Happy Jack's Bon Voyage Party, Tampa, FL.; Jack and Lisa McMullen's Hacienda.... Linda and Bill Frankenberger, Mike McReynolds, Bob and Colleen Holmes, Kirsten and Pete Roberts, Tim and Nancy Brown, Thelma Few, Jack McMullen, Tom Snyder, Cathy and Dave Horwitz, Rex and Diane Wollmann, Johnny Pantages, Nancy Brown, Debra Phillips, Tom and Thelma, Tracy Norrad, Charlene McCarthy, Rachael, Mike McReynolds, Jim and Patty Parsons, Charlie McCarthy, Jim Parsons, David Horwitz, Jack McMullen, Rex Wollmann, Lisa McMullen, Dave and Cathy Horwitz, Wayne Norrad, Jeff Buckmelter, Mike McReynolds, Jeff Buckmelter, Lisa McMullen, Jill McReynolds, and my buddy Johnny Pantages.

Cannon AFB, July 2010;  Contract CCTers, Clarence Garland, Rick Drinkwine, Jeff Clemens, Tim Arcadi, Ray Diaz, Mike Naylor, Roger Hoggatt, Cass Seymore, Andy Hale, Bill Massengill and J. R. Anderson

Christmas 2011; Eddie Howard, Mike Steinbeck, Al Hooper, Clyde Howard, Rick Crutchfield, Bud Gonzales, Jim Howell, Wayne Norrad, Willy Hall, and Davey Pearson