40 am, CST
Name:   Vinny Capece
Years In CCT:   4 yrs 63 - 67
I was reliving the old days and found your site. I have been searching for Bill & Linda Frankenberger for some time. Devastated to hear he has cancer. Bil was my mentor and friend. I was 17 when I joined and Bill had the patience of a saint with me. Please let him know I would like to contact him. It has been too long. Last time we visited was 73 in Pensacola, FL. Thank you, your site is great.

Date:   5/1/2009, 3:21 pm, CST
Name:   Bob Hill
Years In CCT:   64-67
Attended 50th.Hope to show up again before the final jump. It was great to see some of the old Commando CCT team and to meet so many of the best folks in the AF... heck, in the military(PERIOD)

Date:   4/29/2009, 5:38 pm, CST
Name:   Maureen
Years In CCT:   none
Does anyone know how John F. Juergensen died? He was 56 and passed away August 2008. He was in the Air Force in the late 70's then the Air National Guard out of Peoria, IL. I was just wondering what happened to him. I dated him in college and decided to look him up for fun and saw his obit.

Date:   4/24/2009, 1:46 pm, CST
Name:   Jeff Lemasters
Years In CCT:   13 years in AFSOC 16 SOS
Never walked the walk directly but flew the line to keep ya'll safe as could be.
Thanks for all the years

Date:   4/21/2009, 3:32 am, CST
Name:   Rich Eubanks
Years In CCT:   7 ('67 to '73)
Mike, Have I just never noticed or have you recently changed your opening page.  I love the beret changing from the old (my era) blue with the wings, to the red with the flash!  Good touch!

Date:   4/11/2009, 11:37 am, CST
Name:   James D Bates
Years In CCT:   4
I have been on this site almost everyday for some time I keep looking for guys or something with me on it and not doing very good even through you have really made this site into something remarkable I'v connected with Emmet Dewey and Gary from Dyess but Dyess seems to not get very much coverage for some reason Adcock was at Dyess when I was there and others Pack Lattimore Chevaz Cirafici also run into a void on the 8th in Nam when I was there guess not much was happening. I do have some pictures am trying to get my recent computer setup completed with a scaner and then I'll give you copies of everthing I have might even be able to mail them to you. If I am a new member of Mac's Bar do I owe any member dues also I'm going to send my app. for the Assosiation soon and do a life membership. This Site has helped me bring back a lot of memories that I forgot I had Thank You Jim Bates

Date:   4/9/2009, 4:27 am, CST
Name:   Dave Horwitz
Years In CCT:   16 years
Look forward to seeing everyone in Tampa--will be a great event!

Date:   4/7/2009, 1:13 pm, CST
Name:   H. C. Wilson
Years In CCT:   16.5
I am in Tampa and would love to help with hosting guys for the cruise. My cell # is 850-543-4006 and can access my personal email. I have a BB from work that gets my work email:

Date:   4/7/2009, 9:59 am, CST
Name:   Donovan Haggas
Years In CCT:   4
Great work you've done on the site. Thanks!

Date:   4/6/2009, 4:22 pm, CST
Name:   Michael Serafin
Years In CCT:   1968-1971
This site is very informative. I am planning on becoming a CCA member soon. I don't know why it took me this long. Take care.

Date:   4/4/2009, 6:26 pm, CST
Name:   Don Kantner
Years In CCT:   1
Hey Mac, Its been a while since I checked in. I just watched the "Some gave all" video. Incredible job. More than 25 years later and I still believe that the finest men that I have known in my life wre on the teams. God bless all.

Date:   4/3/2009, 9:26 am, CST
Years In CCT:   2

Date:   3/29/2009, 9:32 pm, CST
Name:   Scott Robel
Years In CCT:   88-08
Miss being on team, I am enjoying working with AV, it allows me to see and hang out with a bunch of the guys. Looking forward to this years 3rd Annual Great NW Loop ride, last years was a great time, this years should be bigger and better.

Date:   3/28/2009, 4:58 pm, CST
Name:   Fran Oster
Years In CCT:   5
To all who have served and are now serving I thank you, not only for your service but for allowing me the privilege of being part of the best.
Had a great visit with Wayne Norrad today, not sure how he found me, but glad he did. My # 970-290-7539. If you get a moment give me a shout.

