I'd like to Thank Larry Lower, Wayne Norrad, and Al Hooper, the CCA as I know it, plus Mike Ramos and Ron Childress as they join the CCA for putting on a wonderful reunion and while making me wiser through the association with such wonderful people.

I'd like to Thank Charlie Jones ,Col RZ, and the AST Honor Guard  for remembering our past.

I'd like to thank Mike Stockdale, our CCT Guest Speaker.

I'd like to Thank Jim Gary, "that nice man" from the CCT Store.

I'd like to Thank Jose Fuentes for the Hospitality room with special thanks going to Shannon Goodwin and Mary Smith.

I'd like to Thank Brenda Hall, Billy Howell, Valerie Chapman, Mike Welding, along with the many others who assisted….. Thank You!

And Most Important Of All, I want to Thank Our Honored Guests,  family members of those lost in Iraq Memorial Day 2005, it was certainly my pleasure meeting you and I welcome you to our Combat Control Family and SgtMacsBar;

Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!

You should have heard Phillip Freeman belt out The Star Spangled Banner

I learned a lot this reunion; We are more than a Brotherhood, Our brothers left behind mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, and children...........

 We Are Family!