Here are some comments from previous guests of dubious character and moral standards!  View at your own risk and if you want to add any comments of your own, just signz the book.  Stop by anytime and say something about yourself, so visitors will know!

Date:   12/20/2008, 5:50 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   3
Keep up the great work. I love the web site and all the great photos you've managed to get your hands on. We're all getting older and need to stay in touch.

Date:   12/9/2008, 5:18 pm, CST
Name:   sgt. michael shuler
looking for rex evitts, lived in gainesville ga, then aiken,sc. i served with his son (david) in the army.(kosovo,bosnia). he was a good friend of mine. rex was cct in nam and a instructor at riverside military acad. or something like that. can anyone help? thanks. my email is

Date:   12/7/2008, 5:54 pm, CST
Name:   Dan kennedy
Years In CCT:   69-76  
So where are the PICS I sent you? You know you keep asking but then you don't put them up. I know you've been as busy as me. LOL

Date:   12/6/2008, 11:50 am, CST
Name:   Jerkins
Years In CCT:   son of William E Jerkins  
Hi Mac,
Sorry we got on the naughty list and had not updated our address So here it is and
we pray youare all well and mention all the soldiers in our prayers .

God Bless

Date:   12/4/2008, 10:20 am, CST
Name:   Russ "Doc" Savage
Years In CCT:   10  
Hey Mac, I've been a wayward visitor of late, but I'm back in the fold. Had planned on handing you some 80's era photos of Dyess and Pope team at the reunion, but missed the whole thing myself. Hope you and yours are doing well.

Date:   11/30/2008, 5:57 pm, CST
Name:   kat noth
anyone know how to contact john glowacki?? we were stationed together in panama, last saw each other late 80's as i passed thru pope afb. pleae give him my email address so we can catch up. thanks
dave libby-remember the beach house??

Date:   10/29/2008, 7:45 pm, CST
Name:   Pete Sheremeta
Years In CCT:   1981 - 1984  
Best damn group of friends I ever had, best damn experiences besides having my children and wife. I never had a worry when I was a CCT, the way has guided me for the rest of my life.
Thank you for keep the tradition alive.

 Date:   10/20/2008, 1:25 pm, CST
Name:   martha
trying to find anyone with knowledge of my father John William Toth Army seved in Vietnam. was at basses in Fort Dix, Fort Chaffee, Fort Cambell and others pleaese this is his daughter

Date:   10/18/2008, 9:23 am, CST
Name:   Richard K. Sprouse
Years In CCT:   1980 to 1989  
Just found your website and thank it is great. I am a stay at home Dad with six kids now. Who would have thought that all that screwing around would finally catch up with me? Living in a Northwest Surburb of Chicago now. Any one floating through this area please feel free to call (847-458-8067) and stop in for a cold one, the door is always open.

Date:   9/28/2008, 8:45 pm, CST
Name:   Jimmy Gomez
Years In CCT:   15  
If your ever in Abilene, Tx I'll have a cold one on you.....Jimmy Gomez

Date:   9/16/2008, 11:45 am, CST
Years In CCT:   4  

Date:   9/13/2008, 10:58 am, CST
Name:   Jacob Poulliot
Years In CCT:   06-present  
Just jobin it out here in the sand box and figured I would stop by and read some stories and look at some pics from years of experience.

Date:   9/12/2008, 7:12 am, CST
Name:   Rick Cheek
Years In CCT:   Norton CCT 76-78  
Hi Mac, just checking in. Still not too late for you to make the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in Fayetteville, Ar the last weekend of this month. Its usually a good time. Anyone going call me - 479-719-7229 and we can hook up there......Rick

 Date:   9/10/2008, 9:11 am, CST
Name:   Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret
FANTASTIC Web Site! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.

Date:   8/22/2008, 10:22 am, CST
Name:   Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:   1969-76  
Just thought I'd keep in contact. Came back from Hong Kong and the Philippines recently. Finished most of the house. I have more wood in the house then the squirrel has in his tree. I'm now coaching the WNY Buffalo Bills Pop Warner 120's. Why I didn't do this earlier is beyond me. The kids are great and it's alot of fun. Annie says hi. She's got some great recipes to share with Jill from the Far East. The only thing is you'll have to look under the rocks in your backyard for some of the ingrediants. Still looking forward to seeing the pics I sent you. You did get them right? See you later my friend. I have to get ready for the field. We play the panthers at home.