Mac, this is a great site. Keep up the good work.............Fran

Date:   3/22/2009, 8:17 am, CST
Name:   Mike Takach
Years In CCT:   7
Just having a good time browsing. Thanks for all the effort in keeping CCT sites open and updated.

Date:   3/18/2009, 12:13 pm, CST
Years In CCT:   66-74
Just looking around the sight and saw Moose Morris needed some info on T-3. Sent him a start of what i could remember---hope it gets to him, and he contacts me so we can see what we can put together while my mind is still half way working. great sight Mac keep it up and Good Luck with the bike.

Date:   3/18/2009, 9:21 am, CST
Name:   Jeff Shackleford
Years In CCT:   1986 - 200
Just checking in

Date:   3/18/2009, 7:34 am, CST
Name:   Jim Bates
Years In CCT:   not enough
I'm not sure how to approach this COMMO I was at keesler when I found out how to get into CCT in 65 you can bet I was on it like a dog on a bone I met a ATC fellow I don't remmber his name he was smaller than me kind of a little guy with a berret and bloused boots drove a Jag he wasn't to impessed I could tell when I talked him so I kind of waited and one day on this bulitin board there was a note for vollenteers for CCT I am not anyone's idea of an example of an ideal airman except I did not want to be a busdriver I spit shined my boots starched my fatigues and worked out daily and it just so happened that I was a 30434 and off to jump school I went I was kind of a low profile type but always was just one step ahead of trouble They sent me to Dyess untill I went to Nam in 68 was on the Dyess Rifle Team I had good times with a lot of memories I remmber BIG MOE he had his hand around my neck one time guiding me out of Pack's office and when he got me out in the hanger he turned me around and said Bates !!!! you are going to be the death of me yet We had a party at his house one time and I remmber his neighbor was hiding with all the blinds pulled because at one of our parties we kidnaped him and he got drunk and in trouble He made kieth Jolly my babysitter when I got drunk. I remmber Addock Chevaz Pack Hiderman Stewart Vanlund Ceraficy Tally and a lot more if I was to think some more I'm kind of broke in a few places but as always I'm in pretty good shape still don't have any sense but I manage. I got the handle Savage at Dyess and I think I noticed in my reading that someone else is using the the same no problem he probably has more use for it than I do like to talk to him I'll give him deed to it I got no use for it anymore well I got shut up now so if anybody out there remembers me if your alive how about a jingle SAVAGE @ my name is James Daniel Bates and I go by Jim or when on duty and not in trouble they just called me Bates when performing other optional duties I was called a number of things including Savage which was because of my native american ancestry. Except for my time at Keesler I spent my entire enlistment in CCT. Afterwards I enlisted the 12th SF B team In Seattle Wash. reserves; I also spent time in the Oregon National Guard and California National Guard In como and made it up to E 7. Would like very much to connect with anyone left who remembers me or otherwise. A little over a year ago I connected with the NCOIC at McChord and he gave me the Grand Tour I was amazed at the equipment these guys get to use nowdays we were still using WW 2 stuff and just getting some updates which are antiques now when I started we had M 38 jeeps called 104s and when we up dated to 107s they just sent us some 151 jeeps and we had to do all the conversion ourself so what we ended up with were old 107s I didn't see a 108 till Nam and when I was with the B 36 MIKE FORCE from long Hia in 3 CORPS the old 107 was so full of holes I finally got 2 108s one in reserve at Biloxy

Date:   3/18/2009, 7:30 am, CST
Name:   Bates
Years In CCT:   4
Did my COMO get kicked off?
so, there I was..... the old 107 was so full of holes I finally got 2 108s one in reserve at Bien Hoa and the other I used when I could get it airlifted in which didn't happen all the time. I took them in with CH 74s Caribous 123s and 130s or they just took me in portable. I connected with Siagon on one mission and the guys came and got me later and was reassigned back to CCT for the remainder of my tour I wanted to re enlist but I got Drunk and got in trouble no deferent than any one else was confined to quarters but still went on missions. got busted and I guess everything kind of went to hell I got to Travis Late because I took a short layover in Hawaii and came on a later plane they had me Discharged so fast I was standing on the street and didn't even know what happened.

