The Combat Control Association
A Fraternal Association for all Combat Controllers – Then, Now, & Tomorrow

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Below; Jill & Mike McReynolds with our Brother From Another Mama, Charlie Mason.  Note; Jill is not my sister, however as a married couple we adopted Charlie and Jill considers him the brother she never had.  We fight over who he likes best all the time, Jill always wins................

Jill drinks too much, She shows too much, and Charlie needs too much.......  Sylvia & Gene Adcock with Mike McReynolds.  Steve McCarthy and Chalie Mason.   Below times 3; Tim Brown, Mark Hughes, and Wayne Gardner.

Glenn Palmer, Mike McReynolds, and Mark Hughes.        Nancy Brown, Valerie Chapman Nessel, and Coke Braxton

Combat Control Reunion ................  Having FUN!

Special Thanks to Mark Hughes for the following pictures; Ron Childress, Mark Hughes, Pete Roberts, Ann Childress, Lee, and Bill Covington.  Jim Charvet, Dave Cavanagh, and Tim Brown.  Steve McCarthy and Bud Gonzales.

Larry Rice,  Mike McReynolds, Charlie Mason,  Steve McCarthy,  Pete Roberts, Greg Hataway, and Bill Covington.

John "JB" Butler, ?,and Pat Egan.  Val Chapman Nessel, Mark Hughes, and Coke Braxton.   Ron Locke and Rod Pendergrass.  Bart Decker, Mark Hughes, and Ron Childress.  Bob Holmes and Mark Hughes.  Kenny and Val Nessel, Bobby and Anna Broaden, Pete Roberts, and 
Bruce and Janet Nyberg.