Combat Control Reunion 2008, Ft. Walton Beach

Special thanks to the Combat Control Association,

Red Ghormley, Tom Royer, and Donnie Mirabile

Combat Control Reunion 2008 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2008  The following is an After Action Report (AAR) on the Combat Control Association Reunion 2008 held in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. This year’s reunion was a great time… with numerous events and war story telling in the hospitality room every night.

The hotel staff was as nice and accommodating as they have been in past years. The weather cooperated, so people could congregate outside the hospitality suite and still enjoy themselves.  

Note; The narration is copied from the Combat Control Association News Letter, Issue 14

Pictured below; Tom, Red, & Donnie

Registration, Country Store, and Hospitality Suite Registration went smoothly. Our Registration volunteers handed out name tags and provided information to incoming participants. This year’s attendees enjoyed a Show & Tell, a BBQ, a golf tournament, a poker tournament, a memorial service, the annual business meeting and the banquet. The registration volunteer’s worked some long hours and made everyone feel welcome and kept them informed. This year, Al Hooper handed off registration management duties to Chief Mike Ramos.
The first “official” event was a tour at the newly established Special Tactics Training Squadron (STTS). The STTS presented a briefing on current training, equipment and techniques, and provided an equipment display. Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the latest gadgets and tactical toys being used by our CCTers. Thanks again to Maj. Chris Larkin, STTS Commander, CMSgt Mickey Wright, Chief Enlisted Manager, and their entire staff for a professional and informative tour.

By afternoon, everyone had worked up a big appetite. So they headed to the Hurlburt Field picnic area to “chow down” on some BBQ catered by Gus’ Corona Cafe. Eddie Howard was the BBQ head honcho this year, and everything came together nicely.

That was some damned good BBQ.