What a Great Time, We Missed YOU.............

Happy Jack's Bon Voyage Party, Tampa, FL.; Jack and Lisa McMullen's Hacienda.... Linda and Bill Frankenberger, Mike McReynolds, Bob and Colleen Holmes, Kirsten and Pete Roberts, Tim and Nancy Brown, Thelma Few, Jack McMullen, Tom Snyder, Cathy and Dave Horwitz, Rex and Diane Wollmann, Johnny Pantages, Nancy Brown, Debra Phillips, Tom and Thelma, Tracy Norrad, Charlene McCarthy, Rachael, Mike McReynolds, Jim and Patty Parsons, Charlie McCarthy, Jim Parsons, David Horwitz, Jack McMullen, Rex Wollmann, Lisa McMullen, Dave and Cathy Horwitz, Wayne Norrad, Jeff Buckmelter, Mike McReynolds, Jeff Buckmelter, Lisa McMullen, Jill McReynolds, and my buddy Johnny Pantages.

The Cruisers; The Lovely Linda Lou Frankenberger, Terry Jones, Mike and Jill McReynolds, Nancy Brown and Tracy Norrad.  Center are Diane Wollmann, Kirsten Roberts, and Thelma Few.  Then there's "The Godfather" Bill Frankenberger surrounded by his cronies; Mike McReynolds, Wayne Norrad, Tim Brown, Steve "Bones" Jones, Rex Wollmann, Tom Snyder, and Pete Roberts.

    7 Day Western Caribbean from Tampa, FL
March 28th, 2010
Saturday, Mar 27 Tampa CCT throw us a Bon-Voyage Party 3:00pm 10:00pm Happy Jack's Hacienda, Mi Casa es su Casa
Sunday, Mar 28 Tampa, FL All Aboard 4:00pm View Tampa Map & Hotel Information
Monday, Mar 29 Fun Day At Sea All Day All Night From the Atrium, Lounges, Shops, Spa, Pools & Games
Tuesday, Mar 30 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 7:00am 4:00pm View Shore Excursions
Wednesday, Mar 31 Cozumel, Mexico 10:00am 6:00pm View Shore Excursions
Thursday, Apr 01 Belize 8:00am 5:00pm View Shore Excursions
Friday, Apr 02 Isla Roatan; CCTer, Ray Cameron will be our host! 8:00am 3:00pm View Shore Excursions
Saturday, Apr 03 Fun Day At Sea All Day All Night From the Group Party, Casino, Live Entertainment, & Much More
Sunday, Apr 04 Tampa, FL 8:00am Adios Pictures to be posted soon @ SgtMac'sBar

Bill & Linda Frankenberger visit Ray Cameron on his Island Paradise, Isla Roatan

From Ray; I'll have a bus to meet you folks at the boat.  Do a tour of the west end of the island...West Bay and West End for "shopping".  

From there to the world famous Sunshine Cafe in beautiful downtown Sandy Bay for lunch and beach time.  It is a beach front location with snorkeling and I have 2 kayaks for your use and snorkel gear will be available.  From there back to the boat.

I can also work in a dive for you with Ocean Connections;   Divers; Tim, Jack, Mac, Bill, Bones, Pete, and Wayne.


Signed Up For FUN      
Steve (Bones) & Terri Jones
Bill & Linda Frankenberger
Pete & Kirsten Roberts

Wayne & Tracy Norrad
Tim & Nancy Brown
Rex and Diane Wollmann
Jack & Lisa McMullen
Tom Snyder & Thelma Few
Mike & Jill McReynolds

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