Date:   3/17/2009, 11:53 am, CST
Name:   Richard Thore
Years In CCT:   10
Hey all, I love the site. It brought back good memories.

Date:   3/16/2009, 3:48 pm, CST
Name:   Steve (StevieP) Phillips
Years In CCT:   1965-1978
Hey Guys, I'm still alive. I have finally moved into my new home in Kempner, Texas. I had to change my email address and lost my address book. Starting over from scratch is a pain, but, oh well!! It's good to be back online and reading about the goings on. Had dinner with Bill and Linda Frankenberger awhile back, had lot's of fun. I'm sure we'll get together with them often now that we live so close. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next gathering,

Date:   3/15/2009, 11:40 am, CST
Name:   Dennis Decker
Years In CCT:   4 - support
I was assigned to the 1721st from 88-92. I couldn't have asked for a better assignment. Finding Sgt Macs Bar has brought back so many great memories. Served with Scrogg, Chappy, and Page. Still can't believe they are gone...all great men who absolutely loved what they were doing. Would love to hear from any of my CCT family out there. Until then, I will continue to read about your heroism and exploits here at Sgt Macs Bar.

Date:   3/14/2009, 7:32 pm, CST
Name:   Ray Bricker
Years In CCT:   1976-1981
Using Sharon's email, because I don't keep mine up. Sharon just wrote this! ha.ha. We were lost but now we're found. We are still in Ormond Beach, Fl. Mac, wonderful job on the site! Your devotion to keeping it up to date is amazing! Thanks to you we can always keep in touch!

Date:   3/13/2009, 7:20 pm, CST
Name:   James D Bates
Years In CCT:   66 to69
was in contact temp lost my computer and now I'm back hope to join served with lattermore Sheptack Chaveze Andrews Dyess. and Vietnam both width the the 5th B36 and 8th arieal port grad CCT School under freeman If I join and go to the reunion do I get to jump again I managed to get a total of 15 years of service combined active and reserve and national gaurd made it all the way to E 7 but managed to get busted Same Old Shit seemed to follow me around Your Web Page is Fantastic My Shrink at the VA ask me what I did in the AF and I told her I wasn't a bus driver Yours The Savage name given to me by Kieth Jolly George P Tally and others I'd have to look up

Date:   3/12/2009, 10:37 am, CST
Name:   Rick Drinkwine
Years In CCT:   82-85
Mac, I appreciate your time keeping this site up. My youngest daughter (15) got on it the other day while researching a paper she was writing about our immediate family and ended up on the site for hours. Her paper is now going to be about CCT. You all certainly impressed her. Thanks again, Drink

Date:   3/11/2009, 3:09 pm, CST
Name:   Moose Morris
Years In CCT:   20 55-75
I would like for any one that was on the Alaska team to get in touch with me and share anything you remember about T-3. I am trying to get something together for the CCT history that Gene Adcock is working on

Date:   3/6/2009, 2:21 pm, CST
Name:   Robert Pittman
Years In CCT:   83'-93'
Planning the 3rd annual Great NW Loop ride for 23,24,and 25 of July. Still working out lodging details and donations for the SOWF. Soon to follow. Hope to see you all there.

Date:   3/1/2009, 6:03 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   3 (Jan 66 through 68)
I attended funeral services yesterday for SSgt. Tim Davis. It was a moving tribute to a fallen hero, and I haven't seen so many Combat Controllers since the 50th reunion in 2003. Life is short, and we need to stay in touch with each other.

Date:   2/27/2009, 7:57 am, CST
Name:   Al Pellegrini
Years In CCT:   1971-1974
Just found this site.  CCT bunch of guys I have ever worked with.

Date:   2/25/2009, 5:38 pm, CST
Name:   Ray Benjamin
Years In CCT:   20
Mac, Thanks for all the hard work on this site. It's fantastic! I'm up in the D.C. area working for Homeland Security. Best to you and your family, Ray

Date:   2/24/2009, 10:03 pm, CST
Name:   Marine
Years In CCT:   0
I just finished reading a story about the failed operation eagle claw. It was filled with unsubstantiated views and lopsided commentary. You have degenerated what little respect I had for AF special ops by sounding like a whining, jealous liar.

Date:   2/23/2009, 5:23 pm, CST
Name:   Dustin Bankson
Years In CCT:   8
Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'd love to make it down to another reunion sometime soon! Take it easy guys..

