Here are some comments from previous guests of dubious character and moral standards!  View at your own risk and if you want to add any comments of your own, just signz the book.  Stop by anytime and say something about yourself, so visitors will know!

Date:   12/30/2007, 7:56 pm, CST
Name:   Patrick Aguilar
Years In CCT:   4.5
 Just stopped in to see who is still around. Saw some pictures I have of Mike Callaghan and Maj. Robbins and thought I would check in on the rest of the gang. South America, Nam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand were great memories, especially with the Grand "Ol Man" of Combat Control, Thom Monley. I miss him..... I was glad to be, along with other CCT team members, a part of the American POW release at Loc Ninh

Date:   12/30/2007, 4:11 pm, CST
Name:   James Harrell
Years In CCT:   1980-1983
 It is with great sorrow to read of the passing of Gary Hooper. I severed with Gary at Charleston 437 CCT, and as John Lynch stated Gary had that unmistakable laugh. God rest his sole.
James Harrell

Date:   12/30/2007, 1:30 pm, CST
Name:   Young (fitz) Fitzpatrick
Years In CCT:   9
 First attempt at this, not sure I know how its done

Date:   12/26/2007, 11:11 pm, CST
Name:   Jim Pardo
 I was with the 25th MP CO and was at Katum during the 68 Tet. I am curious about your story on the battle at Katum, what was the date of that battle in 1968?

Date:   12/25/2007, 6:21 pm, CST
Name:   Jim Meade
 I regret to inform you of the passing of Jack (Spider) Webb on 28 Nov 2007. I couldn't find a link to the webmaster to post it to your site.

 Date:   12/17/2007, 1:38 pm, CST
Years In CCT:   8.5
First time at this site was put in touch with it from Dick Brawley a few months ago, but first chance to checkout

Date:   12/12/2007, 10:28 am, CST
Name:   Tim Howze
Years In CCT:   5 Yrs. 1724 STS Support (22 Yrs. Retired)
Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear Mac. Bike Week is just around the corner. May be coming through your way in July next yr. Will be on Road trip. Take Care!

Date:   11/29/2007, 2:21 pm, CST
Name:   Rich Eubanks
Years In CCT:   seven
 Mike, Just read your latest meandering and loved it!
I remember some of the guys hesitating to jump behind me when I yelled,
"god (lower case intended), you ain't got a hair on your ass if you don't get me this time!" LOL!
Always be you! Regardless!.....................Rich

Date:   11/28/2007, 5:06 pm, CST
Name:   David A. Wilson
Years In CCT:   16
It has been a while since I have signed in , but here goes. After having been stricken with cancer two years ago, I thought the personal contacts would fall off sharply , but , they have not. all my CCT brothers have continued to keep contact. I really appreciate the support prayers and comraderey from all of you. I miss all of you when we are not together. I am two years in remission and I pray it is ths good Lords will to stay free of the threat. God bless you all and remember I love all of you and my heart stays with you daily. Thank you every so much for your being there for me.

Date:   11/28/2007, 11:45 am, CST
Name:   Brian Tatum
Currently TACP preparing to crosstrain VERY VERY soon


Date:   10/20/2007, 12:54 pm, CST
Name:   Robert Kohon
Years In CCT:   5
 Hello all, We have an opening for a Assault Zone Combat Controller at Cannon AFB, NM. We have 4 on the ground now and room for one more. Must have a minimum of 4 years experience performing CCT duties.  Send resume to

Date:   10/18/2007, 6:37 pm, CST
Name:   Jack McMullen
Years In CCT:   31 years
Mac, Here's my new e-mail address. Thanks and I hope to see you at the reunion.

Date:   10/17/2007, 8:20 pm, CST
Name:   Cary Rau
Years In CCT:   0
I am looking for any kind of info on Chad Giesige. i graduated high school with him and respect this man very much. hell, anyone who knows him is lucky cause he is one tough SOB and one hell of a good guy!

Date:   10/16/2007, 2:58 pm, CST
Name:   Kyle Preston
Years In CCT:   0 - Will be in training July 08
I can't wait to become a combat controller.


