Charles Paradise, Frederick Thrower, Gerald Gauthier, William Jerkins; R.I.P.

Special thanks to Donnie Mirabile for the above program which was donated to the CCSA.            Charlie Jones pictured.

Commando Combat Control Team, 1966, England AFB, LA.
Standing; John Watts, ? Donahue, Vince Capece, Bob Mahaffey, Homer Thomas "Tom" Kinder, George Maxwell, Juan Rodriguez, Jim Stanford, Ronald D. Duvall, Tom Drinkwater, Noland D. "Dean" Stafford, Dustin V. Brock, Robert E Pechtold, William E. "Bill" Jerkins, Bob Annis, and Bob McCollugh.  Kneeling; Bill Frankenberger, John Stryker, Buddy Bowden, and Charlie Jones

    Bobby Bear        Bob Antle & Fred Bozek      Sunny Sutton   Joe Clark & Jose Aguirrechea

England AFB, 1968  .........................   Pay Jump, Fall Out!

McChord AFB  1963/64 ?   James Howell & Bull Benini many years later