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A few more names to add, 1984; Jack McMullen, Doug Brown, Rick Smiley, Bob Kelly, Charlie Tappero, John Bringoff, Bob Reyes, Eddo Miller, Steve Jones, Jeff Buckmelter, and Harvey Perriott ................ The "Hill People"  our PJ, Emillo Jaso

Skydive Raeford; Mike McReynolds, Stan Braxton, Al Mora (PJ), Jerry Bennett, Scotty Gearen (PJ), Doug Brown, Emillo Jaso (PJ), Bob Martens, and Jack McMullen

Left Picture;  Mike Lampe, Glenn Plamer, Mike McReynolds, Johnny Pantages, Doug Brown, Doug Phillips, & Nick Kiraly
Right Picture;  Nick Kiraly, Mike McReynolds, Doug Phillips, Johnny Pantages, Mike Lampe, and Doug Brown
We'd set up a slide on the stairs and exit @30,000 plus, going way too fast.  Made for a bit of excitement, but if this is to be a viable form of infiltration, we certainly need to test the capabilities.  I salute Johnny & DI for expanding those capabilities!

         Olympic Survey Team

Pictured Left; Mike McReynolds, John Scanlon, Tim Brown, D.I. Brown, And Tony Snodgass.  Down time in Vegas, what a bitch!

        The Granada Raiders

Greg Capps, Rick Caffee, Ray Heath,J.J. Scanlon, Tony Snodgrass, Mike Lampe, Jerry Jones, Bob Kelly, Johnny Pantages, Bob Reyes, Monkey West, Jack McMullen, Little Feller, and Mike McReynolds

It's 1985 and the Team has grown quite a bit and has made a name for its self and Combat Control.

Barksdale AFB, Louisiana;  SAC NCO Academy,  1985                    Surprise Inspection?

Scott AFB, 1987
Tony Tino, John Carney, Pararescue, Mike McReynolds, Mike Vrosh, Chris Caffall,
Bob Phillips, Gus Rhinehart, Dan Coonan, & Mike Steinbeck

               Live for today; For tomorrow may never come!

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