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Entry of Jan 01, 2005 at 24:00 [EST]
From: Mike McReynolds -

Comments about the web site: A year's past; we've had some good times and we had some bad, but through it all, we've had each other and the support shown for those we love has made us stronger.  I join my friend, Bill Frankenberger, and tell all to "LiveStrong!"   I missed you at last year's reunion due to Hurricane Ivan , however I look forward to seeing you all at this year's next reunion.  Please don't forget about the SgtMacsBar Carnival Cruise 2005 and make plans to join us!  Until then, stop by the house and we'll have a few cold ones at SgtMacsBar  ......... ......... ........... ............ ......... .......... .......... .........   I Love You Guys!

Entry of Jan 03, 2005 at 11:31 [EST]
From: Steve Moss -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Jan 05, 2005 at 01:08 [EST]
From: Greg Harmon -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Jan 09, 2005 at 08:43 [EST]
From: Lewis E. May, Jr. -

Comments about the web site: doing well in North Georgia. We appreciate Mac's Bar and what you do. Hope all our friends in CCT are doing well. Happy New Year!

Entry of Jan 09, 2005 at 16:48 [EST]
From: Ryan Carter -

Comments about the web site: Keep up the great work!

Entry of Jan 10, 2005 at 08:54 [EST]
From: sray -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Jan 10, 2005 at 15:02 [EST]
From: Greg Harmon -

Comments about the web site: I was with Justice and that crew at Forbes. If Jim gets that picture to you I was the one in the back row on the left with the short sleeves.(got my ass chewed for that too). I'm still in Wa. St. been retired from the sheriffs office since 86. Been looking for a job but just haven't found the right one yet, so I just hunt and fish. Later Harmon

Entry of Jan 14, 2005 at 13:27 [EST]
From: Gene Adcock -

Comments about the web site: Happy New Year. Thanks for all the support. Gene

Entry of Jan 14, 2005 at 13:54 [EST]
From: Robert W. Miller -

Comments about the web site: Just signing in to say Happy New Year(2005) to everyone. Robert W. Miller USAF(CCT)-(Retired) Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Computer Crime Unit (Retired)

Entry of Jan 14, 2005 at 17:02 [EST]
From: Bob Swisher -

Comments about the web site: Brenda and I are living in Pennsylvania now, commuting to DC. Couldn't stand being that close to town. Plus the house is worth the drive. Trout river out the back door and Whitetail Ski Resort 5 minutes out the front door. I am muddling around the Pentagon "Big Pond". Interesting, but not my favorite job. Spending lots of time with the grandkids. Give a call if you are out this way....(301) 275-9236

Entry of Jan 14, 2005 at 19:06 [EST]
From: Joe Edwards -

Comments about the web site: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Had a white Christmas here in southern Indiana: 22" on the ground (our average ANNUAL is 12".) State of emergency declared, no unnecessary travel, etc., but the local mall was open! Go figure. Hope to see you at the reunion.

Entry of Jan 15, 2005 at 17:08 [EST]
From: jay l morris -

Comments about the web site: is there any one out there that knows the where abouts of Gary Harper Billy Horton

Entry of Jan 16, 2005 at 21:14 [EST]
From: Tom Laney -

Comments about the web site: Hi Mac, I was glad to see in your meanderings that my old buddy Ron Holder has been found but too bad about the broken leg. During the holidays I was on the phone with Max Goodman and as we were tripping down memory lane, Ron's name came up and neither of us had heard of his whereabouts in years. I'm still having a hard time picturing him on a farm but I guess a lot of us ended up different than we thought we would. In talking with some of my old teammates, many of them were surprised to find out that my second career was working in the state prison system, they all thought I'd be behind bars instead of holding the keys. In any case, full retirement is not difficult to adjust to. Judy and I are in our 8th year of living the lazy life and we're not tired of it. We're home in Alaska right now after spending 3 months in Yuma during the fall and we'll fly back down next month and spend the spring there and drive back up in May. No pictures to send but I thought I'd check in with you.

