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Entry of Jan 01, 2006 at 24:00 [EST]
From: Mike McReynolds -

Comments about the web site: Comments about the web site: A year's past; we've had some good times and we had some bad, but through it all, we've had each other and the support shown for those we love has made us stronger.   I join my friend, Bill Frankenberger, and tell all to "LiveStrong!" as my CCS Classleader, David Wilson has defied the odds and continues to live life as if he's dying, while Dave McCracken continues his battle.  SgtMacsBar Caribbean Cruise was fantastic and if you weren't able to join us, you can check out the excitement at CCT Photo Gallery 45   My favorite times this year were shared with you and I hope you were able to make it to the reunion.  Please put Veterans Day weekend on your calendar for the 2006 reunion.

As we all get older, we realize life is limited and what you put off for another day may be too late.  We lost a lot of good people last year and this year won't be any different.  SgtMacsBar mission is "To Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer" and I need your assistance to complete the mission.  Without you, SgtMacsBar would cease to exist.

Dick Sigman's death is a great loss to CCT and SgtMacsBar is built around his dreams. Dick had the foresight to start the Combat Control Association which is the backbone of our Brotherhood.  The CCA continues to bring us together yearly and I ask all of you to give Larry Lower and the CCA all of your support.   Dick's dreams live on and SgtMacsBar supports those dreams through your memories......... Send pictures!

Entry of Jan 01, 2006 at 04:59 [EST]
From: Stewart W. Arington -

Comments about the web site: I stumbled across this web site a few weeks ago. The pictures brought back a lot of memories. Those were the 'best days of my life' at the 1723rd SOCCT & the 23rd STS. Junior Anderson & (Dr.)Bo Bowling are the only people I have kept in touch with, thanks to their phone calls. Today I am living in south western New Mexico in a small town called Deming. Thanks for such a great web site.

Entry of Jan 01, 2006 at 07:19 [EST]
From: Johnny Pantages -

Comments about the web site: Mac, Thank You for another year of SgtMacsBar. Every year more and more of the people I care most about are slipping away; but, because of you I can keep in contact with those that are still around. Thank you and Happy New Year. Johnny

Entry of Jan 01, 2006 at 17:45 [EST]
From: Zeke Dewey -

Comments about the web site: Would love to hear from Bob Bieber and John Drozdowski

Entry of Jan 01, 2006 at 21:01 [EST]
From: Erle Eikman -

Comments about the web site: I am LaMar Eikman's brother. I have suffered from depression since I was a teen, and I know a great deal about this illness. I suffered to a much larger degree from the illness than LaMar, and I warned him repeatedly that Air Force doctors are incompetent.

Entry of Jan 02, 2006 at 13:04 [EST]
From: Brian Hall -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Jan 02, 2006 at 20:04 [EST]
From: Steve Farnum -

Comments about the web site: Hey Mac, great job keep up the fine work. SF

Entry of Jan 02, 2006 at 21:04 [EST]
From: Rick Cheek -

Comments about the web site: Hey Mac, just wanted to check in for the new year. Last year actually turned out to be a pretty good year, guess my life sort of stabled out. (may even be getting married soon myself....jeez, did I just say that?) Anyway, think I got on here for the first time last March and since then have talked to a lot of old teammates...Bill Frankenberger, Roy Jordan, John Koren, Ed Pound, Archie Hickerson, Pat O'neill and more. Still looking for Gene Brown, ex Special Forces, came over to USAF/CCT in 1976, I think, then went to either Charleston or Pope. Anybody know where he's at? Good site, keep up the good work....Rick

Entry of Jan 02, 2006 at 21:38 [EST]
From: Ken Seeger -

Comments about the web site: life is good .enjoy checking this website ,keep it going .

Entry of Jan 05, 2006 at 20:33 [EST]
From: dylan neitenbach -

Comments about the web site: just wanted to say hi to my uncle Jerry Neitenbach

Entry of Jan 06, 2006 at 17:24 [EST]
From: Todd Madison -

Comments about the web site: Hey Mac, love the website. CCT @ little Rock 1990's. Doing great working for TATE inc. @ FAFB and AIC @ Moses Lake, Wa. Thanks, Todd

Entry of Jan 07, 2006 at 14:17 [EST]
From: Mike Ramos -

Comments about the web site: Mac, Thanks for the good work..keep it up. I know all of the CCA guys and you are doing their best to get all the news out. Sorry I haven’t been to the web site much, I am not much for the web except at work (I think I get more than I really need at work...hahaha) No excuse, great stuff on the web site and awesome opportunity to contact other controllers. thx again v/r rs...

Entry of Jan 12, 2006 at 21:31 [EST]
From: Brad S. Baxter -

Comments about the web site: Hey, what does it take to get a beer around here......

Entry of Jan 16, 2006 at 15:43 [EST]
From: Don Strobaugh -

Comments about the web site: Enjoyed your meanderings. It's always good to hear about men that I haven't heard from in many years. I was sorry to hear about Bill Swope and John Fuller. We served together in CCT at several places during the 1950's and 1960's.