Date:   8/16/2008, 6:51 pm, CST
Name:   Erica Melvin
I am the granddaughter of Allan Sundlie. I very honored to see him posted on your site. I did want you to know though he had surgery on November 23rd and one week later he came down with pnuemonia. He was hospitalized and unfortunately remained there until his passing. Thank you for your kinds words and I am sure he is pleased to be placed among of his buddies.

Date:   7/16/2008, 12:03 pm, CST
Name:   Dathan
Years In CCT:   just started AST  
Took me a while to get in the door but your web site with all the stories and pics kept my motivation high. THANKS and HOOYAH!!!

Date:   7/14/2008, 12:26 am, CST
Name:   Doug Kimme
Years In CCT:   Forever CCT / Airborne  
I would like to start by say THANK YOU to Mac and Jill for coming to Danny's funeral and adding him to the web site. They have been there for me during the hardest time in my life.
Then I would like to Thank my Team Mates for coming to Little Rock for Danny's funeral. You being there meant so much and you were a Great reflection of who and what we are. But mostly, for Dan and who he was and for his scarifice as we all put it on the line at one time or another in one way or another.

And Thank You to all who e-mailed me about Dan.

Dan was my shooting buddy, my hunting buddy and most of all, my Son. I'm so proud of him !

This is a little late, but this has been a very difficult time and continues to be so.

Hope to see everyone in Florida in October.


Date:   7/13/2008, 11:51 am, CST
Name:   Doug FosterDDFOST
Years In CCT:   2 years  
Looking for Dark Hayes from Dyess AFB 1967-1969.

Date:   5/29/2008, 4:06 pm, CST
Name:   Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:   7  
I just found some old pics and will try and send them to you. One I'm very fond of which is with me and Mark McQuisten taken 1972 while with the 7th SOS. Another is Jim Brock, Rogers and Sherwood together in Panama. Why am I telling you and not dending them. Stupid me.

Date:   5/24/2008, 12:10 pm, CST
Name:   John Butler
Years In CCT:   14  
Hey MAC finally got a computer, great to find you site. Going great, single and living in Merritt Island Fl. working as a Security Police Officer at Kennedy Space Center. I can finally stay on top and in touch with CCT. Hoping to hear back, stay in touch. JB PS: Home Ph 321-631 8400

Date:   5/19/2008, 8:33 pm, CST
Name:   J.P. "Buddy" Werkheiser
Years In CCT:   10  
Hello all, checked out the site and it is awsome. Spoke with John Haley a few days ago and he told me about Danny Page. Sad to hear about it. Anyway, just checking in. Would love to hear from Pat Hall, Pat Moulton, Col Straton (still looks so damn young!), Dicky Hines, and Spike Gardner. I am in Georgia! Take care brothers...... "WR"

Date:   5/19/2008, 4:04 pm, CST
Name:   Harry E. Thompson
Years In CCT:   4 - 1961-1964  
glad to see everyone at the Nashville reunion

Date:   5/3/2008, 1:09 pm, CST
Name:   Roland E. "Charlie" Brown
Years In CCT:   8 '56-'64 
Does anyone know how Al "Bull" Benini is doing.He is Godfather to my oldest daughter. Also, would like to contact any of the "old" Farts.

Date:   4/27/2008, 3:49 pm, CST
Name:   RN
Years In CCT:   1968-72  
You may be interested to look under UTUBE postings by some guy named 911truthnc search Combat Control Viet Nam. There is video there, about 12 of them of this goof passing himself off as CCT. Just listen to his BS and respond to 911truthnc for posting.

Date:   4/15/2008, 11:31 am, CST
Name:   Clifton Ray Long
Years In CCT:   4  
1st ACW under Charlie Jones, Cap. Farmer, Maj. Schneidenbach. CCA LM583 I'm looking for other Rolling Thunder riders!