Entry of Jan 17, 2005 at 14:56 [EST]
From: J D Burch -

Comments about the web site: All well in the state of GA, Worked all this time in the North Central region to return close to home. Been in Stone Mountain RV Park for 7 months and love the camper life. The grass gets to high hook up and move, don't cut it. Working for Danella Engineering and Construction, still with the fiber optic work. Looked for and still looking for changes in profession but nothing yet. Let 's here from you when you have a chance. JD

Entry of Jan 24, 2005 at 10:31 [EST]
From: Enoch Johnson -

Comments about the web site: Mac, what a great site, thanks for your support. The Assault Zone locations are expanding once again and your site is the primary recruitment vehicle. I am having each team lead send you some civilian CCT pics; I feel they would go well with the active duty pics...Once again, thanks. EJ

Entry of Jan 26, 2005 at 12:10 [EST]
From: Mark Schwalenberg -

Comments about the web site: C-130 retired pilot now a civil servant. Mac how ya doing bud.

Entry of Feb 01, 2005 at 01:32 [EST]
From: Ryan Lee Hoggatt -

Comments about the web site: Hello. I love your site and when I think i cant make it to become a CCT member I come here and it gets me back on track to full fill my dream and to try and beat my fathers record when he was in and I just want to say your site is an inspiration to help me back on track. thank you for making this site. Sincerely, Ryan Lee Hoggatt

Entry of Feb 05, 2005 at 00:28 [EST]
From: Chris Coleman "CN" -

Comments about the web site: From Team McChord 2005

Entry of Feb 09, 2005 at 16:24 [EST]
From: Rex Kenyon -

Comments about the web site: I was in the USAF for 5 years 3 of them as a CCT member of the 1st APS at Lockborne AFB. Those were the 3 most memorable years of my life. From sleeping in a snow bank in Fairbanks AK to eating rat's in Panama CZ, and all all of the GREAT team members.

Entry of Feb 10, 2005 at 23:39 [EST]
From: Roy Jordan -

Comments about the web site: Anyone know the whereabouts of Calvin Vann, P304 type. Was at Norton in mid to late 70's.

Entry of Feb 11, 2005 at 13:01 [EST]
From: huddleston,dale a. -

Comments about the web site: been awhile mac, words cannot express my sorrow at the loss of our brothers. i have many good memories of mike, tony and lob, to cherish and hold close to my crusty old heart.they will continue to watch over older and younger cct'ers as was their habit with us, and as god has assigned them though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, for thou art with me and my brothers watch over me.amen

Entry of Feb 11, 2005 at 18:38 [EST]
From: Tim Scherer -

Comments about the web site: Doing great in Northern Michigan. Working at a community college, talk about a culture change. Anyway, I'll keep in touch and talk to you all later. Great site, thanks. Tim

Entry of Feb 15, 2005 at 10:25 [EST]
From: Ronney Moss -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Feb 15, 2005 at 22:00 [EST]
From: Tim Brown -

Comments about the web site: Hi all! Don't get out enough these days, but it sure is good to see all those great CCT names on the screen. Have a great year, hope to see ya'll around when we can.......tb

Entry of Feb 18, 2005 at 17:54 [EST]
From: Marc Stratton -

Comments about the web site: Good talking to you Mac...just to clarify Chad Giesige sustained a severe head injury on Jan 30, the day of the Iraqi national election. His condition is no longer critical, but he has yet to fully regain consciousness. He remains at Walter Reed getting the best care possible from a team of neurologists, all of whom have unfortunately treated this injury many times since OEF/OIF began. The unit continues to keep a family rep on site, and we ask that those who desire to visit coordinate through our unit ops section, comm 910-243-0171, or DSN 383-0171. All indications are that this will be a lengthy recovery process for Chad. We ask that you keep him, his family, and his fiance Nicki in your thoughts and prayers.

Entry of Feb 20, 2005 at 19:27 [EST]
From: mom -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Feb 22, 2005 at 08:16 [EST]
From: Douglas Fenske -

Comments about the web site: Hello all, I am doing well at the 21 STS. This site is great and I am glad to see and I will visit it often. Thank you, FK

Entry of Feb 22, 2005 at 15:08 [EST]
From: Santino A. Fort -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Feb 26, 2005 at 11:27 [EST]
From: Ralph Humphrey -

Comments about the web site: Recently PCSed (Jun 04) to Randolph AFB, HQ AETC trying to fill the shoes of TB (Chief Brown). Entered CCT in 1983. Stationed at hurby until 1988. Selected for duty with the 24 STS and spend 10 years there. 1998 the family and I PCSed to Kadena for 3 years and then it was back to the 24 STS as the Chief-great job! Now I'm here in staff land. I have two daughters (10/7) and married for nearly 19 years. Looking at retirement in 2009, Oklahoma City. I can't tell you how motivating it is to see these young troops coming in wanting to be CCT, I still have the gas to PT with them and its the funnest thing I do here. Thanks for what you do Mac, Whoya CCT!