Date:   2/23/2009, 9:17 am, CST
Years In CCT:   '64-65-66
Thanks for providing this service

Date:   2/22/2009, 12:55 pm, CST
Name:   Q Madp
Thank you to all that are serving and have served!!!  Q

Date:   2/20/2009, 4:02 pm, CST
Name:   James G Ensign
Years In CCT:   N/A
I served at Katum in May/June 1968 with the 101st Airborne. Had some "intersting" times there. Your site is informative as I try to remember my Vietnam Service. Thanks!

Date:   2/18/2009, 9:26 am, CST
Name:   Rick Cheek
Years In CCT:   Norton CCT 76-78
Hi Mac, just checking in...

Date:   2/15/2009, 4:37 pm, CST
Name:   John McGarry
Years In CCT:   85-2001
Great Site and Pics of all the Men past and Present.  Awesome Memorial for Chappy! Impressive! You are to be Commended! The Pride! is Never Ending! Thanks! jmac

Date:   2/12/2009, 10:35 pm, CST
Name:   MSgt Gordon W. Tully
Years In CCT:   28+
Ahh, the memories....
Hoping you all are well and wishing you the best.
TY (850)-796-1414

Date:   2/8/2009, 12:18 pm, CST
Name:   Jason Attinger
Years In CCT:   PJ: 98-08' STS
Hey folks. Jason “AT” here. PJ: 98-08’ Recently hired on to fly Hogs for the IDAHO ANG and I am currently in pilot training at Sheppard AFB. Of course, I can’t wait to get down range and do some CAS with my CCT bros. Here’s a little some thing that happened last night that I just have to share. Enjoy.
So, I was at the Sheppard Club last night having some drinks with my fellow classmates when this guy comes up to our table and introduces himself as a controller. Of course, I immediately get a round of shots and offer this guy a drink, which he accepts. He states that he works with guys like us (pilots) doing CAS all the time. At this point he thinks that we are all pilots, and I haven’t told him yet that I was a PJ. Because no, operator plans a TDY to Wichita Falls. I naturally ask why he’s at Sheppard, for which he replied “training.” This is where I got suspicious, but I decided to keep playing along. Before I could dig any further one of the guys at the table points at me and says to the guy, “AT, was a PJ”, (Everybody still calls me by my ops initials, AT). Then, the guys starts name dropping, Wilson, Jones, Smith. He says, “they are here with me.” I’m thinking, Wilson, Jones, Smith? He doesn’t give any full names so they could be Peter, John, or Paul for all I care. I then ask specifically why a CCT guy and his buddies are at Sheppard, and he goes into this story about how they were injured down range and are being forced to cross train into medical. He even puts his leg on the table and rolls up his pant leg to show an old scar (probably from a motorcycle or something). I ask where he was stationed and he says,”Italy”. I glance at on of my friends and roll my eyes. Now I’ve had enough, of the B.S. I then proceed to call the guy out with a series of questions, like who is your functional manager, were you at the 321st, when did you get your beret, did you go to AST? He tells, me that he was a Tech Sergeant. I respond in kind by saying, “so was I just last year when I was an instructor at Indoc.” I said, “We must know the same people.” The guy still skirts around the story and states that he was pulled from SERE training to go directly down range. I then have this pissed off buzzed laugh ( I’d been drinking). Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention by this time my wife has come over to the table and sat next to me. Foreseeing a bad situation arising, she whispers for me to calm down. Just as I start to calm down the guy continues polluting the combat virgin ears of my young classmates with some more of his BS. I got pissed, looked him straight in the eye and said, “ your not a combat controller, I’ve got friends who are controllers who have died in combat and your gonna come to my table and accept a drink given on the basis of what they stood for, bullsh**!! Pissed off, I start shooting questions at him like; Where did you go to CCS, AST, get your beret? He can’t answer, so I look to my right

Date:   2/8/2009, 12:20 pm, CST
Name:   Jason Attinger
Years In CCT:   PJ: 98-08' STS
Part 2 of message (size limitation on first post)
He can’t answer, so I look to my right and calmly say to my wife, “honey where is CCS?” She replies, “Pope AFB.” I then look left of the table and realize that this guys wife/ girlfriend is standing about 20 feet away with this, let’s get out of here look in her face. Feeling bad for her, I look her in the eyes and calmly say, “I’m sorry ma-am but your husband is a liar. He’s not a Combat Controller.” Then one more look at him and I said, “get the fu** out off here.” Which he promptly did.