Entry of Jan 17, 2006 at 18:27 [EST]
From: Cesar A. 'Tony' Urenda -

Comments about the web site: Compadre's! I am alive and well! Kay and I just moved back to the Florida panhandle area three weeks ago; living in Niceville, FL. For the past nine years we lived in the Rochester, NY, finger lake region. A great place to live but dam cold during those eight long winter months! I believe during the winter I was the lone Mexican in Western New York! As for the family, Kay and I have been married for 39-years! Hoo-yah! Our oldest son, Lance, who was a CCTer with the 24th STS, retired from the AF! I know many of you that have know Lance since he was a young boy must feel as old as I do! :) Our other boys Mike, Toby and David live in the Ft. Walton Beach area too, along with our seven grandchildren. Our youngest son, Rocky or as Craig Brotchie calls him--'The Rock', lives in NY. We are looking forward to see many friends who live along the Emerald Coast. FYI: I no longer work for Harris RF Comm. I now work for 'McDowell Research', a small company out of Waco, TX, selling power supplies for Manpack radios, power amplifiers and configuring a number of DOD customer unique communication transit cases, base stations and comm pallets. My customer base will be SOF and 3/4 of the AF. While employed with Harris, I once again worked for my old CCT supervisor and good friend, Nick Genes (CMSgt Ret)! A great mentor and one hell of a sales man! We had the best dam sales force at Harris RF Comm! Hoo-yah! He and I left Harris within two weeks of each other. We just needed a change. Nick and Wanda needed to get back to the Black Hills of SD. I needed a warmer location! Kay and I hope to run into many of you downrange. Stay healthy! Hoo-yah! TONY and Kay

Entry of Jan 20, 2006 at 12:21 [EST]
From: Zach Sanderson -

Comments about the web site: I really enjoyed your webpage. I am going to take my past test for CCT in February and i was just looking to see how much fun i was going to have. If you will, email me and i want to talk to you about some of this stuff. thanks zach

Entry of Jan 20, 2006 at 18:21 [EST]
From: don kantner -

Comments about the web site: Awesome site. I went through CCS class 82-3, then over to Clark AB. I was there only from 8/82- 9/83, then I managed to get myself discharged( not willingly). I don't know if any of the guys I was with even remember me, but I've never forgotten any of you. The best group of men it has ever been my priviledge to know. I just want to say hi and thanks Mac for a great site.

Entry of Jan 22, 2006 at 17:43 [EST]
From: Bill Massengill -

Comments about the web site: Just crusing by to see old friends names and catch up on what is happening. Those who know me, drop a line, those who don't know mw, drop a line anyway!! ML

Entry of Jan 25, 2006 at 11:48 [EST]
From: Al Avalo -

Comments about the web site: OK I'll sign the book.......Mac, I continue to serve here at McChord celebrating my 22nd year at the squadron. I now enjoy my life as the ATC Instructor Guru for the unit. Not sure were all the active duty time went though. Mac, thanks for all the enjoyment and information you provide through your site. Please continue the great work! Thanx!!!

Entry of Jan 25, 2006 at 14:54 [EST]
From: Pat Barnett -

Comments about the web site: After 3 years as the only "CCT guy" at the 6th SOS, stomping around the jungles of Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Colombia and a few other places (okay, it was pretty damn fun) I am happy to be back with my teammates at the 22d STS. Great website Mac, keep it up! BT

Entry of Jan 25, 2006 at 21:25 [EST]
From: Hubert "Don" Donaldson -

Comments about the web site: Don is so glad to keep up with everyone. This past year he had to go on dialysis for kidney failure due to his diabetis. This year in a few months in fact he will be getting a kidney from our son. The wheels are rolling for the process, and after a few more test we think everything will be a go. Our son is a match. Do keep him in your pray- ers.

Entry of Jan 26, 2006 at 06:28 [EST]
From: Rob Somer -

Comments about the web site: Great website! I really enjoyed looking at all the photos, damn everyone is looking old, keep up the good work. We have quite a few guys down here in Tampa, so if you need anything from us just drop us a line. Thanks!

Entry of Jan 26, 2006 at 19:38 [EST]
From: Doug Kimme AKA: Kilo Echo -

Comments about the web site: Mac & Jill, Sorry I missed the 2005 reunion and didn't get to see you guys ! Hopefully I can make the next one. Have a GREAT 2006 !!! Beers later.....KE

Entry of Jan 31, 2006 at 14:22 [EST]
From: ron stanford -

Comments about the web site: i was with lou brabham in dalat rvn, 67-68 and i was in aerial delivery at travis afb (66-67, 68-69), with lou and a few others.(jenkins, art john, hooper, burr, can't remember all of them, the aerial delivery team is having a reunion this year in july, if you run accross any of the A.D. guys send them my way. i also have a few pictures (somewhere)some of lou at dalat, and some of travis, and the drop zone in el centro and sacramento. (some of which lou may not want to be published, i remember one of which lou was singing), but if i can find them i will post them here.

Entry of Feb 03, 2006 at 15:23 [EST]
From: ron stanford -

Comments about the web site: well, i got around to looking at most all the pictures on this site, really brings back some good memories, some sad, i saw where lew brabham had passed, i was really wanting to talk with him, we spent a lot of time together in rvn. we were involved in a few short fire fights and had more than a few drinks together. sure going to miss him. i found a couple of the pictures i have, where can i send them so you can copy them? i will find more of them to send later. i have a few hundred slides of the drop zones and the section at travis afb. i sent an e-mail to allen hooper,i hope it was the right e-mail address, i guess he is still married to rose. i am still married to lana (k) 38 yrs, she was a waf at travis also. if this is to long just delete it. it's a really nice site to visit. thanks again for the memories............