Entry of Mar 01, 2005 at 09:33 [EST]
From: Anthony DiGiacomo A/1c -

Comments about the web site: Hi Sgt I am an ex Combat Controller, I was in the 1st Aerial Port Sq from 57-60, stationed at Donaldson AFB. I am intersted in your site and would like to know where I can get T-shirts and the likes. Please respond......  Just go to SgtMacsBar Canteen!  

Entry of Mar 17, 2005 at 15:25 [EST]
From: Hal Dufilho -

Comments about the web site: Mac, As always, your web site is great. Hope to see everyone again at another reunion. It's great to stay in touch with as many CCTers as possible. If anyone's visiting Mt Rainier area, give us a shout as we live about 17 miles west of it, and always have cold beer and wine in the fridge. Ben and Nancy Sihsmann have stopped by a couple of times since the reunion.

Entry of Mar 17, 2005 at 17:30 [EST]
From: Walt Willis -

Comments about the web site: Greetings, Best wishes to all. Thank you Mac for your outstanding web site. Fraternally, Waldoo

Entry of Mar 18, 2005 at 05:12 [EST]
From: Rick Cheek -

Comments about the web site: Hi Mac, just found this site....didnt even know anything like this existed. I was on the Norton CCT in 76, 77, and 78. Bill Frankenberger was my last NCOIC before I got out. Just read about his bout with cancer, hope he's still beating it. Some of my teammates were John Koren, Mitch Bryan, John Bringolf (sp?), Archie Hickerson, Bill Massengill, Patrick O'Neal, Dimitri Milonovich, Ed Pound, Roy Jordan, Floyd Smith and several other clear faces that I just cant put a name to right now. Looking at this site and seeing dozens of old friends I havent seen in almost 30 years is a kick in the ass. I'd like to get in touch with some of them but dont know where to start. Is there a list with names and addresses on it somewhere? Also, I have a name to put on the memorial list. Larry Hicks was killed in a car wreck in 1984 in Bastrop, La. I think JK and Mitch knew him, maybe you did too. Anyway, its late and I need to get off here. Great site and hope to talk to some old friends soon....thanks......Rick

Entry of Mar 22, 2005 at 22:24 [EST]
From: Allen Hooper -

Comments about the web site: Just my normal check-in. Hope you're having fun on the cruise. Look for this year's reunion (yep we're gonna try it again) in early November. More to follow when I know it.

Entry of Mar 31, 2005 at 23:06 [EST]
From: Teddy Hurt -

Comments about the web site: My thanks to brother Mac for all this and to my son Todd who is, as I type this, in the NAVY BUDS class 256 at the age of 34 "o the younger generation" we are in good hands brothers. HELLO TO ALL from Omaha,NE.

Entry of Apr 01, 2005 at 14:44 [EST]
From: Al Huddleston -

Comments about the web site: Just checking in and letting Y'all know that Mac did an outstanding job in setting up our cruise. Eleven of us CCT'ers and wifes had a Super time. My hat goes off to Mac and Jill for all the work they did it making the cruise what it was. Need to do these things more often. Thanks Mac and keep the site pumping.-------Al and Ursula

Entry of Apr 14, 2005 at 21:04 [EST]
From: Valerie Chapman -

Comments about the web site: Hey Mac, i have returned from the depths of the unknown. Living in paradise...Navarre FL. You missed a great ceremony. Everyone send me pics please. Thanks. I love you guys. Valerie

Entry of Apr 24, 2005 at 11:52 [EST]
From: Hector Jones -

Comments about the web site: Mac, great site. I didn't know that you were such a camera hound, but it's great just the same to see your mug (again and again). My wife of 22 years, Kathy, and our five year old son Christopher, are thriving and enjoying life in Virginia. Reconnected with Bob Jeffers earlier this year while on business in Florida. Had dinner recently with Mike Breeden near DC. I'm in St. Louis, MO often, so drop me a line if you'd like to enjoy a brew or two together -- I'll even bring the camera. Cheers, Hector.

Entry of May 01, 2005 at 03:47 [EST]
From: Willie Harris -

Comments about the web site: Hi Mac... just an old student remembering old times. I Love looking at the pictures. Take care!