Date:   10/11/2007, 11:27 am, CST
Name:   Mike Welding
Years In CCT:   1965-1979
This is a Great website !! Thanks Mac. I've lived in the Spokane area, off and on, mostly on, since 1979. I'm a civilian contractor, working at the Survival School, doing the same job I was doing 25 years ago. I'll be 65 in Dec., but I plan on working til I'm 70 and enjoying the good life. Actually I'm living the good life now, It will just get better. Sincerely, WG

Date:   10/11/2007, 9:34 am, CST
Name:   Rodney B. Dewey (Zeke)
Years In CCT:   8+
ATTENTION: All Combat Controllers who knew Sgt. Rodney B. Dewey (Zeke), I need your help. It seems my DD214 does not reflect my time spent in Vietnam. My local VFW will not accept me as a Vietnam veteran, although I certainly feel like one, especially after losing a C-130 at KonTum. What can I do? At the time, Captain Witherspoon (1971-72) was my OIC. I need my wife, friends and family to know that I am not a liar. This is very important to me as some of you know, I have literally hit people who lied about being in Vietnam but did not serve there. How long does one have to endure war to have our DD214's reflect it? Please, people, tell me what I have to do to earn my campaign ribbons for my service in Vietnam? If nothing else, e-mail my wife if you knew me over there and assure her I'm real, maybe flawed but real. Maybe Bob Bieber can help if Capt. Witherspoon can't be reached. I do not wish to go under without my government recognizing my total voluntary service. I've always hated to ask for help. I am 57 years old now, and I'm asking all of you for it now; pictures, anything, or correct steps to take to make my DD214 right. Thank you, XSgt. R.B. Dewey CCT 272.

P.S. I was debriefed by general officers at Pleiku about our situation at KonTum, but I do not know who they are today, but Capt. Witherspoon was there. Thanks again for any help that comes my way on this matter.  TAILPIPES, STAND PROUD!!!! Zeke

 Date:   10/2/2007, 7:26 am, CST
Name:   Timothy Sullivan
Years In CCT:   20
As students of class 07-04 return from the pool I can hear the jody from inside the building. Huge meeting this morning about the new building and we are teaching demo this week.  We are still looking for civilian instructors here (2/5 slots filled) so if you are interested, drop me a note and I'll point ya' in the right direction.  Thanks Mac!.................Sully

Date:   9/30/2007, 12:44 pm, CST
Name:   Tom Mitchell
Years In CCT:   1964 - 1967
1st Aerial Port Squadron CCT member at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, from 1964 to 1967. Don't recognize many posters...hmmm...getting too old?
I went by the name of TL. 

Date:   9/28/2007, 3:37 pm, CST
Name:   dave barton
Years In CCT:   4
To any of you sorry assed 62 MAW guys, I'd love to hear from you. Fortunately,I hear from Dave Smith quite a bit . I just heard from the Ansel Adams of McChord A.F.B. in the late 70's, Gene Johnson so I know you guys are hiding out there. Mac, great site and thanks

Date:   9/26/2007, 11:53 am, CST
Name:   Kyle Stanbro
Years In CCT:   20 years
 Thanks Mac, Keep up the good work

Date:   9/25/2007, 10:56 pm, CST
Name:   Betty & Charlie Bell
Years In CCT:   18yrs
Thanks for all the memories It has been great kept up the good work.


Date:   9/12/2007, 2:01 pm, CST
Name:   Albert Ganzemuller
Years In CCT:   1966 - 1970
The Wiesbaden Team

Date:   9/10/2007, 5:16 pm, CST
Name:   Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:   7
Mike, hey man lighten up on yourself. Hell, I'm still sufffering the effects of my problems but hey the house is looking good. It's all done in Knotty pine, stained Early American and then polyurethaned, at least twice. New front door went in, windows on order. Still have alot more to do but then I'm not kicking myself in the ass. You got me started in my project by letting me and Annie sleep in that bed. Since that time, I've raised our beds, made cabinets, a butcher block table, benches, a china cabinet and well just gone crazy trying to improve our home. You see, your life isn;t as shitty as you think... Let us know when you're up our way. We got a place for you after October I hope. Daughter and son-in-law are supposed to be buying their own home which will leave Annie and myself happier. Your buddy and friend Dan


Date:   9/2/2007, 6:14 pm, CST
Name:   Brad Glade
Years In CCT:   16
Thank you for maintaining this site. Sandy did contact me. I'm living in Oregon, I have a job as an air traffic controller at the Salem Airport, the capitol. My wife Giselle and I have three young boys so we are very busy! I still ride my motorcycles as often as I can. (There is never enough time for that!)


