Jack is pictured to the left with his good friends Bob Booth and Lou Brabham.   This picture was taken just after graduation from Ft. Benning Jump School in April 1957.

Special Thanks to Bob for this picture of Jack McConnell who was stationed with Bob at Donaldson AFB, 1956-1958.

Dear Mac, I hope that you don't mind me calling you Mac, I apologize that I don't know your full name. I saw that Bob Booth had called you Mac in his email. I am so sorry that you did not know my Dad. He was one in a billion. I have never known anyone like him before. My name is Angela McConnell Young, Angie is the nickname he and my Mother gave me. I am his oldest daughter, and the daughter that loved him the most. That is unless you ask either of my sisters who equally adored him. I am the daughter that was born at Donaldson Air Force Base when my Dad was in the service. I am 47 years old and I have never heard my Dad say an unkind work about anyone my whole life. I have never heard him complain about ANYTHING, EVER.

My Dad was pure goodness. He was the most kind, caring and unselfish person I have ever known. He was happy and funny and never judged anyone. He was always doing things for other people and most of the time without anyone else ever knowing.  We heard lots of stories from people he has helped through the years at his wake. We had a wake last night in Mississippi for his family and friends there and we are having one Wednesday for his family and friends in Alabama. You see my Dad had so many people that loved him that just one was not enough. I'm glad that you have asked people to tell you about my Dad. I hope that some of the men who knew him and had to love him will take the time to tell you about him. I can only tell you that he made this world a better place. I will forever thank God that he allowed me to be his daughter. I will love him and cherish him every day of my life. One final thought. My Dad had written us a letter this past Christmas and told us how happy he was. He said that number one in his life was his Lord Jesus Christ, and then his family and friends and his country. He said that he thanked God for the men and women who are serving our country and for those who have served in the past. We all, my sisters and I, feel the same way. God bless you and thank you for notifying everyone and anyone who might have known and cared about my Dad.

Gratefully, Angela McConnell Young

Angie certainly has a way with words. At the top of her letter she said, "I am so sorry that you did not know my Dad. He was one in a billion." After reading her letter, I must agree with her; I'm sorry I didn't know Jack, But I know now………………………. Jack Was Very Special!



Oh! How tall these airmen stand
Molded of the finest clay
They pledge their honor and their code
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

Oh! Knights, Oh! Warriors clad in blue
Lancelot's of modern day
The best our country has to give,
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

Their battlefields have known no bounds
They lead the brave and show the way
Their courage beacons beams of light
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

A wave of pride comes over me
A pride that I can't stem nor stay
Humbled just to be among
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

Unfurl the flag and roll the drums
The buglers must have their anthem play
To honor those who've gone before
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

To those who've made that final jump
We salute and this we pray
Their memories will never fade
These men in the Scarlet Red Beret

                                                                                      By Major John Lewis, USAF, Ret.
                                                                                 Former Combat Control Officer

For More Information About Jack Or Other CCTers Who Have Preceded Us To The Heavens, Please Visit The CCT Memorial at www.CCTMemorial.com