Entry of May 09, 2005 at 21:30 [EST]
From: Michael LeJeune -

Comments about the web site: My name is Michael LeJeune and I am searching for a PJ who saved my life on February 25, 1996. His name is David Swan (mid 30's). We had been in contact, exchanged holiday greetings, etc and the last known information that I have is: phone number 210-543-7756 (10800 State Hwy 151 #1128, San Antonio,TX 78251) E-mail: He might be an instructor for the Pararescue school - I believe in Texas. Also, he is listed in the acknowledgments of Jack Brehm's That Others May Live. Any assistance in locating him would be greatly appreciated - or any other avenues in my search. Thank you, Michael

Entry of May 16, 2005 at 14:20 [EST]
From: Danny Page -

Comments about the web site: Alive and well, still jumping as much as I can. Assigned to the 123rd STS. Got promoted to MSGT in April.

Entry of May 17, 2005 at 21:44 [EST]
From: Rick Crete -

Comments about the web site: Hey Mac, Don't know if you remember me but great job on the web site. Tell everyone hello from the rock!

Entry of May 22, 2005 at 09:14 [EST]
From: Gene Adcock -

Comments about the web site: Just an update to my email address.

Entry of May 26, 2005 at 20:00 [EST]
From: Brandon -

Comments about the web site: I am not a past CCT member but a future one. I joined the AF in Sept. '04 and will be shipping to Lackland the 16th of August. Then on to CCT Training. God Bless all that have served!!! You guys are my idols, the people I look up to. "All give some, some give all"

Entry of May 29, 2005 at 17:13 [EST]
From: Gordon W. Tully -

Comments about the web site: Its Memorial Day and I'm paging through the pictures on Sgt Mac's Bar and I want you guys to know I've not forgotten you. I see how relaxed and close we look and I know that those were the days of true comradeship. I was blessed to be a part of it. TY

Entry of May 29, 2005 at 22:57 [EST]
From: Bud Gonzalerz - PaladinLX

Comments about the web site: Memorial Day Mac and remembering our CCT 'brothers', so lift one for our absent comrades; and to all those gone ahead we bid them wait a bit more for a full reunion.

Entry of May 30, 2005 at 12:47 [EST]
From: tb -

Comments about the web site: Happy Memorial Day to all, hope you are remembering the fallen and those still deployed as well. Too bad the site has been attacked by on-line gamblers! Look forward to the reunion.................tb

Entry of Jun 01, 2005 at 11:24 [EST]
From: Matthew Ward -

Comments about the web site: Hey there. Fun website you have here man. I am a young recruit to be for Combat Control. I will be taking my PAST soon. I was jsut looking around at CCT websites and I came across yours. Seeing what kind of honor and love you STILL have for the CCT community just makes me want to be part of it more. Catch y'all later. Matthew

Entry of Jun 03, 2005 at 11:46 [EST]
From: Craig Rith -

Comments about the web site: Thanks's great to have a site like yours keeping everyone on the same page. To all our CCT brothers out there laying it on the line in defense of freedom throughout the world, thanks for all you do! Craig Rith

Entry of Jun 07, 2005 at 12:58 [EST]
From: Joe Scarborough -

Comments about the web site: I am an ex-CCTer 1984-1988 McChord team. Stumpled across your web site and have seen faces on here that I have not seen in 17 years. Enjoyed your site, brought back a butt load of memories. Damned good memories!!!!

Entry of Jun 07, 2005 at 13:31 [EST]
From: joe scarborough -

Comments about the web site: I forgot one thing. Semper Fuckus Upus!!!!

Entry of Jun 08, 2005 at 01:10 [EST]
From: Sam McGowan -

Comments about the web site: All you troop carrier CCT vets are invited to Troop Carrier Homecoming in Galveston November 9-13, 2005. It's for all troop carrier veterans from World War II to Vietnam, including Vietnam Era tactical airlifters. That includes CCT and aerial port folks as well as air evac. Check out the website at

Entry of Jun 10, 2005 at 10:47 [EST]
From: Rick Cheek -

Comments about the web site: Hi Mac, just checking in. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gene Brown? Ex Army Special Forces, came over to USAF/CCT I believe in 76. After CCS, went to either Pope or Charleston.