Entry of Feb 09, 2006 at 11:03 [EST]
From: Lori Longfritz -

Comments about the web site: My brother was TSgt John Chapman and my husband, Kenny, is former First Sgt of the 24th. We met after John's death and feel God and John had something to do with us meeting. We miss John terribly and are damn proud of him (always have been). We wish all CCTers and their families the very best and keep them in our prayers. I love your site! God bless America!

Entry of Feb 14, 2006 at 17:02 [EST]
From: Ruth Abee -

Comments about the web site: Think you are doing a great job getting the news out about the Combat Controllers. I'm the widow of Charles N. Abee who passed away March 16, 2005. I really did appreciate all the e-mails I received when Charles went to be with the Lord. The Combat Control group just became our family. We've been around the world with a lot of them. Spent about 50 years with most of them that were in the 2nd Aerial Port Sqdn.

Entry of Feb 16, 2006 at 14:43 [EST]
From: Rick Curry -

Comments about the web site: CCS weather instructor at Little Rock 69-73

Entry of Feb 19, 2006 at 10:52 [EST]
From: jen snow -

Comments about the web site: Great web site! Appreciate the invite to check it out - A big Hooyah to the Mighty 23 - it is an honor to support you guys!

Entry of Feb 20, 2006 at 10:57 [EST]
From: David Sulak -

Comments about the web site: Love the site. Had a smile seeing some names from the past and I had many memories going thru my mind. Keep up the great work and thank you for doing this. I travel quite a bit and look forward to getting my picture taken at the bar. Sulak

Entry of Feb 21, 2006 at 03:30 [EST]
From: R. Wilhelm -

Comments about the web site: Great job on the disc for Jen. We were drinkin' Bud's down at Alex's "Evil's Inn" back in '98. "Hoo Ya" Learned that at Little Creek Amphib Base back in '71 from Instructor Swartz. thanks again

Entry of Feb 21, 2006 at 20:39 [EST]
From: Roger (RD) D. ("OldDog") James -

Comments about the web site: Mac, It's been a long (Long, Long, Long)time since I signz the book. Still kickin', you already know that Sheila and I are planning on visiting either on our way or on the way back from Corpus Christi in April (leaving WI April 1). A lot depends on the Wx. I must be getting old, I actually haven't ridden much this year (I believe if you live in WI and ride a MC, you have to ride in the snow and winter), it's been mild but the Beemer is just patiently waiting for me to get off my ass. Sheila had back surgery before we got married in Nov. and she gets pissed if I take the scoot out without her. You know, but any of the guys who might be interested don't, I BECAME "GRAMPS" ON 2/15/'06. Let's see now,....... I'm now Roger (RD) D. ("OldDog") "Gramps" Dumbshit, AssHole James. Yeah that pretty much covers it. Seriously, I am humbled by what I hear about the guys nowadays, and I am grateful to you beyond measure, for all you do in keeping us together. "Love Ya, Man!!!"

Entry of Feb 27, 2006 at 18:03 [EST]
From: Betty Rankin -

Comments about the web site: I have visited often and decided to sign in. It's great to see the pix and videos of all our CCT family. I have so many pix and will get them scanned and sent to SgtMac'sBar. I've enjoyed seeing and reading about so many of my friends. Keep up this great site. I'm proud to be part of this CCT family for over 20+ years. Betty sends

Entry of Mar 03, 2006 at 17:09 [EST]
From: John Fargason -

Comments about the web site: Nice site! Been making commo w/LTC(Ret) Don Horton and swapping photos. He checked into our site (www, for photos of Bong Son - was XO of A114 1st SF '65-'66 when he ran CCT in II Corps. Chief John

Entry of Mar 05, 2006 at 22:09 [EST]
From: TSgt Brent A. Riffel -

Comments about the web site: I am a friend of SSgt Scott Sather. Had some good memories with the guy, and am glad I found this site. I have put together a speech dedicated to Scott for the Non-Commissioned Officer's Academy I am now attending. I have not found a contact email address, but if you could provide one I have a class picture I would like to submit from '97 back when Scott and I were in Airman Leadership School. Scott was our class leader, and was the recipient of the John Levitow award.

Entry of Mar 06, 2006 at 17:43 [EST]
From: Greg Walsh -

Comments about the web site: Well Mike... I figured that I held out on you long enough... so I FINALLY signed on! I was sad to hear about Mr. Dick Sigman, he was a pioneer and an outstanding man. I wish I could have met him more than once. I'm looking forward to seeing you and Jill again, whenever that may be, and having a beer or five. : ) I'll be in touch... Greg Walsh

Entry of Mar 07, 2006 at 19:39 [EST]
From: Weneisom Chris Landstrom -

Comments about the web site: I am not someone you know but I was on the internet looking for more info on CCT and then I found this and 20 y/o I WANT TO BE CCT !!!

Entry of Mar 11, 2006 at 14:41 [EST]
From: Bob Eubank -

Comments about the web site: Back to visit once again. CCT 304 type 67-75, still in Alaska and see Tom Laney occasionally, spent Christmas with Walter Smith a few years ago. Lots of memories of some really great men. Thanks for keeping us all in touch. Bob

Entry of Mar 23, 2006 at 19:14 [EST]
From: Nick and Sherry Fresques -

Comments about the web site: Thank you for everything you do to keep alive the memories of our son, Capt Jeremy Fresques, KIA Iraq 5-30-05.

Entry of Mar 24, 2006 at 13:26 [EST]
From: James Forget -

Comments about the web site: CCT 1986 - 2001 Currently working as an Assault Zone Operator in Moses Lake. Cool Site! Nice Bike!