Date:   9/1/2007, 1:28 pm, CST
Name:   d huddleston
Years In CCT:   not enough
Hi mac, want to thank you for all you do. Wish you the best. Dale


Date:   8/28/2007, 7:14 pm, CST
Name:   Johnny Williams
Years In CCT:   10
Hey all..still alive,doing very well.

Date:   8/27/2007, 2:22 pm, CST
Name:   Mark Nevatt
Years In CCT:   8
 Okay Mac, I finally signed the guest book. I will get those pics to you ASAP!  Sorry about your father. I am seriously thinking about coming out to the reunion. I am attempting to contact Donny Botterbush; X-CCTer, to see if he's going to make it.

Date:   8/24/2007, 11:30 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   3
 Howdy Mac! Sorry to hear about your dad. Sorry that I won't be able to make it to the reunion this year, but I hope to retire next year, and then will have time to head to FL for the annual gathering of CCT. Have a great time and down a few for me; just keep Charlie Mason and Gene Harris out of trouble.

Date:   8/24/2007, 2:28 am, CST
Name:   gene johnson
Years In CCT:   associated with from '75
its an honor to sign this book. thank you


Date:   8/15/2007, 12:59 pm, CST
Name:   Jennifer Hannigan
Years In CCT:   Been married to CCTer for over 6 yrs
Ben and I hope to see everyone here for the combat control reunion again this year!..............The Hannigan's

Date:   8/12/2007, 2:51 am, CST
Name:   Rich Eubanks
Years In CCT:   6 1/2
 I havn't posted in quite a while but always enjoy reading, and keeping up with the old times.  In fact, I need to email Dale Huddleston, been too long there too. Hi Dale!  I guess I really look for some of the old 'Blue' beret guys that I was in with, like Dale.  Wouldn't it be nice to form smaller, regional, groups to have weekend get-aways with?  I'm in central Florida and it's warm here in the winter, guys!  Let's plan something for this winter!

Date:   8/8/2007, 7:42 pm, CST
Name:   Ron Evans
Years In CCT:   5
 Hey Mac, just over 30 years ago we would have finished celebrating our birthdays errr (week).. Time goes by rather quickly and hardly a week goes by that I don't think of the times we had in CCT. Will try to get the "boss" to let "us" go to this year's reunion. Good job on the website and if I haven't contributed to one your causes lately let me know.

Date:   8/7/2007, 2:15 pm, CST
Name:   Darlene K Lebold
I really enjoy your website.I veiw it quite often-it puts a smile on my face and also very touching. Combat Controllers are the BEST! Those were the best years of my life. We all were a Big Family. I will be in Florida this week and I will come visit the "SgtMacsBar"!

Date:   7/26/2007, 3:35 pm, CST
Name:   Sandy Weaver
Years In CCT:   0
 Hi! I am looking for an old friend named Brad Glade. We served in the AF together in the late 70's at McChord AFB. My son just graduated from Combat Control school and I want him to meet Brad! Also, I would love to talk with him again! He is from Canby, Oregon. If anyone knows him, please give him this message and have him contact me... thanks, Sandy

Date:   7/23/2007, 6:10 pm, CST
Name:   Jim Alvarez
Years In CCT:   1968 - 1971
Great Site! Enjoyed reliving the memories...even found myself in one of the pictures. Started in CCT at Sewart, went to Nam and returned to Pope. Thanks for the memories.

Date:   7/23/2007, 1:39 pm, CST
Name:   Randy Carmichael
Years In CCT:   23
Howdy John, I just got a new bike, thinking about mosying over that way. You won't give me too much shit about driving a Honda and drinking diet coke, will ya. Naaaaa. See ya, wish we could still fall out of airplanes, don't you? Randy Carmichael

Date:   7/18/2007, 11:26 pm, CST
Name:   Bob Rukke
Years In CCT:   uncle of fallen warrier
Mac it was great meeting you at the reunion in 06 and thanks for the coin, it's with all the other momentoes. Thanks to all the military past, present, and fallen for serving our great country!!! I'm Casey Crate's uncle and damn proud of it!