Entry of Jun 16, 2005 at 21:20 [EST]
From: Kay B Duncan -

Comments about the web site: Give me A call (843)421-9275 Iam hear in Myrtle Beach SC

Entry of Jun 18, 2005 at 00:52 [EST]
From: Pat O'Neill -

Comments about the web site: heard about the site from John Koren on a golf course recently; nice to see familiar faces again. Doug Cohee and I still alive and kicking in the San Diego area. Anyone coming through give us a call, we're in the book.

Entry of Jun 24, 2005 at 18:10 [EST]
From: Sam Scoggin -

Comments about the web site: Hi Mac, Got a little medical trouble but ok I think. Have a good summer.

Entry of Jun 30, 2005 at 18:50 [EST]
From: gene johnson -

Comments about the web site: i ran the base photo lab at mcchord afb, from '75 thru '80. got involved with team during those years... knew chief howell, don east, dink dalton and a group of others. just want to say hey, nice web site

Entry of Jul 08, 2005 at 08:18 [EST]
From: Al Huddleston -

Comments about the web site: Cheers to All----just checking in to let all know of new email address ( ). Life is good here in Europe but will be happy to get back to the Hill Country of Texas. See Y'all at the reunion.-------Hud

Entry of Jul 13, 2005 at 21:08 [EST]
From: madison hopkins -

Comments about the web site: i am really kool my friends say when i am around them i kno they dont care how i act i am goofy around them and all that and i am in love with cole and dylan sprouse they r soo hotttttt i would die if i met them piece out madison

Entry of Jul 15, 2005 at 16:05 [EST]
From: John Albrecht -

Comments about the web site: Great to see a page like this one. While not a controller myself I sure have fond memories of some of my buds from Hurlburt. I was an MC-130 crew chief at the 8th. Wondering if anyone knows the where abouts of Bob Tusini from the 1723 or Kevin "P.K." Mullens. Kevin was a radio tech there. Thanks to all, and god's speed fellas

Entry of Jul 20, 2005 at 17:52 [EST]
From: Marshall Farris -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Jul 25, 2005 at 13:22 [EST]
From: Roy Kitchen -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Aug 08, 2005 at 20:32 [EST]
From: Donald M. Deavers, SSgt. USAF. -

Comments about the web site: MAC Attack

Entry of Aug 11, 2005 at 20:16 [EST]
From: Chris Carter -

Comments about the web site: Hey, Just found this site. It's great. Hope to hear from some of my old friends. Chris Carter

Entry of Aug 23, 2005 at 20:43 [EST]
From: Bob Weller -

Comments about the web site: So sorry to hear about Pete Smith, I was with him on the Hurlburt team.

Entry of Aug 29, 2005 at 15:43 [EST]
From: John P -

Comments about the web site: my buddy forced me to do this

Entry of Aug 29, 2005 at 16:32 [EST]
From: Jerry Quintus -

Comments about the web site: Mac.........I'm glad you are keeping CCT Alumni informed I appreciate your efforts Thanks....Jerry Quintus

Entry of Aug 31, 2005 at 02:52 [EST]
From: Alan Runfeldt -

Comments about the web site: YOU GUYS were our commo in Vietnam. All over the place. The worst missions, and you were there... And you were good. You were also good friends and good party-ers (who else could help us drink those Mekong Squids under the table? ;) ) Thanks for doing this site and letting me find out "what ever happened to" my old CCT friend Dave Gfeller. (But you neglected the day he was WIA as well as the day he "captured" a willing Chieu Hoi at Djamap.. If you were in Vietnam, stop by our web site - - 8th APS MOB., Vietnam - Al (A1c/Sgt/SSgt) Runfeldt

Entry of Sep 02, 2005 at 12:13 [EST]
From: Dan Cleek -

Comments about the web site: "Chief" Wayne Norrad told me about this Website. Didn't know about it. I'll be checking it out more often. Dan Cleek

Entry of Sep 06, 2005 at 14:14 [EST]
From: Harold C. (PEPPER) Adams -

Comments about the web site: Pepper & Flora ADAMS. 186 Ironstone Rd. Smithville, Texas 78957 (512) 360-5423

Entry of Sep 16, 2005 at 14:43 [EST]
From: Bob Neumann -

Comments about the web site: I'm happy to be back in Tampa when I not traveling South, and want to stay more tuned in than I've been. Helen and I plan to attend the reunion in Nov if I'm in country and look forward to seeing everyone there. Cheers Bob

Entry of Sep 18, 2005 at 14:53 [EST]
From: Murray Garbett -

Comments about the web site: Great Site!!! Good to see some familiar faces....