Entry of Mar 24, 2006 at 17:18 [EST]
From: Tim Thompson -

Comments about the web site: I'm doing fine here in New York. Grooming my son to be a future STS man. All The Way and Then Some!

Entry of Mar 25, 2006 at 17:47 [EST]
From: jack sweatman -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Apr 16, 2006 at 15:42 [EST]
From: Judy W. Karr -

Comments about the web site: Just lonely on a Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to the mini reuinion in Nashville. See you soon.

Entry of Apr 20, 2006 at 16:27 [EST]
From: Ruby L Karmann -

Comments about the web site: We lost my brother, Richard L. Karmann, this last christmas morning and I came across your memorial to him, on the internet. Thank you for remembering him. We were very proud of him in all that he did in the service and in his life. His son is serving also overseas now in the Air Force, carrying on in his fathers footsteps. Thank you. Ruby Karmann

Entry of Apr 20, 2006 at 16:57 [EST]


Entry of Apr 27, 2006 at 09:41 [EST]
From: larry palmer -

Comments about the web site: i will no longer have this e-mail after 4/28/06--i will get back with you with a new e-mail asap--thanks for sgtmacsbar i can't thank you enough for it--i had dropped out for a long time, this has really brought back great memories of my cct years & my cct brothers-- thanks again--lp

Entry of May 17, 2006 at 15:48 [EST]
From: Robert "Mouse" Thomas -

Comments about the web site: Mac, Great website...keep up the good work!!!!

New GuestBook Starts Here

Date:      5/26/2006, 8:47 am, CST
Name:      Mike McReynolds
Years In CCT:      1973-1977

Spam Terrorist chased me out of my last GuestBook, however I won the war. I invited them all in and while they were celebrating, I obliterated the old GuestBook and destroyed the terrorist. New security measures have been implemented and terrorist are identified and destroyed immediately…..
SgtMacsBar is for you and you are SgtMacsBar! SgtMacsBar is built around your experiences and feats that defy reality. It’s about pushing yourself beyond reason and accomplishing the impractical. It’s about those people that share your pain as you endure the strains of “mission accomplished”, living life on the edge. It’s about the sacrifices you share and the bonds that formed, connecting you to your Teammates……. The
Help “Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer” and let us know how you’re doing….. Signz The Book Old Man!

Date:      5/26/2006, 5:49 pm, CST
Name:      NBCsupertrooperrooper
Years In CCT:      N/A

I'm USAF, but not CCT (couldn't volunteer for Indoc without depth perception), but I thought I'd drop note to let you know that I enjoyed looking through your site.

Combat Controllers and all in the Special Tactics community have done an outstanding amount to further the warfighting capabilities of the USAF over the years, and it was wonderful to see so much of that history on your pages, in addition to the current contributions of these warriors.
Thank you; we'll all be thinking of those fallen on Memorial Day.

Date:      6/1/2006, 3:33 pm, CST
Name:      Steve Williams
Years In CCT:      England LA, Lockbourne, Little Rock, CCK, Dyess

I guess this makes me active duty again in the war on spam terrorists.

Date:      6/3/2006, 2:03 am, CST
Name:      Joey Powell
Years In CCT:      Started training 2.5 years ago

SGT MAC...your Katrina video is on the way soon...we had to get more copies made...let me know if you need anymore support from the men of the 123STS/CCT

Date:      6/14/2006, 3:42 am, CST
Name:      Brandi

Hi, Sgt. Mac!

Date:      7/17/2006, 7:50 pm, CST
Name:      Bart Decker
Years In CCT:      20

Signed in!!

Date:      7/18/2006, 9:51 pm, CST
Name:      alan hottel
Years In CCT:      18

Signed in, looking for high paying job 10 figures, with little work lots of free time

Date:      7/25/2006, 1:11 pm, CST
Name:      Ron Bible
Years In CCT:      3


Date:      7/25/2006, 2:16 pm, CST
Name:      Walter Dutton
Years In CCT:      00 - almost!

I was close friends with CCT in Nam at 8th APS, in particular TSgt Tom K., MSgt Floyd Loveland, and others. Ran with, drank with them. 1969 & 1971-1972. Went to ATC school afterwards then applied for CCT. After ATC went TDY to Benning for Jump School but then was medically taken off flight status and back to old career track. Helped send guys & equipment for Oct 73 Israeli war. . Applied for early out in Palace Chase months later. I still miss it. Am writing fiction works on CCT and am nonfiction published author, former cop, lawyer of 24 yrs, and teach at univ & colleges nearby in San Diego area. Would like to hear from the 8th APS CCT guys.
I hope to write a CCT history book and am looking for 8th APS CCT guys to support and back me on that project. Also am teaching a "war-time and combat memoir writing class" at Cal State Univ. Will be offering it free on-line very soon. The Harlequin CCT books crack me up - great work by them. Heard Floyd died in '92.

Date:      7/27/2006, 6:52 am, CST
Name:      Julie
Years In CCT:      n/a

Hey Hummin Jill and Mac. Really enjoy all the pictures keep them coming.

Date:      7/27/2006, 9:35 am, CST
Name:      John McGarry
Years In CCT:      17

Greetings from Ft.Walton Beach.

