Vehicle Maint; Rod "Chocks" Defigh, Chief's Man; Mr. John J. Rivers, Rick Caffee, Chief Nick Kiraly, Parachute Maint; Steve Miller (later to crosstrain to CCT), "Ranger" Rex Evitts, John "J.J." Scanlon, Doug "Little Feller" Phillips, Mike Lampe, Greg Capps, Dick "Monkey" West, Supply Man; Talley Wacker, Ray Heath, Jerry Bennett, Johnny Pantages, Mike McReynolds, John "Coach" Carney, Fran Oster, Wayne Norrad,  Chuck Freeman, Craig Brotchie, and Jerry Jones

Back Row; Jerry Bennett, Greg Capps,
Rod Defigh (VM), Support, Rick Caffee, John Bringoff, John Scanlon, Johnny Pantages, Steve Jones, Harvey Perriot, Support, & Support.......... Center Row; Support, Jack McMullen, Dick West, Doug "DI" Brown, Rick Smiley, Bob Kelly, Bob Reyes, PJ; Emillo Jaso, Mike McReynolds, Support, Don Whitman (RM), & Doug Phillips............... Front Row; Mike Lampe, Charlie Tappero, Eddo Miller, & Jeff Buckmelter

The Granada Raiders; Greg Capps, Rick Caffee, Ray Heath, John Scanlon, Tony Snodgrass, Mike Lampe, Jerry Jones, Bob Kelly, Johnny Pantages, Bob Reyes, Dick West, Jack McMullen, Doug Phillips, and Mike McReynolds

Besides a whole bunch of new support and PJs, we picked up; Stan Braxton, Bob Martens, Mike Snyder, and Ody A. Dickey

Stan Braxton, Jim Lyons, Steve Cast (pj), Joel Getzug, Harvey Perriott, Tim Brown, Dave Holcomb, Dan Rivera, Brett Hibbard, & Rick Caffee   Front L-R: John Koren, Ray Cooper (pj), Lucky Cook, Fred Wullf, Duane Stanton (pj), Scott Fales (pj), Steve Borbee

CCT Strike Force to take Panama and capture it's dictator, Manual Noriaga

Lucky Cook takes charge of Manual and makes a deal to have all of Panama's riches deposited to his bank account. Lucky  bought a few islands and retired soon afterwards, rumored to be Johnny Pantages' "Money Man"!

Bob Stephen, Jim Ihlan, John Lewis?, Mark Lee, Jose Fuentes, Mike Branston, Rick "Whip" Wilson, and ? *** John "J. J." Scanlon, Scott Fales, Rick Barnes, Michael L. Nazionale, and Pat Rogers

God Bless the USA... Jim Cody, Tony Gray, Stan Braxton, Jim Oeser, Steve Miller, Gary Lantrip, Ray Benjamin, Jim Lyons, and Ron Childress