Entry of Sep 19, 2005 at 10:26 [EST]
From: Brandon Gross -

Comments about the web site: Just graduated CCS 15 Sep. Still got AST to go through and I am glad to be a part of the community.

Entry of Sep 20, 2005 at 20:54 [EST]
From: Tom Bevan -

Comments about the web site: Mac, I heard you were looking for me a few weeks ago. Iam still down here in FWB working for Johnny P at AST. New address: 462 Sandmore Shores Drive, Mary Esther, Fl, 32569. Same phone number. Tom (Bev)

Entry of Sep 24, 2005 at 16:15 [EST]
From: Billie Slayton -

Comments about the web site: I finally signed your guest book....him, him -----

Entry of Sep 27, 2005 at 04:21 [EST]
From: Rich Eubanks -

Comments about the web site: Just spent the past hour or so reading these. Nice to hear an asshole or two from Koren again, sad to read a post from Johnny Karr, and really fun to read notes from guys I knew and didn't know too. I never drank that much and was pretty mild mannered but some of you might remember me anyway. I went by Mike at first but succumbed to the use of my first name, Rich. I was in from '66 to '73. Thanks, Mac, for hosting such a wonderful site for us old codgers! Anybody from the old 'Blue Berets', I'm living in Ocala, FL now and would love to share a beer with you!

Entry of Sep 30, 2005 at 11:19 [EST]
From: Scott Valentine - ScottV@KOREAN-ARTS.COM

Comments about the web site: I'm not a CCT member but worked with a lot of them while in 5th group. One of them was one of the lost SgtMacsBar Members - Dave Lillico - an outstanding soldier! If someone contacts him, tell him "Val" from SOT and HALO school says "Hi!"

Entry of Sep 30, 2005 at 14:22 [EST]
From: JD Burch -

Comments about the web site: Just a note to all, still on the go and now in the Ft Lauderdale area for a few more months. Tring to schedule in the reunion. Saw Jungle Don and tipped a couple. Looking to seeing all at reunion. Have a fine Day. JD

Entry of Oct 01, 2005 at 05:04 [EST]
From: Jimmy Gomez -

Comments about the web site: Like Rip Van Winkle I just woke up.

Entry of Oct 03, 2005 at 19:30 [EST]
From: Dave Johnson -

Comments about the web site: CCT 65/68. Pope AFB, RVN and McGuire AFB. Looking forward to the 2005 reunion and a bunch of the "dungeon crew"

Entry of Oct 08, 2005 at 16:49 [EST]
From: gene johnson -

Comments about the web site: iv sent in several shots of the mcchord team in the 1970's. is there a good email address to email scanned shots??

Entry of Oct 21, 2005 at 16:19 [EST]
From: larry palmer -

Comments about the web site: doing great, i live in sav., ga. four miles from john eddington-- i enjoy sgt mac's bar, good to see the pictures of dangerous dave gfeller & gary pino-- was cct from '69 to '73 at norton afb, '69 & '70, vietnam '70 & '71 & pope afb '71 to '73--- airborn, god bless & keep all--lp

Entry of Oct 24, 2005 at 14:52 [EST]
From: Mike Stockdale -

Comments about the web site: Hope the pictures of Chad Giesige worked out for you. SK

Entry of Oct 26, 2005 at 11:36 [EST]
From: John Theiss -

Comments about the web site: I was stationed at LRAFB in the mid 70's and did crazy stuff with Kimme, Spooner and was Burchetts roommate in the dorm for the 2MAPS Squadron.

Entry of Oct 29, 2005 at 15:46 [EST]
From: Tony Litwin -

Comments about the web site: Great site!!!!!!! wasn't a cct but had tons of fun being a parachute rigger for them @ Rhein Main AB from 84-87. loved going tdy with them every chance i got.

