Nashville, April 1997, 1st Mini-Reunion
Hosted by Chuck & Pat Trimple

Above; Billie & Val Slayton, Marty & Anna Ragland, Al Hennings, Jane Daugherty, Don Spivey, Dion Daugherty, Helen & Jim Stanford, Gary Brock, Pam Sorrell, Cecelia & Hap Saunders, Fish Herron, Pat Trimple, Virginia, Herron, Chuck Trimple, Nell & Cecil Hardaway, Bill Citro, Ernie & Fran Soloman, Charlie & Ruby Drew, Jo Freeman, Jim & Shirley Nelson, and Ray & Judy Coleman.

Above Back: Billie Slayton,Dion Daugherty, Don Spivey, Gary Brock, Henry B. "Hap" Saunders, Cecil Hardaway, Ernie Solomon, and Charlie Drew.
Front; Marty Ragland, James Stanford, Alan Hennings, Chuck Trimple, Everett E. "Fish" Herron, Bill Citro, Ray Coleman, and Jim Nelson.

Above; Al Hennings, Don Spivey, Helen Stanford, Fish Herron, Jim Stanford, Nell & Cecil Hardaway, Gary Brock, Bill Citro, Ernie Solomon, Pam Sorrell, Charlie Drew, Fran Solomon, Shirley Nelson, and Judy Coleman.

Below; Fran & ErnieSolomon, Cecil Hardaway, Bill Citro, and Charlie Drew.

Above Above; Dion Daugherty, Helen Stanford, Anna & Marty Ragland.  Above; "Tag" Saunders & wife with folks, Cecelia & "Hap" Saunders.

Below; Don Spivey, Al Hennings, Gary Brock, Fran & Ernie Solomon, and Bill Citro.

Above; "Fish" & Virginia Herron, Cecil & Nell Hardaway.

Below; Ruby & Charlie Drew, Jim Stanford, and Jo Freeman

Above; Judy & Ray Coleman, and Billie & Val Slayton.

Below; Shirley & Jim Nelson, Jim Stanford, Dion & Jane Daugherty, and Don Spivey.

Special Thanks to Chuck and Pat Trimple for the photos and names.