Below; Jim Collins, John Cunningham, 1st Shirt James E. Nelson, Bill Armour, Warren Fisk, Eddo Miller, Army Guy, Dolly, Steve Wassinger, Leonard Whitten, and another Dolly. The three; Jim Collins, Steve Wassinger, and Ed Miller.
Above; Capt. Don Howie reenlists Sidney Toups along with their mascot, Mike

                    Jim Penticoff Leaves Vietnam........ PARTY!              

Below; Photo #1 is Capt Donald Howie with Jim Penticoff filling the DEROS Bucket.  Photo #2 is Tommy McHale and Jim Penticoff tipping said bucket.  Photo #3 George Roll, Ed Miller, Gil Bigalow, Sidney Toups (tipping), Tommy McHale, Kenny Copeland with camera, Larry Kelley in yellow shirt, Walter Guyle behind Kenny and Capt Don Howie.  Photo #4  Tommy McHale, Walter Guyle in back holding up three fingers,  Peter D. Holt holding up 2 fingers, Jim Penticoff, Don Howie, and Larry Kelley with dark glasses.  Photo #5 Gil Bigalow with suitcase, Larry Kelley in yellow shirt, Ed Miller (tipping), Jim Penticoff with back to camera, Uunknown blond in beret, Capt Don Howie, and Walter Guyle.