Entry of Oct 30, 2005 at 12:56 [EST]
From: Gene Adcock -

Comments about the web site: Mac My email server is down for maintenance today, so I am using this to send you a request for assistance. I need a good color and a good black & white beret emblem (high-resolution drawings on black background works best) that I can cut and paste into a project that I am working. Everything that I can find on the web is poor quality or has other graphics attached. Can you help? Gene Adcock

Entry of Oct 30, 2005 at 21:07 [EST]
From: Randy Carmichael -

Comments about the web site: Mac, What a smile starter. You couldn't wipe this grin off my face with sand paper. It sure brings back super memories of the best people on the planet. I'd give a lot to be able to either go back and do it again, or be able to jump in on the fun going on now. I'll bet the guys are tired, and having a great time. There's no greater feeling than employing all of your skills and training in the most challenging conditions, and the guys are this countries greatest defenders. I hope they realize how much we appreciate them, and their families. I'm jealous, and full of respect. Keep up the great site Mac, I hope I can get over to Columbia to see your set up. See ya later. Randy Carmichael

Entry of Nov 15, 2005 at 21:32 [EST]
From: rex corbin -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Nov 16, 2005 at 08:38 [EST]
From: Ody A. Dickey III -

Comments about the web site: Combat Controller 1980-2000. Units of Assignment: 1. CCS Pipeline 1980-1981 2. 616 MAG, Elmendorf AFB, AK 1981-1985 3. Det 1 MACOS, DET 4 NAFCOS, 24 CCS, 24 STS, Pope AFB, NC 1985-1991. 4. Det 1, 1723 STS, 435 AW, 435 OSS Rhein Main AB, Germany 1991-1994 5. 86 OSS, Ramstein AB, Germany 1994-1996 6. 720 STG, Hurlburt Field, FL 1996-2000

Entry of Nov 16, 2005 at 19:22 [EST]
From: Debbie Argel Bastian -

Comments about the web site: It was so great to meet everybody. We felt so much love and support and could see how close a group this is. Derek always talked about that. He talked about how great it was to attend the 50th. I shared with some of you that he wrote, "I always wanted to know what I would look like when I retire." It felt good to laugh. I'm saying that even though I "got coined" and insulted in the CCT gift store. Tell that nice man that I did fit into those small shorts. Oh leg anyway. Thanks for the laughs and love. Cheers to you! Debbie Argel Bastian Proud mother of Capt. Derek Argel, KIA Memorial Day, 2005 *Keeping the best of company with Casey, Jeremy, Brian and the others.

Entry of Nov 16, 2005 at 20:16 [EST]
From: Todd Bastian -

Comments about the web site: Greetings, It sure was great to have had the chance to share such an excellent weekend with such a well trained crew. The World is a better place thanks to you all! Proud to be an American. Todd Bastian, Derek Argel's proud step-dad

Entry of Nov 17, 2005 at 08:54 [EST]
From: Jana Martinez -

Comments about the web site: Thank you to everyone for making me still feel a part of the CCT family even after Marty passed away. You had a special place in Marty's heart and mine too. Thank you again, Mike, for keeping up the website. Marty would come into my office periodically, and I would log him on to the website so he could "catch up". Thanks again also for the link and write-up about Marty. The family appreciated that so much. Take care...Jana Martinez, wife of Marty Martinez

Entry of Nov 17, 2005 at 13:32 [EST]
From: Linda Crate -

Comments about the web site: I am the Mother of Casey Crate KIA 5-30-05 in Iraq. I was so happy to be able to attend the CCA 2005. I did not realize that this was such a tight knit group until I heard many of the stories from the last 5 decades of CCT's. I was overwhelmed with stories from the past and ever so grateful to meet several of Casey's "buddies" that he spoke of so often. I learned alot about my Son that not even I realized. Debbie Argel and I finally gave up at Coasters trying to extract "secrets" from these guys. Not even straight shots were working! God Bless all of you and thanks for serving our country!!! Linda Crate

Entry of Nov 17, 2005 at 21:03 [EST]
From: Levi Ryan -

Comments about the web site: Hey guys, just looking around the net for some CCT videos and stumbled onto this site...I'm 18 and live in Minot,North Dakota...I'll be leaving in April for basic (might be sooner with quick ship) and then down the CCT pipeline. I can't wait to be part of the CCT community. If anyone has a way they could get me a recent video of CCT training I'd appreciate it, all my recruiter has is an old VHS from the 80's and its only 9 minutes long. Anyways take it easy. Levi

Entry of Nov 18, 2005 at 15:55 [EST]
From: Shannon Goodwin -

Comments about the web site: You guys are one hell of a team.