Date:   7/13/2007, 2:46 pm, CST
Name:   Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:   7
 So sorry to hear about your Dad. There is no way that one can prepare for the lose of a friend or a relation. There is only a grieving process and the continuation of life, moving on. Remember, the memories of the person passing on are still buried in our heart so we really don't lose them. We are able to edit the moments and treasure the gems of a life shared inbetween.

Date:   7/8/2007, 4:03 am, CST
Name:   Mark Nevatt
Years In CCT:   8
 Greetings to all my brothers I served with during 1984-1992. I miss you all and pray for those still serving today.


Date:   7/2/2007, 12:53 pm, CST
Name:   dale huddleston
Years In CCT:   the best
Hi Mac. Been awhile and just want to say hi and thank you.


Date:   7/1/2007, 7:35 pm, CST
Name:   John Dale
Years In CCT:   ?
My son, Mike, a CCT member told me of this site. I used to drop CCT when I flew C-119s and C-130s. Even spent some time as a DZ control officer while stationed a Pope AFB. Then went through the Army jump school in Okinawa while stationed at Tachikawa AB. But...that was many many moons ago. You have a great site Mac! Keep up the good work! We need you!  Warm Regards.......................John Dale

Date:   7/1/2007, 2:54 pm, CST
Name:   Mike Tracy
Years In CCT:   10
Thxs for the website, lots of memories in the pics and stories.

Date:   6/28/2007, 1:45 pm, CST
Name:   Mike Snyder
Years In CCT:   10 years
 Hey Mac, It has been awhile since I signed the guest book so I will update you on a few things.   Retired from the military in April 06 as a CMSgt after 25 years of service.  Turned “50” in September of 06.  Cycled 100 miles with Steve Borbee and friends raising over $7000 for the American Diabetes Association.   Working as a Park Ranger on Lake George in the Adirondack Park.  Thanks for keeping us all little closer ................Snyder

Date:   6/26/2007, 8:35 pm, CST
Name:   Mike Pelley
Years In CCT:   17
Hey Mac, never knew you personally but you have put together a fantastic website! I wanted to say hello to a lot of good friends out there. I’ve been busy as the site Field Engineer (contractor) on two completed construction jobs on Bragg, now on the third helping build yet another large site. Having a blast re-building Fort Bragg! And for all who are curious, Lee Hughes is the Safety Manager on a US embassy construction job down south (almost complete). Anyway, take care all, and God Bless those who have served and especially all that are currently serving!

Date:   6/22/2007, 7:05 pm, CST
Name:   Spencer Ernst
Have offered my services as an accredited investor for the formation of a CCT retreat


Date:   6/21/2007, 2:34 pm, CST
Name:   David Fahey (FY)
Years In CCT:   15
Hey Mac, Just got back from vacation in DC and thought I would pass some info on a new memorial. While touring Arlington Cemetary my family and I went into the Military Womens Memorial and found a memorial inside of all those lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. I saw many of our brothers pictures. It was very sad but then again it made me prouder than ever to say I served with many of these heroes. If anyone is going to DC this is a must see memorial. Thanks and God Bless to all our brothers keeping us safe.


Date:   6/20/2007, 4:30 pm, CST
Name:   Jim Meade
 G'day Mac, you guys seem to have overlooked some of your early history. Tsgt Richard L. Foxx was the first CCT KIA (15 Oct 62) since the Korean War. This site has the story of his loss
Also, Charlie Jones (one of the very first CCT) has recently passed away in Navarre, Fla. Jim

Date:   6/14/2007, 2:37 pm, CST
Name:   Tom Bevan
Years In CCT:   23-ish
Hey Mac, Just checking in to say hello and let you know I finally got married again. Most of you know her or met her (Flora) at the CCA gatherings over the past 6 or so years. Life is good no complaints. Still working at AST as an instructor. My son did his 4 years of military service as a MC-130P Loadmaster at Kadena AB, Japan, and is back home finishing up college. Well thats all for now. Take care my brothers. Tom Bevan (BV) (Bev)

Date:   5/29/2007, 8:10 pm, CST
Name:   Andy Hale
Years In CCT:   25+
Always good to see whats happening. Looked for pictures sent from J Daniels (Ca) but can't find them.

