1967, Sewart AFB closes and moves to Little Rock AFB, 2APS

1975, Little Rock AFB, All American Drop Zone

Above; Kim Johnson, Bill Sink, Larry Brown, Dave Lillico, Mike McReynolds, Joe Lagerloef  Front; Leslie Carter and Carl "C.C. Choate

1975, Little Rock AFB, Dog and Pony Show

Above; Mike McReynolds, Doug Simmons, Dale Jensen, Armand Spooner, and Donald Peters

1976, LRAFB, Mike McReynolds' Bachelor Party. Click Here

Little Rock AFB,  Training in Panama; Death Trek 1979

Above; Back; Luis Salgado, Mike Vrosh, Randy Seebeck, Leonard Holmes, Barry Cummins, Wayne Norrad, Wayne Smith, Craig "Cass" Seymore, Rick Caffee, Steve Polofka, Bill Foster, and Teddy Hurt.
Front L to R; Gene Brown, Jim Moffett, Boston Stanton
, John "Rotten" Finley, Roland Brim, Victor A. Valle, and supply guy, Bobby Herzog.

1995, Little Rock AFB,  Team Picture

HMMWV: left to right; Mick Gray (support), Matt Ridding, Vint Anderson,  ? (Support),  Michael Erdley, and Scott Innis
Boston Whaler: left to right; Tim Sullivan, Bruce Hurst, Joe Kinnsey, Mike Warren, Spike Powers, Ross Butler, Steve Lung, and Tony Travis
Motorcycle: left to right; Joe Craig, Vinnie Forget, Scott Eveler (Support), Claude Tudor, Mike Sheridan, Grady Tucker, Gabe Brown, Jesse James, John Scanlon, Carlos Tovar, Bill Adams, Frank Humphrey, Bob Jeffers, Dave Fahey, Ryan Christoffel (Support), Lamar Eikman, ? (Support, ), Gail Limkel (Support), ? (Support), Reggie Davis (Support), ? (Support), Oscar Carter (Support), and Chris Matero
Zodiak: left to right; Gary Maddox, Todd Madison, Craig Gavazzi, Sean Gleffe, Gilbert Ochoa, and Tim Pickard
     Special Thanks to Grady Tucker