Date:      7/28/2006, 9:15 am, CST
Name:      Steve "Easy" Wassinger
Years In CCT:      '68-'71

I hooked up with a guy from Sewart AFB off this list. I'd like to hook up with anyone
in Nam '70-'71. Eddo [Mop] if you're still out there, call "Boy".

Date:      7/28/2006, 5:19 pm, CST
Name:      Arthur Palaian
Years In CCT:      See Message in Text

CCT Class # 69-3. CCT for 2.5 years then sent to Nam as a FAC for 13 months. Then sent stateside for 5 months. Hope I WASN'T a better FAC than a CCT. Thank God for the training.

Date:      7/30/2006, 4:45 pm, CST
Name:      Walt W. Willis, LM 047

Greetings, Just checking in. Thought I'd sign the book for a change.  Mac, keep up your good work.

Date:      7/31/2006, 8:46 am, CST
Name:      Jeff Clemens
Years In CCT:      5

Did CCT from 00-05 and now I'm out and about in the real world. Pursuing my dreams as a cartoonist/comic book artist and that's my life at the moment. Well, as long as I'm not glued to the seat of my Harley or chasing women. Ha!

Date:      7/31/2006, 7:14 pm, CST
Name:      Don Whitman
Years In CCT:      Five

I was the first radio maintenance guy at the hill, your e mail address was passed on to me by Ray Jay Heath after the 25th reunion last Saturday in Fayetteville.

Date:      8/9/2006, 10:53 am, CST
Name:      Lou Cortese
Years In CCT:      1966-1970

In the photo gallery, CCT #14, my name is misspelled, not Cortez, but Cortese.

Date:      8/22/2006, 8:33 am, CST
Name:      Shad Babb
Years In CCT:      7

JDParsons made me do it.

Date:      8/23/2006, 5:29 am, CST
Name:      Rich Burrell
Years In CCT:      3

My greatest honor has been serving the STS community.

Date:      8/23/2006, 10:06 am, CST
Name:      Andy Baillie
Years In CCT:      7

It's been along time, 17 years; hope to get back in touch.

Date:      8/25/2006, 4:19 pm, CST
Name:      Rick Cheek
Years In CCT:      3

Hi Mac, just checking in. Still trying to get some free time to make your Fun Raiser next month. Also, still trying to find Gene Brown, ex Special Forces, came over to SAF/CCT in 1976. After CCS, went to either Pope or Charleston. Anybody know where he's at?? Want to say Hi to all the guys I was with at Norton in the late 70's.

Date:      8/27/2006, 10:38 am, CST
Name:      Timothy Sullivan
Years In CCT:      20

I attended CMSgt Paul "Vinnie" Venturella's (VA) retirement ceremony last Friday where they awarded him the Legion of Merit! Very nicely done VA. It was cool to see so many faces I haven't seen in years.
Also had a ceremony at the CCS in honor of Adam Servais (sp) and of course memorial pushups in his honor as well.
Thanks for your work Mac……………Sully

Date:      9/2/2006, 10:22 am, CST
Name:      Bill White
Years In CCT:      16

Hoo-Yah Team!

Date:      9/5/2006, 7:08 pm, CST
Name:      Rick Curry


Date:      9/6/2006, 10:45 am, CST
Name:      Wes Cagle
Years In CCT:      0

I have been a MH-53 Pavelow weapons team leader since 2001. I have been on multiple deployments with many a Controller. I was just surfing the web and came across your page. Its one hell of a page! Thanks for all you have done and thanks for the Servais page as well. He was a friend of mine. I met him through Jeff Clemens.

Date:      9/6/2006, 8:51 pm, CST
Name:      Joe Edwards
Years In CCT:      9

Hey all, just checking in. Hope to see a bunch of you at Mac's "Fun Raiser" in a couple of weeks. Be there!  Thanks, Mac, for all you do.

Date:      9/8/2006, 12:09 pm, CST
Name:      Keith Hewes
Years In CCT:      10

JD Parsons made me do it.

Date:      9/16/2006, 4:43 pm, CST
Name:      jason stee
Years In CCT:      LEAVE 4 BASIC OCT. 3


Date:      9/19/2006, 10:19 am, CST
Name:      ron stanford
Years In CCT:      in aerial delivery

thanks for the help from allen hooper and bill burr, we found some more A.D. guys. we had our travis afb aerial deliver team reunion in july. it was a good turn out for such a small group of guys.  we are still looking for guys that were in A.D. at travis from 1965 to 1969. thanks again. we always enjoyed working with cct at travis and in vietnam. thanks mac for the site.

Date:      9/22/2006, 11:37 pm, CST
Name:      Brian Douglas
Years In CCT:      1981-1985

Man does this site bring back memories, old names, faces, one ex-brother-in-law (hey Avalo). Mac you were an instructor when I went thru CCS, haven't changed a bit. Keep up the great work!

Date:      9/24/2006, 2:19 pm, CST
Name:      Ralph Thomas
Years In CCT:      1979-1984/463d TAw-Dyess 1984-1990 1722nd CCS McChord

Mac: Hope this is okay for email. Great get-to-gather. ….Ralph

Date:      9/26/2006, 5:45 pm, CST
Name:      Andy Baillie
Years In CCT:      7

Thanks for the great time last weekend.

Date:      9/26/2006, 9:31 pm, CST
Name:      Greg
Years In CCT:      0.1

I'm finally here!!! Woo Hoo! I missed Mac's Open House b/c of surgery... I know it's not a great excuse, but Mac... I'll make it up to you. My hat is off to all of the Sgt Mac's Bar members who support him and what he does for us. Mike and Jill, you guys kick ass and I hope to see you when you come down to FL………….Greg W.