Date:   5/28/2007, 6:33 pm, CST
Name:   Neill Thaggard
Years In CCT:   7.5
 When & Where is the next reunion?


Date:   5/25/2007, 11:55 am, CST
Name:   Anthony Cortese
Years In CCT:   8

Date:   5/20/2007, 5:26 pm, CST
Name:   John Juergensen
Years In CCT:   5
 Great website! Just saw some pictures from the recent past (in my mind). Best wishes to all..........JJ

Date:   5/14/2007, 2:04 pm, CST
Name:   Ryan Hoggatt
Years In CCT:   0
Dear SGT. Mac, Hi SGT. Mac its Ryan Hoggatt I wanted to thank you for the coin I carry it with me all the time and hope to meet u again. Also to inform you that I am 3 steps from join the Air Force Resevers I just need my recruter to get my MEPS paper work back then I pick my job and sworn in and im ready to go. and also wanted to let you know I have not giving up my dream to become a Combat Controller.

Date:   5/11/2007, 9:05 pm, CST
Name:   SrA. Hansen
Years In CCT:   Training to become one.
Nice page. Like the information, gave me a better understanding of the culture. I'm training (physically) to apply for CCT training early next year. I'm in SA, TX, it would be nice to get a hold of someone close enough in the field to help me out with my swim! Take care.

Date:   5/8/2007, 4:58 pm, CST
Name:   tj awada
Years In CCT:   sept 06-present
 hey mac, sorry it took so long. thanks for coming out to graduation last year. keep up the good work.

Date:   4/28/2007, 9:05 am, CST
Name:   Josh Mattert
Years In CCT:   2005-present
 Sign me up Mac.

Date:   4/24/2007, 2:03 pm, CST
Name:   d huddleston
Years In CCT:   not enough
Hi Mac and CCT brothers. Checking in to say, HI! Loose shoes, cold beer and a warm place to shit, thats me. Take care all. D.


Date:   4/24/2007, 10:36 am, CST
Name:   Mr and Mrs David William Jerkins
Years In CCT:   son of William E Jerkins KIA 4 Sept 1967
 I found all of you!! I have been poking around online looking for someone who would have known about my husband's father and hasn't forgotten about him: William E Jerkins. I have read a couple of paragraphs and am still viewing your site looking for any other info. A couple of days ago I came across the CC site and the photo of the memorial plaque for the four airmen that were killed in 67. We are so excited to know that was done! That small thought was so FANTASTIC. My husband is David and really very little has been related to him about when his dad died. We have photos too and I am looking for photos or any other info about his dad.

Could you help? We would be happy to have contact with anyone that recollects anything.  Thank you .........Mrs David William Jerkins

Date:   4/24/2007, 6:07 am, CST
Name:   Thomas B. Marshall Jr
Years In CCT:   22
Please sign me up. Thanks........Tom

Date:   4/21/2007, 12:54 am, CST
Name:   Kyle Graman
Years In CCT:   Dec 05- Present
Hey Mac great site keep up the good work. God Bless.

Date:   4/18/2007, 8:50 am, CST
Name:   Bernard (Bernie) Sihsmann
Years In CCT:   1965-1967
 sign me up I need to know what's going on

Date:   4/17/2007, 8:47 pm, CST
Name:   Spencer Ernst
 Just Checking in. Looks like only blackberries and honey for you guys this year. Everything else got froze out. Take care

Date:   4/13/2007, 6:50 pm, CST
Name:   Ron Stiles
Years In CCT:   14 years
 I'm just following orders and signzing the damn book! Hu rah!!


Date:   4/6/2007, 8:42 pm, CST
Name:   EX
Years In CCT:   2006 - present
 Mac, Great meeting you, Jill and Buddy at the Fresques Home. What an awesome time. The men and I had a blast! - Eddie

Date:   4/3/2007, 3:38 am, CST
Name:   Dan Kennedy
We arrived from the Philippines 3/24/07 after spending 10 weeks. If you have a chance log on to
Click on the video and you will see one of the highlights of Annie and my trips. We made history as the first American couple to dance in the Panagbenga Parade in Baguio City. Panagbenga mmeans Flower in the Igorot language and the costumes we are wearing are that of the igorot. Just thought that maybe you could use a laugh.