Date:   4/3/2008, 8:00 pm, CST
Name:   Crystal Lebold
Years In CCT:   John Lebold's daughter  
I enjoy this website, I enjoy seeing my father and all his old buddies. When I get a chance I will post some pics of my dad!!!

Date:   3/27/2008, 10:50 am, CST
Name:   Patrick Landers
Years In CCT:   6  
Not a Controller, but was a support guy at Pope 1988-1994. Just wanted to say hello and that I really respect you guys and what you do. My 2 sons who were infants during Desert Storm are serving now. My oldest was wounded in Afghan, Bronze Star with Valor, Purple heart. My youngest is now at FOB Falcon @ Baghdad Cav Scout. We all give one way or another....Love you guys

Date:   3/26/2008, 1:43 pm, CST
Name:   Buddy McReynolds
Years In CCT:   0  
Hey Bro,
Lifes a beach here in Chacala, Mexico. Hot women & cold beer.
Lets see if you really read this crap. I want to donate $100. for the 2008 party at your Casa.
See ya in Sept.

Date:   3/26/2008, 1:47 am, CST
Name:   Rich Eubanks
Years In CCT:   '66 to '73  
I just realized that when I changed my email address that I stopped getting your meanderings. Can you add me back with this address?

 Date:   3/25/2008, 11:41 am, CST
Name:   Braden
Years In CCT:   0  

Date:   3/23/2008, 10:54 am, CST
Name:   Jim moffett
Years In CCT:   24  
Thanks Mac.

Date:   3/1/2008, 7:30 pm, CST
Name:   Staci Humphrey (Helber)
Proud to say that Kent Helber is my father!!! Battle of Katum.

Date:   2/27/2008, 9:34 am, CST
Name:   Randy Seebeck
Years In CCT:   25  
Hey Mac!
Just wanted to say thanks for keeping us together with your site. Keep up the good work...

Date:   2/23/2008, 6:53 pm, CST
Name:   Walter W. Willis
Years In CCT:   10  
Greetings form one of the many with "dubious character and moral standards". Thank you again for your great project. Besst whishes to Jill.

Date:   2/19/2008, 8:17 pm, CST
Name:   Young (fitz)Fitzpatrick
Years In CCT:   1960-1968  
Mac I did attempt to send you a picture let me know if you received please, I noticed in the memorial for Chuck Paradise there was no mention of his service in the Marines and in Korea, I am not 100% on that but i believe he did serve in both He had a tattoo on his upper left arm "let the good times roll " in honor of a marine buddy that was killed in action in korea

Date:   2/18/2008, 12:49 pm, CST
Name:   Young E (fitz) Fitzpatrick
Years In CCT:   1960-1968  
Mac. My address: 217 Pinedale St, Maryville, TN 37801. I did not reply by E mail, I haven't learned how to do that yet, only had computor for about 12 years, I have a picture of Chuck Paradise, Jack Kelso and myself I will send you a copy as soon as I figure out how its done. Sam Scoggin will attest to the fact that I am a slow learner.

Date:   2/16/2008, 12:42 pm, CST
Name:   Fitz Fitzpatrick
Years In CCT:   1960-1968  
sorry to hear about Jack Webb. Served with him at Hurburt, hellve nice guy always smiling and upbeat. I visit with Jim Gary a few times a year. I live in Maryville. Tn, he has a place just over the mountain in Maggie Valley NC. I have mever attended a reunion.however. I plan to show up this year. will be a treat to see old friends and meet all of the younger guys

Date:   2/2/2008, 12:40 pm, CST
Name:   Benjamin Youngs
Years In CCT:   recruit  
I am honored to have the opportunity to give CCT my best and to work with the best!

 Date:   1/30/2008, 5:08 pm, CST
Name:   Mike Fritz
Years In CCT:   5 yrs in Maint  
Great tribute to Danny. Good to see some OLD friendly faces again.

Date:   1/9/2008, 12:37 pm, CST
Name:   Robert Benton
Years In CCT:   22  
Thanks for your donation to the SOWF and posting the link. Folks like you are truly making the difference

Date:   1/6/2008, 10:11 pm, CST
Name:   Ms Terry Collins
Years In CCT:   not applicable 
Thanks for this web site I appreciate your time