Tan Son Nhut, Viet Nam, 1970, Special thanks to Tailpipe Tommy

Pictured Above; Gilbert U. "Gil" Bigelow

Pictured Left; Gil Bigelow, Roger "Ram Jet" Flexer, George Roll, and Tony Urenda
Call Signs; William Armour, Wild Bill; Warren R. Fisk, White Dog; Steve Wassinger, Chicago Hood; Jim Collins, Cookie Man; Tom McHale, Tailpipe Tommy; Roger Flexer, Roger Ram Jet; Walter W. Willis, Waldoo; Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown; Eddo Miller, What A Man; Tony Urenda, Wetback; Dozier, MOB; Gil Bigelow, Bugaloo 
Above: Tommy McHale, Ken Copeland, Donald J. MacLellan, Penticoff's back, Sidney Toup, Roger Flexer, Support Troop, Tommy Botts, and Penticoff
Below; Davy Gfeller, Ken Copeland, Willie Potts, and Jim Collins

Above; Waldoo Willis, Bill Armour, Warren "Russ" Fisk, Steve Wassinger, Jim Collins, and Tony Urenda
Below; Jim Penticoff, George Roll, Roger Flexer, and Don Crosson

Above; Jim Collins, Roger Flexer, Sidney Toups, Donald J. MacLellan, Donald J. MacLellan, and Don Crosson
Below; Short Timer, Cesar A. "Tony" Urenda, gets escorted to The Freedom Bird by his fellow Hooligans.......

Above; Waldoo Willis, George Roll Loading Up, and Roger Ram Jet Winding Down.....................
Below, Runway Operations; Ken Copeland, Tom McHale, and The Section

Above; Dave Gfeller, Wan-i #1 House Girl, Don MacLellan, Wan-i, Charlie Brown, and Bath Time; Sitting, Don MacLellan, Dave Gfeller, and George Roll
Below; Waldoo Willis, Roger Flexer, and Jim Penticoff

Above; Donald Howie, Larry Palmer, Charlie Brown, and John Cunningham
Below; Al Dozier, Steve Wassinger, Eddo Miller, and Donald J. MacLellan

Above; Larry Palmer, Dave Gfeller, Charlie Brown, and Willie Potts
Below; Thomas McHale, Tommy "Sundown" Botts, Ken Copeland, and Walter W. Willis

Below; Davy Gfeller works helo, Gil Bigelow loads up, Roger Flexer's just happy, and Tom McHale poses for a shot.

 Davy Gfeller works helo, Tommy McHale clears LZ, and Cesar A. Urenda says'; "Sayonara Viet Nam!"