Date:   3/21/2007, 7:53 am, CST
Name:   Tony Simpson
Years In CCT:   Not enough active; still in my heart.
One of the happiest times of my life was in CCT; it's still in my heart. Practicing law in Shalimar now so you know who to call when Reunion festivities get you in the Slammer. Hooyah.


Date:   3/19/2007, 1:12 pm, CST
Name:   Ray Bolinger
Years In CCT:   1985-Present
Sorry it took so long to sign in, thanks for the kick in the ass!


Date:   3/15/2007, 3:51 pm, CST
Name:   dale huddleston
Years In CCT:   not enough
Hi Mac and Jill .Thank you for being there. We love you good people. I want to purchase a Sgt Macs coin, how do we do it.

Date:   3/8/2007, 9:31 pm, CST
Name:   Terry Chapman
Years In CCT:   N/A
Hi, I finally figured out how to find your website after hearing my daughter talk about it. I am TSgt John A. Chapman’s mom. I was surprised and delighted to see pictures of Val and the girls taken at your luncheon.

Ever since we lost Johnny, I have been so touched by all the loving kindness shown to me and my family by members of the special ops family. Last year I even got a phone call out of the blue from a former CCT friend of John. He wanted to come with another former CCT to visit me. We all went out to dinner and had a very nice evening. They called again a few weeks ago and we met for lunch. It makes my heart feel so good to know that Johnny was loved by so many people and they do not forget him.

This past weekend I went to Pennsylvania with my daughter and her family to visit Johnny’s grave on the anniversary of his death. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have gone by – it still feels like yesterday. Lori and Kenny named their little boy, John Chapman Longfritz. He will celebrate his first birthday this month.

We are so very grateful for all the honors bestowed on Johnny these past few years. He would be rather embarrassed by all the attention. I would never have imagined that he would be part of our history.

If any of your site visitors have any stories or photos of Johnny to share with me and my family, we would be so appreciative. My daughter and I would like to gather as many stories as possible to put into a journal for his daughters to read when they are older. Actually, all of us would enjoy reading them.

I recently visited Val and the girls and we attended RZ’s wedding to his beautiful bride, Cathy. May they have a long, happy life together.

Thank you for having this website. It’s wonderful to see all the togetherness it promotes. I sent my love to all the special ops people!

Date:   3/7/2007, 7:46 am, CST
Name:   MSgt William D. Adams III
Years In CCT:   1991-Present
Combat Control School Instructor and OPS Sup. & CCS Historian

Date:   3/5/2007, 7:27 am, CST
Name:   George "Andy" Hale
Years In CCT:   1982-200?
Retire Mar 2008.


Date:   3/4/2007, 8:40 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   2.5-assigned to Sewart CCT 2/66-8/68
 Mac, Your site keeps getting better all the time. I keep hoping to see some of the missiong old 2nd Aerial Port guys find your web site, but maybe they are like Ronnie Holder, don't own a computer. Jerry Glass put me out on my cherry jump ( a night jump at that) at Sewart, and I put Steve Horvath and Don Mirabile out on their cherry jumps. I spoke with Don Mirabile, Jim Hiser, Art Lawrence, Skip Arnold, Moose Morris, Adam Heller, Dave McCracken, John Vohs, Bob Blowers, Gene Harris, and other 2nd Aerial Port teammates at the 50th reunion, plus I see Ben Sishman 2 or 3 times a year, but where are the others?

Date:   2/6/2007, 11:01 pm, CST
Name:   John Lee
Years In CCT:   0 (for now)
Great site! I'm not a combat controller yet, but Im joining up in march.


Date:   2/1/2007, 3:27 pm, CST
Name:   Dave McCracken's Daughter Mary Elizabeth
Years In CCT:   Not Sure (Mike M. knows...)
Hello Gang~ Some of you may have known my father, David L. McCracken. Unfortunately, last July he lost the only battle he ever lost when cancer brought his time with us to an end. Now I would love and treasure all you folks can share with me about my Dad. Tell me your stories, share old pictures, and whatever else that reminds of your time and experiences with my Dad. Please feel free to contact me via email at: Thanks so much!
~Mary Elizabeth (McCracken) Clark


Date:   1/25/2007, 3:36 pm, CST
Name:   the other hud
Years In CCT:   very enjoyable
Mac, I'll send them soon and again thanks for what you do Brother.