Date:      9/26/2006, 9:59 pm, CST
Name:      Mike Stockdale
Years In CCT:      13

Mac, I was at the CCS graduation and I'll sign your guest book. I would of signed it there but I couldn't get you to put the shots down long enough to show me where it was at brother! Me and Eddie Howard are receiving those scurvy dogs to AST on 10OCT, I'll pass on the link to the guestbook. I'm sure they just forgot it trying to drink down that $1,000 tab. By the way, the secret code that night at the bar to get in on the CCT tab was "Some Shit". It was nice to get to meet your "better half" at the graduation. Thanks for all you do brother and keep on link us new guys up with the legends!  EOM    SK

Date:      9/26/2006, 11:27 pm, CST
Name:      Gordy Swayze
Years In CCT:      1969 until 1978

Glad to see that my CCT brothers are aging well. These are some great pics!!!

Date:      9/27/2006, 5:14 pm, CST
Name:      Spencer D. Ernst,Sr
Years In CCT:      as long as possible

Mac: Anytime you are in the neighborhood ... again thank you

Date:      9/27/2006, 7:26 pm, CST
Name:      Joe Edwards
Years In CCT:      9

Hey, Mac; Thanks again to you and Jill for the "Fun Raiser" last weekend. Took a lot of work on your part and I appreciate it...and give my thanks also to your great neighbors, Tom and his wife.

Date:      9/28/2006, 5:10 pm, CST
Name:      Pete and Sue Servais

Hi to all CCT; We are SrAm Adam Servais parents who was KIA on 8-19-06 in Afghanistan.  Just want to say how grateful we are for everyone's support. Adam truly loved being a Controller. We will be heading to the CCA reunion in FL in November and the memorial for Adam.

Date:      9/29/2006, 6:45 pm, CST
Name:      Don Kantner
Years In CCT:      82 - 83

Just checking in to see what's going on. Sorry to see the news about Adam Servais. My prayers are with his family. God bless the CCT. God bless America.

Date:      10/1/2006, 3:17 am, CST
Name:      Johnell
Years In CCT:      Spouse

If you learn how to spell my name I will sign Ze Book. Had a great time, always feel like family when we visit.  When is the next fishing trip, clean up your boat…JOHNELL & Floyd

Date:      10/3/2006, 4:17 pm, CST
Name:      Spencer Ernst

How is Ron Bible and his lady doing??

Date:      10/6/2006, 10:58 am, CST
Name:      John & Silvia Drozdowski
Years In CCT:      13

We were on a mission of our own while all of you were having your fun. We had fun too, another family type reunion in Switzerland. Glad to hear those who did participate had a great time, look for us to attend sometime in the future..thanks Mac & Jill for all that you do..Ski & Silvia

Date:      10/8/2006, 4:43 pm, CST
Name:      Doug Kimme
Years In CCT:      76-79

Mac & Jill; Had a GREAT time at the Fun Raiser! You guys did a wonderful job and I can't wait till the next one!  Thanks!!!!

Date:      10/9/2006, 7:03 am, CST
Name:      Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:      1969-1976

Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you. Annie and I had such a wonderful time in August visiting you. Took 16 hours to drive from Buffalo NY to Columbia, MO and it was well worth the trip. Just want to say that you and Jill are wonderful hosts. Thanks for having us. We are planning to leave shortly for the Philippines so if you have any requests, please get them to us. We will be touring the entire country for about 10 weeks. Oh and building a house there too.

Date:      10/14/2006, 8:26 pm, CST
Name:      Brian Douglas
Years In CCT:      81-85

Mizwho? Gig'em Aggies!!

Date:      10/16/2006, 8:34 pm, CST
Name:      Mike and Michelle
Years In CCT:      10

We loved meeting/hanging with both of you at the Sept 2006 CCT graduation, and we look forward to seeing you again! The site is awesome from the old to the new pictures. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Date:      10/18/2006, 7:27 am, CST
Name:      Tim Howze
Years In CCT:      5 yrs.

Rigger on the hill (82-87).  Great Site Mac. Great to see some old faces.  Retired in Cocoa Beach, riding my Harley.  Hope everyone is well.

Date:      10/18/2006, 8:57 pm, CST
Name:      Rod "Zeke" Dewey
Years In CCT:      1968 - 1977

Still alive and "hunting". Would like to connect with Bill Lacer.

Date:      10/18/2006, 9:16 pm, CST
Name:      CharlieM.
Years In CCT:      5

Mac & Jill, My brain now working normally after the Fun Raiser! Awesome time, awesome food and of course Awesome People! Thank you for all you do Bro.              EOM

Date:      10/19/2006, 9:54 am, CST
Name:      Robert G. Cleghorn
Years In CCT:      Oct 1956 to Oct 1960

new email address!

Date:      10/19/2006, 7:38 pm, CST
Name:      Mark Kling
Years In CCT:      1997-2005

Hello, brother!

Date:      10/23/2006, 12:18 pm, CST
Name:      Jim Justice Jr.
Years In CCT:      1966 - 1970

Hey Mac, Consider me back in the fold. I have been in Texas and Louisiana working with Wackenhut during the Katrina, Rita efforts. Just got done reading your update on fallen brothers. I am so sorry to see that the list has grown so much since I last checked. Richard Karman and I served together at Forbes. My heart goes out to his family and all the other family's of those we have lost. I talked to K. B. Duncan a few months ago after 36 years. We found each other in part because of your website. I still talk with Greg Harmon and Art Lawrence from time to time and visited with Art and Ruby and their family last year. Keep up the great work Mac, we need you! .. Airborne, Jim Justice Jr.