Entry of Nov 18, 2005 at 19:14 [EST]
From: Denise Schaeffer -

Comments about the web site: I have such a great time at the reunions in FWB! This year ('05) I met a lot of people for the first time, and became re-acquainted with so many whom I had forgotten! (Oldtimers' Disease!!) See y'all next time! One of these years I'm gonna show up with Zola Bowden as my "date".

Entry of Nov 22, 2005 at 00:33 [EST]
From: Dan Kennedy -

Comments about the web site: You know I really have some issues to confront. I was told that I have to stop getting dogs from the City pound. The Policeman said that they aren't classified as food in the States. Is that part of the Home Security Act?

Entry of Nov 22, 2005 at 16:37 [EST]
From: John Emly -

Comments about the web site: ANG CCT 1988-1996

Entry of Nov 22, 2005 at 23:46 [EST]
From: Dave Burchette -

Comments about the web site: Gee Mac you finally amounted to something! Great website thanks for putting it all together. Living in Mobile AL now and occasionally work gets me to Florida. I'm the Network Manager for Cellular South for AL & FL so all you guys please go get a phone from us so I can feed two teenage boys. Damn they eat a lot. They are worse than the "Critter man"

Entry of Nov 23, 2005 at 02:37 [EST]
From: Teddy Hurt -

Comments about the web site: Mac, another year,still didn't make it to the reunion. Just a update on Todd. He busted up his left shoulder in BUDS, two months ago, yesterday the NAVY finial operated on it. on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the worst, the NAVY SEAL top surgs. said it was a 4 1/2. Good news tho, they did good work, he should be 100% after 6-8 month of rehab. He's happy, they want him back into the SEAL/BUDS program so bad that he was approved a slot as soon as he is physically able. I'll let you know. TH

Entry of Nov 23, 2005 at 14:50 [EST]
From: Cass Seymore -

Comments about the web site: Mac, the "news of my death are just a touch exaggerated". Run a Paraloft in Colorado and am a fulltime instructor with the US Navy's Jump School in San Diego (still doing 800-1000 jumps per year). Have had a part in training not only the SEALS but CCT out of AST (and quite a few PJs from Albque as well). Feel blessed to be able to continue to contribute to CCT in some small way.

Entry of Nov 23, 2005 at 19:43 [EST]
From: Steve Farnum -

Comments about the web site: Ol' Mac, he is ALWAYS harpin' "sign-z-book, sign-z-book"!!! Since we got a run of the old '75 Rock CCT here at the end of November I figure I'd sign-z-stinkin' book and keep the run going. (And my ol' bro Mac happy) Burchette, you got kids that eat more than Dale T. "Critterman" Jenson???! Man, I'm SORRY buddy, you need to git you a job on the side too. Teddy, hope your son heals fast and goes all the way. CASS, man you ain't really still alive are you??? Keep hoppin' and popin' dude. YOU KNOW it keeps that crazy grin on your face:):):) As wise ol' Billie Slayton said up above. Hymn, Hymn, _ _ _ _ HIM!!!;) SF out

Entry of Nov 27, 2005 at 01:54 [EST]
From: Clyde Howard - bluebonnetcntrl

Comments about the web site: Fully retired and still reside in the Fort Walton Beach area.

Entry of Nov 27, 2005 at 21:59 [EST]
From: Steve "Stevie P" Phillips -

Comments about the web site:

Entry of Nov 28, 2005 at 12:25 [EST]
From: William K. O'Brien -

Comments about the web site: Keep the lines of communications open. I'm also concerned that the CCA lacks focus and mission. Regards, O'B

Entry of Dec 16, 2005 at 00:04 [EST]
From: Joe Edwards -

Comments about the web site: Just checking the latest postings and lamenting (again) not making the reunion this year. Damn, I missed seeing you guys! Notice some names I haven't seen in a long time have signed in, such as Jerry Quintus and Rex Kenyon. Hey Rex, still got your Big Red 1 patch? I remember you catching some shit over that at Lockbourne. And Jerry, how about that sassafrass tea I made in the field at CCT School? Amazing what you find in the woods digging slit trenches. I got a good idea... let's ALL go to the reunion next year.

Entry of Dec 22, 2005 at 17:32 [EST]
From: Floyd Brown -

Comments about the web site: Mac, I hope that you and your family is doing well this holiday season. Sorry that it took me so long to sign in---long story (bs). Please put me on the mailing list and forward the info to join CCA. Thanks and take care. FB