Date:   1/24/2007, 2:09 pm, CST
Name:   Dave Smith
Years In CCT:   18
Totally Retired and loving it. Great Site Mac....thanks for the kicks in the ass as my student advisor back in the stone age (1981)


Date:   1/23/2007, 10:15 am, CST
Name:   John Lynch
Years In CCT:   20
Just saying hello from North Field. Anyone looking for a cush job, give me a call. Thanks Mac

Date:   1/19/2007, 5:21 pm, CST
Name:   The other huddleston
Years In CCT:   not enough
Mac, lost many pics in big "D". have a few if you want. Whats a good address?

Date:   1/18/2007, 7:36 pm, CST
Name:   COLIN
Years In CCT:   6
great site!!!!!!!!!


Date:   1/17/2007, 1:13 pm, CST
Name:   Roger D ( "RD" now "Old Dog" James
Years In CCT:   7.5
 Just finished a good book that may interest some. "HUNTING THE JACKAL" Billy Waugh with Tim Keown Waugh is former SF SOG (Plank holder maybe??) that entered VN in 1962 and went to Afghanistan with the CIA & an SF group at AGE 72!!!!! Good Read! Those digital photo frames mentioned, I got two on eBay for $35 & $36 + $8ea shipping.


Date:   1/11/2007, 5:57 pm, CST
Name:   Jim Donaldson
Mac, Happy New Year to you, Jill, fellow CCTers and friends.
I look forward to visiting Sgt Mac's of these days. Meanwhile, keep up the great job!

Date:   1/8/2007, 7:05 pm, CST
Name:   Lee McGough
Years In CCT:   7andchange
Here in Mose Lake with a good AZ crew that consists of Jack Baker, James "Vinnie" Forget, Todd Madison, Mike Stevens(injured reserve), and Mark Harris (partimer). We are looking for additions

Date:   1/6/2007, 6:56 pm, CST
Name:   dale huddleston
Years In CCT:   many
Just passing thru and saying thank you Mac!


Date:   1/6/2007, 11:34 am, CST
Name:   Todd Madison
Years In CCT:   5yrs
 Doing great in Spokane, Wa. area. Working as a Code Of Conduct Instructor @ Fairchild and also an Assault Zone Controller in Moses Lake. I hope to visit Your hangout soon Mac... Thanks, Todd


Date:   1/5/2007, 8:19 pm, CST
Name:   Tim Brown
Doing great in San Antonio! Nancy & I are in real estate and look forward to hearing from more of you as the book gets back in order!
Thanks Mac!............tb

Date:   1/5/2007, 1:58 pm, CST
Name:   Charlie Mason
Years In CCT:   Yes
Mac & Jill, Thank you for your friendship, hospitality, and above all..."bringing us a little closer"....even when you made fun of our yellow Jayhawk shoes! We wish you only the best in 2007.............. Charlie & Libby

Date:   1/5/2007, 1:13 pm, CST
Name:   dale huddleston
Years In CCT:   20?
Mac, Happy New Year!!


Date:   1/5/2007, 9:33 am, CST
Name:   Jim Lundie
Years In CCT:   65-69
Mac, Thanks for maintaining this great communications channel.

Date:   1/3/2007, 2:35 pm, CST
Name:   Mike McReynolds
Years In CCT:   73-88
SgtMacsBar, Always a good time, stop in for a couple and spend the night.


Date:   1/2/2007, 3:15 pm, CST
Name:   JD Burch
Years In CCT:   24.5
 Just a new year check in. All going fair in the big Atlanta area. Passing through give me a call. Not the book so look me up. 919-801-3408


Date:   1/1/2007, 3:33 pm, CST
Name:   Hal Dufilho
Years In CCT:   3
 Mac, Happy New Year! Keep up the great work. Sgt Mac's Bar is an outstanding hangout for CCT and family/friends.


Date:   1/1/2007, 10:46 am, CST
Name:   Johnny Pantages
Years In CCT:   21
Happy 2007 New Year to you Mac and all the guys at the bar. Thank you for making it easier to keep track of old friends. PantagesJ@ArrowMaker.Com