Date:      10/26/2006, 11:27 am, CST
Name:      Vroman
Years In CCT:      0.1

Hey you crazy old man; thanks for coming to graduation and for taking some good pictures with the guys while watching me get hammered!

Date:      10/26/2006, 11:34 am, CST
Name:      Alan Abraham
Years In CCT:      0.1

Hey thanks for coming to the graduation and getting to know us. The other team is a day late and a dollar shorts, but Lt. Walsh said he was going to shoot us in the face with a 45 if we didn't sign your guest book. CHEEERS!!!!!

Date:      10/26/2006, 11:51 am, CST
Name:      Stephen Densmore
Years In CCT:      1

Had a great time at graduation w/ you and your wife. Keep up the great work w/ the site, look forward to seein ya down the road.

Date:      10/28/2006, 5:06 pm, CST
Name:      Michael P. Fazio
Years In CCT:      2

My buddy Greg Walsh made me sign your guest book. I like the site and gotta get my ass in your bar and my hands on some beers. A coin would be sweet too.

Date:      10/31/2006, 3:37 pm, CST
Name:      Queen

Hey! Bible Update=He's doing ok....still handsome. Has staph infection in foot but luckily is a treatable strain. The rest of his parts are healing well. Docs to decide tomorrow whether he needs another surgery on his ankle or gets to come home for a while so I can spoil him so more. He's in pretty good spirits though...Hey Mac...yes, he's still drooling. Love ya and hope to see you guys soon. Thanks to all who have called and wished him well. He enjoys the calls. Current # at hospital is 573-771-9478. Cell is 573-230-3457 but he hasn't figured out how to set up his voice mail so good luck with that! Talk to you all soon.

Date:      11/1/2006, 1:00 pm, CST
Name:      Toni (a/k/a Queen)

Bible just called and is being discharged from hospital later today! Great news.... Keep fingers crossed. I guess I'll have to start being nice to him now.  Later.

Date:      11/1/2006, 10:02 pm, CST
Name:      Dan & Annie Kennedy
Years In CCT:      1969-76

Mac and Jill, First, let me say THANKS for letting Annie and I visit with you. I fulfilled one of my life goals. You 2 are now very dear to us. Secondly, our kids have insisted we wait until the year's out before we visit the PI. As for the reunion, hopefully next time. I'm still not over the effects of this stroke. Everyday there is progress but then ...well I'm working at it. In a very BIG way you helped me. We'll keep in touch.

Date:      11/2/2006, 8:13 am, CST
Name:      Phil Calvert
Years In CCT:      Friend of Operator

I just heard that an old friend of mine, Bob Kerr cross trained into CCT from ECM. I knew Bob at RAF Bentwaters. We used to go the car races a lot with Pete Harrison. If Bob reads this or anyone that knows him, drop me a line at

Date:      11/6/2006, 7:15 pm, CST
Name:      Dan Cook
Years In CCT:      3 months

It was great to finally meet you Mac. Thanks for coming to our CCS Graduation!

Date:      11/6/2006, 8:56 pm, CST
Name:      dwight newmoyer
Years In CCT:      trainee

hey sir i'd like to thank for showing up at our ccs graduation in september and i'd also like to thank you for the sgtmacsbar coin....hooyah

Date:      11/6/2006, 9:06 pm, CST
Name:      John Houston
Years In CCT:      1

Hey Mac, i had a great time drinkin with you at our graduation. I look forward to doing it again soon!

Date:      11/12/2006, 2:48 pm, CST
Name:      Justin James
Years In CCT:      Dec 05- present

I look forward to making more memories.

Date:      11/18/2006, 4:44 pm, CST
Name:      richard (baby) helton
Years In CCT:      4yrs

thanks for a great weekend next year ill be up for the party

Date:      11/22/2006, 5:41 am, CST
Name:      Terry Harris
Years In CCT:      80-93

The stuff you find by accident

Date:      11/24/2006, 9:38 pm, CST
Name:      John & Silvia
Years In CCT:      12

We have plenty to be thankful for. Charlie Jones is high on the priority list, the best to Sugie and all of those who continue to dedicate their lives for our freedom

Date:      12/8/2006, 12:02 pm, CST
Name:      Gregory Navickas
Years In CCT:      0.2

Hey Mac, thanks for the coin... Lt Walsh told me he would slit my throat if I didn't do this within the next 24 hours. So here ya go!     Hoo-yah!     Greg Navickas

Date:      12/8/2006, 2:18 pm, CST
Name:      Roneisa Matero

Hi, I just wanted to say Hi to everyone. We miss all of you very much and hope that everyone is having a great holiday season. We are doing well, the kids are growing up fast. Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, Mac thanks for the pendant. I love it. I will send the pictures of Chris soon. I haven't forgotten, and I hope no one has forgotten him.  Just in case anyone wants to contact me and the kids. We would love to hear from you.

