Sgt. Mac,


I would like to share some recently discovered photos of my father in Vietnam.  I have a few more CCT pictures too, if you are interested.


My father was Travis A. Dixon. He appears in pictures on your website from Germany early 1960's, 1st Aerial Port Squadron, Lockbourne AFB 1966/1967, Lockbourne Operation Cold Wind 1967, and 1st Air Commando Wing, England AFB 1967/1968. 


My father was a CCT most of his career until retiring in 1974 from Keesler AFB as a First Shirt.  He was stationed in Germany, France (Evreux), Spain (Zaragoza), and stateside (Lockbourne AFB, OH and England AFB, LA).  He fought in Vietnam 1969-1970 in Tan Sun Nhut, Rang-Rang, and Saigon.


I've seen the pictures, but I would like to hear some of the stories that go with the pictures.............