Lockbourn AFB, Ohio; 1964-65

1st APS, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, 1965;  Standing; Edward M. "Pop"  Willis, Robert Engleman, Virgil A. "Wally/Pete"  Cox, Tom Mitchell, Amos F.  Thomas, Billy C. Dennison, Travis Dixon, Bill Pack, Lundy Hudgins, Virgel A. Mitchell, Floyd W. Lucas Jr., Robert Graham, Jack B. Wylie, and Loye M. Elliot   Kneeling; Frank Pumphrey, Lt. Scheller, Clifford Larimer, Don Hammond, and Ralph Carroll

Above; Lockbourne AFB, Ohio; 1967; Back Row:  Lt. William K. O'Brien,  Bernard Ramsey,  Christian M. Albertson,  Ronald C.  Weaver,  Gary E.  Samdal,  Van L. Parks,  Charlie L. Brown Jr., Richard Harris,  Donald S. Hammond,  James C. Hilliard,  Richard H.  Jenkins,  John R.  Gillespie ***** Front Row;  Robert L. "Bobbie" Pitts,  ? Weger?,  Ronald J. "Joe" Edwards,  Richard A. "Baby" Helton,  SSgt John W. Semple,  Larry W. Kelly,  Larry J. Watkins,   Virgil A. "Pete" Cox,  Theodore "Ted" Spialek (whom Lt. O'B referred to as "dead Ted" and during open ranks inspections was known to ask him if he polished his boots with steel wool and Hershey bars.),  Robert L. Kelly, and Gary L. Enlow.

Large Group Photo; Morris Brunell, ?, ?, Travis Dixon, ?, ?, ?, Peter D. Holt, ?, and ?          Three Jumpers; Morris Brunell, ?, and ?         Inside C-119; Morris Brunell, Travis Dixon, ?, ?, and ?     Jumper in far right bottom corner is Jerry Green.  He was not on this exercise and picture was used as filler.      Note; Morris Brunell and Peter D. Holt are from the McGuire Team augmenting the Lockbourne Team.

Standing:  Lt. Bill O'Brian, Gene McDowell, George Tummolo, Wendel Norwood, Travis Dixon, T.L. Mitchell, Bob Kelly.  Kneeling: Glen Stewart, Gary Samdal, Pete Cox... photo sent by T.L. Mitchell