Wallter Waldoo Willis, Combat Controller Extraordinaire and Viet Nam Veteran.
Ulysess Miller Jr., these guys must be following each other around

Frank Pumphrey, John Paivanas, Al Hennings, Clyde Howard, Al Sundlie, Larry Lower, Carlyle, Richard Callahan, Walter "Waldoo" Willis, Ernie Hall, & Gil Bigelow

Walter "Waldoo" Willis, Ulysess Miller, Frank
Pumphrey, Steve Huffman, Dave Gfeller, Larry Courtroul, Sullivan, and Don Strobaugh

Chuck Trimple,  Bill Burr, Guy T. "Tom" Fagan, Dick Heins, "Ranger" Rex Evitts,  John Drozdowski, Jesse F. Powell, Tony Urenda, Don Strobaugh, Dave Gfeller, Bob Ford, and Charlie McCarthy

CCTers, L to R; Dave Gfeller, Bob Edminston, Bob Haverty, Charlie McCarthy, Tom Watson, and Dave Hughes along with some Marine RECON 
This picture was taken at Coronado during BUD/S 3rd phase.  The Norton Team joined the UDT/Seal trainees in Phase 3 in order to get Scuba qualified.

Norton AFB, 1981

Terry Mason
James D. Burch
Floyd Smith
Bud Gonzales
Mike Vrosh
Emilio Martinez
Dave Libby

 James “Russ” R. Dodd, Donald A. Robinson, Michael C. Karastan (name changed to; McGregor), James G. Cusson, and Robert Kinder
Knelling L-R    Eugene “Gene” M. Havens, Floyd T. Smith, Billy Howell, Clarence T. Montgomery, Lloyd “Wayne” W. Clayborn

James Cusson, Clarence Montgomery, Mark Nevatt, Jack Baker, Eugene Havens, Donald Robinson, and Tsgt Kim (Radio Main.t)