I know this has happened before and will happen again. Usually, I would just blow it off, but not after what he said about getting injured down range. I instantly though of Jeremy, Derek, and Casey. I couldn’t let it go. I don’t understand why people have to do that. I was is a good mood and probably would have bought the a drink if he had just came up and said that he was a medic, a maintainer, or whatever.

We’ll I just wanted to share that with everybody. Sorry If my grammer is sloppy.( I’m a Guard officer not an Acadamey guy.)

BTW, if anybody has a higher quality version of that “fallen comrades” video on you tube please PM me. It’s an nice video and I’d love to have a copy to show off some real heros to my friends.

Take care and be safe.........AT  
“First There, That Others May Live”

Date:   2/4/2009, 2:00 pm, CST
Name:   H T Kinder
Years In CCT:   66-69 1stACW/SOW CCT EAFB,La
nice site

Date:   2/4/2009, 11:28 am, CST
Name:   Don Spivey
Years In CCT:   4
love your web site.

Date:   1/31/2009, 1:33 am, CST
Name:   Mark Nevatt
Years In CCT:   1984-1988 McChord AFB 1988-1992 Norton AFB
Hoo Ya! Wow Mike! You da man! I am so excited about this awesome site you've constructed to CCTer's. I have yet to send you the pics I promised last year. I will do my best to get them to you this year. I have been in the world of education for the past 17 years as an Elementary Educator and Professor at our local University. I will be starting my Ph.D. in education next Fall. I still want to make a trip out to see you sometime. Take care all my CCT brothers. God Bless you all!

Date:   1/30/2009, 10:44 pm, CST
Name:   Cass Seymore
Years In CCT:   69-2020
Just to update my email and say hey. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Date:   1/29/2009, 12:39 pm, CST
Name:   Ken Bell
Years In CCT:   24
Okay, I haven't been in CCT, but dang it, I have been right there supporting most of you since 1984 when I was assigned to the 1721st. Even when I went to Taegu in 1986 for 2 years I supported you guys on your exercises there. Now I have been at the 24STS since 1989 and am still going strong. Okay enough of that. I just wanted to let the guys of the 24 know that if you have moved since the last founders day to please call us and update your address or send to my email. Looking forward to seeing all of you at this years festivities. Its been a great 24 years so far and I don't see anything changing the next 5-10 years. One of the old guys, Ken

Date:   1/28/2009, 7:43 pm, CST
Name:   Roger ("RD"/"OldDog") D. James
Years In CCT:   1967-74
Been quite awhile since I've been on the site. Obviously you've changed it much and I'd better come back soon to catch up. Still hoping to see you in BNA for the Mini. Luv Ya Man!!!

Date:   1/18/2009, 8:57 pm, CST
Name:   Brian Douglas
Years In CCT:   4
Just stopping by to update my email address.

Date:   1/17/2009, 1:06 pm, CST
Name:   George "Andy" Hale
Years In CCT:   25
Just checking in.....still the "Top" site all around. Glad to see some new names have checked in.
Retired Mar 31, 2008...working with Cass at the Navy Parachute school in San Diego.

Date:   1/14/2009, 2:36 pm, CST
Name:   Mike McReynolds
Years In CCT:   73-88
I just wanted to Thank Everyone for all their involvement with SgtMac'sBar. We put another year behind us and I'm looking forward to having one with you guys this year. Hey, maybe we can share a few, it's about time you stopped by..... "You're Always Welcome @ SgtMac'sBar"

Date:   1/9/2009, 10:31 pm, CST
Name:   Susan
Years In CCT:   1957-?
Daughter desteraptely trying to locate Johnny Goodman stationed at Donalaldon Airforce Base Greenville S.C.

Date:   1/1/2009, 10:34 pm, CST
Name:   Joe Edwards
Years In CCT:   66-76
1/1/09: Wanted to be among the first to wish all a happy new year. Mac: just went through some of your stuff on it seems I'm always saying, "Thanks for all you do".