My love to all, God Bless,
Roneisa Matero
(Mo's Wife)
Christopher A. Matero

Date:      12/8/2006, 4:29 pm, CST
Name:      Mason Mathews
Years In CCT:      3 months

Sgt Mac You sat next to me at the Graduation dinner and I took a picture of your tat on your calf. Anyways sorry it took so long to say thanks for everything you do and will continue to do for my new family (CCT). Oh ya, Lt Greg Walsh was at our table too. Darn shame what happened to that guy. Breaks his leg and has been gaining weight ever since. He seems to be enjoying his new found 240+ lbs though. He was in the pool the other day for the first time and I thought Carmen from South Park was doing his beef cake impression. I know that he is reading this right now and is smiling as are you because while you are reading this a small alien has just finished making out with your hand and you know as well as I do that you enjoyed it because you are still smiling.

P.S.Thanks for the coin and the pics being on your site.

Date:      12/10/2006, 10:26 pm, CST
Name:      Sugie Jones

I just want to say thank you to all for your kindness, love and most importantly, your prayers for Charlie and I during his illness. I now ask that you remember me in your prayers. Charlie is now in Heaven where he received his complete healing from cancer. God bless you all!             Sugie Jones

Date:      12/11/2006, 10:11 am, CST
Name:      Kenny Longfritz
Years In CCT:      N/A

I was the first sergeant for the 24 STS from May 1999 to December 2002. It was arguably the best 3 1/2 years of my entire Air Force career. I will never forget my experiences there and the things I learned from so many guys that I believe are some of the most consummate professionals that I've ever had the pleasure of working with/for. It was a privilege being their first sergeant.

Date:      12/14/2006, 2:00 pm, CST
Name:      dale huddleston
Years In CCT:      not enough

Mac, thank you for being there for us all.

Date:      12/15/2006, 3:55 pm, CST
Name:      vana
Years In CCT:      N/A

Thank you SilverWings for sharing this web site with me. I will share it with my son and brother-in-law, who will share it with many others. I'll need to get back on here, there is just so much to see. Hope to see you again at the table. Anyone who reads this God
Bless you and your family. Have a nice holiday and a happy, safe, and healthy New Year.

Date:      12/16/2006, 12:59 am, CST
Name:      Dave Holcomb
Years In CCT:      21

Mike, I finally went through the whole damned photo gallery.  Outstanding! I have hundreds of photos at my house in Washington. One of these days I'll send them in waves. Great memories and respect looking back at friends, the young guns and the cats before my time. It brought back great feelings looking at the photos of the trail blazers, war vets and guys who made leaders of the guys who nurtured and reinforced mind over matter, teamwork, pride, respect and never say die brotherhood for and with the guys who earned the right to be called CCT and throughout their stay in CCT proved it again and again. Cheers Mike...HB

Mike, Photo gallery 1; In Huds photos he has a picture of the 1985 1 SOS CCT. The question mark sitting on the wing next to Willie Harris is Doug Alan. The question mark on the bottom row to the right of Sam Linebaugh is Joel Getzug. HB

Date:      12/16/2006, 5:18 pm, CST
Name:      dale huddleston
Years In CCT:      not enough

Mac, as Chief J. Smith ( bitch face to many of us ) use to say," life’s a bitch then you die". What a crock of chief shit! Life is what you make it and the freedom to be yourself is not a bitch. I'm a supporter of SgtMacsBar and a believer in the good you do. Dale

Date:      12/16/2006, 7:34 pm, CST
Name:      Dan Kennedy
Years In CCT:      69-76

Funniest shit I have read in a long, long time. We CCT have never taken anything seriously and now is not the time to start. Look at me. I'm heading for the PI just to eat dogs, cats and rats. Some shit aye. Life is a bowl of shit if you really want it to be but man, it's a hell of a lotta fun if you get off the road and travel where no man has traveled before. Mac just keep traveling the path you are forging and leave the road to those who have lost the will to travel through the boonies. I refuse to let this stroke I had stop me from enjoying life.

Date:      12/16/2006, 9:52 pm, CST
Name:      Jerry Walker
Years In CCT:      Zero would have me.

As a C-130 pilot from CCK in 1972, TALO at Clark 80's to MACLO to the Marines on Okinawa 1990, I've had a long association with the CCT and enjoyed the relationship. Robbie roomed next to me at CCK. I've spent many days on a DZ with Howard, Burch and Arcadi to name a few. Thanks to John Buck for getting me my parachute wings.

Date:      12/19/2006, 7:33 pm, CST
Name:      Roy Jordan
Years In CCT:      3 Norton CCT 75-78

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous NEW YEAR!

Date:      12/25/2006, 12:02 pm, CST
Name:      Dave Holcomb
Years In CCT:      21

Merry Christmas! I woke up this Christmas morning bright and early and the first thought that entered my pea brain was of Christmas five years ago. There I really, It was a beautiful morning in Khandahar, although it was only about 20 degrees. OK, I snagged the last of the bacon, eggs and Krusteaz pancake mix from the Mud Hut stock pile and made breakfast for the guys who were still in camp. It was a glorious sunrise as I thought about my loved ones at home and the guys with me who had wives, kids and other loved ones opening presents without them. Cooking on two small burners sitting on top of Afghani propane tanks was a challenge to say the least. The reason I am writing about this is the fact it is one of my fondest Christmas memories. Watching the guys enjoy a touch of home, Christmas breakfast (of course I enjoyed it too) made me feel like I was with family and the spirit can be anywhere you are no matter how far from home. As good as the breakfast was a couple of the guys pointed out that if I would have included Bloody Mary's in the menu it would have been perfect...typical CCT!   Cheers...HB