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Dear Association Members,

We sincerely hope you all enjoyed the 1988 Combat Control Association Reunion. Even though it was somewhat hastily put together because of the cancellation of the Volant Rodeo at Pope, we believe it will rank as one of the best.

The success of the Navarre Reunion was due to the tremendous efforts put forth by the members of the 1723rd CCS, the 1721st STGP and the numerous volunteers associated with these two groups. Specific thanks go to, first of all, Wayne Norrad, who brought it all together one more time. Highlights were the golf tournament, headed by Rick Crutchfield, the dart tournament, by J. D. Burch and for the first time, a boat trip on the Santa Rosa Sound organized by Clyde Howard. No reunion would be complete without Sally Pender's sound on slide presentation. This year's poignant salute to our deceased members touched us all. Accolades go to Bobby Boyle, Rex Wollmann, Roger Wildermuth, Carl Casey, Mike Breeden, Tony Logsden and to Darlene Lebold for organizing the wives. We could go on and on, but since space will not permit, our appreciation goes to everyone who helped make the reunion a success.

Colonel John Buck's brief but elegant speech was an inspiration to us all. His words of wisdom never fail to entertain us. We would like to also extend our gratitude to the 1724th CCS, otherwise known as the North Carolina Raisins, who brought the house down.

It is our hope that the newly elected officers can carry on in the fine tradition of reunions set by outgoing president Wayne Norrad. See you all next year!

President, CCA ....................... John S. Karr

John Karr

Wayne Norrad

Red Ghormley

R.W. Neumann, Tom Fagerson, Craig Brotchie, and John Buck

Allan Douglas & Erin

Al Money

Bill & Barb Sherman

Billy Slayton

Bob & Ada Branum

Bob & Anne Graham

Bobby & Gayle Boyle

Bob & Charlotte Booth

Bob Kinder & Marianne

Bob Reyes

Bob & Susie Gabriel

Brad Baxter

Bruce Barry

Buttlip Brother's

Carl Roberts


Charlie Granada & Pat Rogers

Charlie Rapp

Chipper Williams & Stan

Chris Cinkoske

Cindy Huddleston &
Chris Larkin

Cliff & Mary Hodge

Clint Hale

Clyde & Kay Howard

Craig & Ann Brotchie

Craig Showers

Dana & Sandy Geary

Dan Coonan


Dave Holcomb & Stan Braxton
Angie Neal & Peggy

Dave & Ranelle Sulak

David Caster

Dave Schnoor

Dick & Betty Sigman

Dick Heins

Chabot, Glowacki, Heins, Caster, & Reyes

Don Bueneman

Don Hammond

Don Logeais


Don Rogers

Doug Forsythe

Emmet Heidemann

Ernie Evans

Everett & Virginia Herron

Gary & Edie Kunis