From Wayne Norrad; First, I'd like to share some comments made by two of our special guests. General Cassidy writes and I quote. "Each of the reunions is better; number six was best of all! Rosalie and I thank you and the members of the association for our red shirts, which we have already worn. But more than that, thanks for including us and giving me a little time at the mike. It was a great evening, and we enjoyed being with the world's best." Our distinguished guest speaker, Mr. J. Michael Kelly comments. "I had a great time at the CCT Reunion. You're a great bunch of guys. I hope you'll ask me back sometime. If your bylaws permit associate members, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an application. I'd be proud to be a member of the CCA." Statements like these make me proud to be a Combat Controller and association member. Your professionalism draws these comments and I hope you share the feeling.

The reunion committee project officers deserve a pat on the back for organizing and directing the activities. Those people were: CMSgt (Ret) Gene Adcock--Brochure Reproduction and Advertisements, Captain John Koren--Golf Tournament, SMSgt Al Hooper--Reservations and Dues Collection, SMSgt Bob Blowers--Welcoming Breakfast & Volunteer Workers, SMSgt Tony Urenda--Protocol & Transportation, MSgt Steve Horvath--Lee Everson Award, Mrs. Barbara Buck & Mrs. Kathy Blowers--Ladies Social, Golf Tournament Refreshments--Mrs. Judy Karr, and Ms. Sally Pender--CCT Sound-on-Slide Presentation. Excellent job--THANKS! And to all the volunteer workers--URAAH!

Congratulations to the CCT VOLANT RODEO winners from the 1723 003, Hurlburt Field, Florida. Team members were TSgt Randy Carmichael, SSgt Pete Neal, Sgt Dave Holcomb, and A1C Dave Sulak. A special congratulation to Sgt Dave Holcomb the "Lee Everson Memorial Award" winner!

Thanks for coming. We hope you had a great time! Let's plan to do it again in 1987. Until then ……… Best Wishes!                     




SMSgt Wayne Norrad
Reunion Chairman

SMSgt John Karr
Reunion Co-Chairman

Red Ghormley
Made These Photos Possible

Dyess CCT; Don Childers, John Eklof,
Dan Tate, and Rick Wilson

Clark CCT; Andy Hershberger, D.J. Cantwell,
Kirk Toth, and Joe LaPerriere

Canada CCT; Clews, Northmore, Phillips,
Taylor, and Faulkner

Brazil CCT; Freire, Helio, Nilton, and Pedro


Norton CCT; Clarence Montgomery, Bob Kinder,
Billy Howell, and Jim Cusson

Rhein Main CCT; Brent Hibbard
Dan Rivera, Chris Larkin, and
Ron Childress


Pope CCT; Rick Crete, Steve Miller,
Jace Walters, and Jeff Hitchcock

     McChord CCT; Ray Heath, Mark Milicich, Manny
Marquez, and Rick Hoplauf


Italy CCT; Boito, Lombardo, Sechi,
and Benveniouto

Portugal CCT; G.L. Rodriques, F. Rodriques,
Figeiredo, and Gomez

Hurlburt CCT Volant Rodeo 1986 Champions; Pete Neal, Dave Holcomb,
Dave Sulak, and Randy Carmichael

John Carney, Wayne Norrad, Tony Tino, Dan Coonan, Dan Callender,
Bob Phillips, Tom Fagan, Cindy Adamson, Alan Tetlow, Lee McBeth,
Chris Caffall, Rudy Elizondo, and Roger Hoggatt

Everyone Looks Forward To Hate The Six Mile 50 Lb. Rucksack Run

Don Cantwell

Billy Howell

Joe Laperriere


Bob Kinder

Mark Milicich

Kirk Toth

However, nobody beats "Ruckman" Dave Holcomb as he sets a new record for others to strive and overcome .......... 42 minutes and 16 seconds!  Dave was also presented the "Lee Everson Memorial Trophy".  If you can slow Dave down, tell him hi for me!

Awards presented by Major General Overacker and Colonel John Carney

Outstanding Officer
Capt. Tony Simpson

Oustanding Senior NCO
MSgt. Don Rogers


   Outstanding NCO
Glenn Palmer 

Duane Cassidy

     Outstanding Airman
     Joe Kahovec



Once the respects are paid and our past honored, I remember something about a reunion.
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